Best WordPress Cache Plugins – 8 Powerful Cache Tool

Best WordPress Cache Plugins - 8 Powerful Cache Tool

Best wordpress cache plugins: Website caching is one of the essential tool for your website. If you are owning one. According to the google a website must load within 3 seconds. If it is taking more time than 3 seconds, you are having a slow website. Ask yourself a question. Is your website fast or slow? Discover everything about the WordPress speed plugins to speed up website.

According to the article from entreprenuer, a website speed really matters for its viewer or user. Improved website speed helps in greater user experience and even help in gaining google serp result.

What do you mean by caching?

In simple words, caching is the copy of your website files stored on your server. Whenever, a visitor visits on your website there is lot of process going on in the background. Caching just simply reduces this much of time by creating static pages of your website files.

Same is in the case of a WordPress website. Whenever a visitor visits your website, a series of information is fetched from database by running various queries. All this process happens in seconds but when done on large scale, this increases your website loading time.

Why do you need WordPress caching?

You would wonder why do you need caching for your WordPress website? Here are some of the reasons you will need caching for your website.

1. Lot of traffic hike at your website.

At a spontaneous, you website became too popular among search engines and you are on the first page of google. There will be a traffic spike in your website analytics and all those background processes run through. But if your website slows down, google and the visitors too will look for an alternate if not loaded on time. To prevent this situation, it is better to have cache already. It is the best example of

Precaution is better than cure

2. You have a compromised web hosting

New at blogging? There are many other expenses to carry rather than buying a high cost server. I too myself started with basic shared servers as they cost low. But, they get compromised with number of php processes and cron jobs. These processes are carried out whenever a visitor visits. Sudden hike in traffic can serve 500 internal server if they went out of the box.

3. You don’t like slow website

Anyone doesn’t want to wait for a website to load, we look for different option every-time if a website takes time. If your’s is also slow then it will affect both the google analytics bounce rate and also the user experience of website. Everyone search for the tips to increase user experience but they don’t know WordPress caching can help them in this too.

4. Want to Rank higher in search engines.

Everyone loves ranking first on google, as it gives high organic traffic and good conversion rates. But it can only be possible with a fast website and it can only be possible in the cache enabled website.

What are the benefits to cache enabled website?

Cache is not only for fashion, it definitely provides some benefit when enabled on wordpress. Lots of tech giants use cache plugins for website. But whey they use cache plugins? Here are some of the benefits which they get from serving static pages through caching.

  1. Improved ranking in the search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc.)
  2. Increased User experience of the website.
  3. Website’s performance speeds up by 2X times.
  4. Reduces the strain incoming to the server,
  5. Lowers the TTFB (Time taken for first byte),
  6. Higher conversion rates.

Which one to use cache plugin for WordPress or Built-in cache tools on server?

Everyone understand the need of caching to speed up the wordpress website. So does the hosting providers also. They provide in-built cache tools on the server to reduce the use of wordpress plugins. But, which one to use? Lets see it in detail.

Hosting providers don’t know which cms platform you are going to use. They simply provide you in-built tool because there are some cms platforms which doesn’t have too much plugin tools than the wordpress cms.

There are only few hosting providers which provide cache tools. But what about another one? Sometimes they even charge you for the cache. It is when plugin comes to use. WordPress plugins are easy to use and most importantly, they are free. There are also variety of features available in WordPress plugins rather than the in-built tools of hosting servers.

8 Best cache plugins to speed up WordPress website

That’s we have covered all of the information about caches and now you might want to know the best cache tools for your WordPress website. The top 8 popular plugins with excellent features are:

1. WP Super cache

WP Super Cache for wordpress websites

The tool is so much popular for caching process that it is having 2+ million installs. This plugin has increased speed of several wordpress website and now it will increase your websie speed too. The plugin includes:

  • Different modes of operating i.e Easy (For Beginners) and Advanced (For Technical Persons).
  • Set up cache restrictions for specific pages and set default location of cache files.
  • Limit cache for different users.
  • Use Jetpack CDN or any other CDN to serve files.
  • Can also cache the plugin files and store them on server.

This free to use wordpress plugin is recommended by every blogger. This is a power packed plugin which only needs to be installed and configured once.

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2. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache plugin for wordpress
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Another popular plugin in our list is W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin. It is the second most active plugins with over one million active installs and best reviews. Some of the great features of this cache plugin are:

  • Includes object caching with database and browser caching too.
  • It uses Shortpixel CDN to deliver static files if you choose CDN network.
  • Create page cache and improve website user experience.
  • Option of lazy load with script mode method (sync and async).

This cache plugin is among the best wordpress plugins to speed up wordpress website. But, for a beginner, a lot of option can bring headache to him/her. So, don’t use this plugin if you are a beginner.

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3. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache Plugin

The power of Cheetah is with this plugin. This one is not too fast but the features of this plugin make it to be chosen by million of members. Some of the salient features of WP Fastest cache plugin are:

  • Easy to operate with minimal settings and higher performance.
  • Lazy load of images,
  • Variety of options to create/delete cache of pages.
  • Enable Gzip compression of pages.
  • Optimize database (Premium Feature)

The plugin has not performed too much good in our tests. However, the features are good to be free and cache generated is also not of high size as compared to other plugins. The premium version of this cache plugin is priced at 49.99$.

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4. LiteSpeed Cache

Litespeed best cache plugin for wordpress
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It is a server level cache plugin and probably the fastest cache till now. This cache tool is also built-in with the Hostinger hosting packs. The plugin has over millions of install but not many reviews. The features of Litespeed cache plugin includes:

  • Provides complete server level page cache.
  • Image compression,
  • CSS/Javascript optimization and minification,
  • Lazy load images with automates compression.
  • Content Delivery System included,
  • Database optimization included.

The all in one solution for the cache need of your WordPress website is this plugin. The plugin is available for free in the wordpress marketplace and can be used on any type of website. For a low end website like blog posts and portfolio websites, we recommend this cache plugin to speed up wordpress website.

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5. WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache

WPoptimize - Best cache plugin for wordpress

Simple and excellent plugin for performing different operation through single plugin. With this plugin you are ready to “set it and forget it”. The plugin will do all of the work automatically and will never disappoint you with the work.

  • Clean database tables and optimizes them.
  • Compress images according to your need.
  • Can setup with the CDN networks to serve files.
  • Enable object caching for the visitors.

This WordPress plugin is the “Bahubali” of other plugins. It performs all the tasks required to speed up wordpress website. The reason we put it on the fifth position is the cache generation size. The cache generated is large enough to cover server space and not good performed in the page speed tests than other cache plugins.

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6. Hummingbird – Speed Optimize, Cache, Minify & Defer Critical CSS/Javascript

Another cache plugin in or list of best cache plugins is the “Hummingbird plugin”. the plugin is a multi task performer. It is developed by WPMU Dev tools. Just like its other tools of image compression Hummingbird s also popular among cache plugins.

  • Minify and defers unused css/javascript files,
  • Optimize the database firmly,
  • Creates object cache of the page and helps to speed up website.

Hummingbird is having 50,000+ active installs on wordpress. But its free version is not so powerful that you will use it more than once. But, when configured good, this plugin beats all the other plugins. So, configure it wisely and see the magic of best wordpress cache plugin.

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7. Autoptimize

Autoptimize cache plugin for wordpress

Just like its name its work is to optimize all of the website files automatically. You don’t need to configure this plugin much. It is so much beginner friendly that you will love this plugin after its install. The main purpose of this plugin us to optimize css and javascript files.

  • Beginner Friendly cache tool for WordPress.
  • Variety of options available to choose from.
  • Lazy load of images and other optimization tools.
  • Optimize google fonts too.

You now can understand, why millions of people loves this plugin. Many experienced bloggers recommend this tool on your website. In other words, this tool is must for every wordpress website.

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8. Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache

Cache Enabler WordPress cache plugin

The simplest form of all the above plugins. This plugin has over 50,000 install since its release. The plugin performs the work all its name tells.

  • Enables quick cache for website.
  • Makes object caching,
  • Changes to the TTL timings in the caching options.

If you are looking for simple customization plugin for website. It is a must have tool for your website. In other words, the best cache plugin for wordpress is this plugin.

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Which is the best wordpress cache plugin?

All the above stated plugins are best for the website. However, caching depends on the size of the website. We have tested all these plugins on a simple blog website and sorted them accordingly. We haven’t tested up any of the configuration, all are the default settings.

In short, speed and the user experience are co-related. Having a cache plugin will improve website speed and apparently increase user experience with website.

So, you can try them on your website and then comment us your experience. If you know other best wordpress cache plugins and know about their performance, do mention them.

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