Various Styles of Energized Explainer Video For Your Showcasing System

Explainer videos aren't only attractive but also helps in delivering the right message to the community. Here're the most effective video style to convey message about your business.

Various Styles of Energized Explainer Video For Your Showcasing System

As the world ultimately depends on technology, your digital marketing strategies should incorporate a powerful approach—an engaging and entertaining explainer video. 85% of online traffic is composed of video content, which gives your business an edge over the competition. With various types of video marketing content, one should help you leverage your business and improve lead generation and conversion rate.

Are Explainer Videos Effective?

Visualize an explainer video as your business’s persuasive sales pitch for services and products you offer. This can be placed on your site’s homepage, product page, or landing page. The purpose of an explainer video is to help potential customers explain and digest the services and products with their relevance to your target audience.

When it comes to efficacy, explainer videos are powerful materials in conveying the perfect message for your customers. It’s an effective way to showcase the subject or concept of your product or service in a more succinct process. Whether it’s a quick brand overview, services, or products, an animation explanatory video is your specific entry point towards audience awareness about your brand.

  • Explainer videos are two vital factors of explaining the concept in an easy-to-digest process: audio and visuals. 
  • It helps you break down the cycle and ideas in the most convenient way.
  • Videos are an effective way to retain the message, which makes it a powerful marketing tool. 
  • With the right style suitable for your brand, explainer videos can energize and leverage your business.
  • Explainer videos come in various ways ideal for your business needs.

Using video content enables you to explore various designs and emotional tactics to convey a brand’s message. This material leaves a critical impact on your target audience or market. 

  • 75% of users purchased services and products after watching a video explainer
  • 84% of business testifies of the efficacy of an explainer video
  • Statistics show that 47% of brands are now using video content as part of their marketing efforts to promote products and services. 
  • This tool affects your SEO results and provides 50x more help when generating organic results than plain text.
  • 94% of brands that use a high-quality explainer video pronounce that customers can better understand their services and products.
  • Emails integrated with an explainer video have 300% more click rates. 

What Is The Most Effective Video Style For Your Business?

As enticing as the benefits an explainer video can do to your business, here are the best types you’ll want to consider to integrate on your business brand: 

3D Animated Explainer Videos

The most common style for explainer video as it provides richer visuals and excellent precision viewing. 3D animated videos help create better business branding and offer exciting and engaging visual effects. In return, it attracts better user engagement. 

Explainer videos in 3D are more detailed and can depict real-life situations, thanks to materials that never exist. This life-like style helps viewers visualize your context better and offers the easy-to-digest experience of what solutions your product offers. Furthermore, this video type is engaging, entertaining, and has an excellent visual experience. 

Animated Explainer Videos or 2D Motion Graphics

2D animation or motion graphics is the initial type of video animation integrated for advertisements, animated movies, cartoons, educational materials, games, marketing videos, and more. These are made by simply manipulating several images which are custom-fit to sourced or designed using stock images. 

Motion graphics benefits include: 

  • Offers multi-sensory experience
  • An effective branding solutions
  • Effortlessly and highly engaging conveying of message
  • A simplified way to explain complex subjects
  • Boosts the materials dwell time

This traditional animation involves creating characters, backgrounds, and storyboards using a two-dimensional nature. They are more affordable compared to 3D animation. This explainer video type is the most excellent—ideal for corporate explainer videos, financial graphics, app demos, and tech animations. 

Live Action 

This video explainer style uses photography instead of animation. Several video content comes with a mixture of animation and live-action footage. It’s most suitable for films, video games, and several media. 

Some of the benefits you can get with live-action explainer videos include: 

  • Opportunity to work with brand ambassadors
  • Convey better emotions
  • Viewers can relate better
  • It comes with a human touch
  • Allows you to create an authentic tone and instructive

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard style offers content that is drawn by the hand using a whiteboard or white background. This is highly effective for complex topics as simplified and visual concepts are adequately broken down. 

An excellent voice-over narration technically accompanies illustrations to help your target audience understand the entire story. One great reason to invest in this style is its straightforward and engaging approach. 

Several whiteboard video explainer benefits include: 

  • Enhance information retention
  • Suitable for educational and marketing videos
  • Keep viewers engaged
  • Videos are extremely versatile

The best part of whiteboard animation is that they perfectly blend an excellent voice-over and visuals to create appealing content, keeping your viewers engrossed and increasing curiosity about the next thing that’ll happen.

Stop Motion Explainer Videos

Stop motion style involves various images shown in sequence, each done slowly and painstakingly. Technically, it may take about ten or more photos to create a 1-second content. Pictures or images are linked together to create a stunning video. Music, narration, or voice-over is added for later. 

This style creates a movement illusion by making slight changes to each photo. Once you play this in sequence, it creates an illusion of movement similar to flipbooks.

Benefits include: 

  • Unique and eye-catchy content
  • Recommended for quirky videos
  • Retains well with your viewer’s memory
  • Keeps viewers engaged
  • It offers charismatic charm

Screencast Explainer Videos

Screencast style explainer videos include digital recording from the host computer screen with narration or voice-over to assist viewers with what’s happening. Also known as video screen capture, they are straightforward to create, publish, and share. Furthermore, these video explainers cost you less and probably the most affordable style of video explainer.

Benefits include:

  • Suitable for small or startups
  • Straightforward and affordable
  • Easily digest and better conveys the information
  • Delivers a clear and concise instruction
  • Informative, simple, and clear

Typography Explainer Videos

This style conveys the business’s core message using text. This is highly effective when utilizing stories that come with massive data and statistics amounts that require explanation. This style becomes compelling with a combination of excellent narration or voice-over, background music, graphics, and typeface.

Several benefits include: 

  • Exciting and fun to watch
  • Distinctive visual experience
  • Highlights critical data and pieces of information
  • Creates a lively content
  • Ideal for video projects with a limited budget

Final Words

Encapsulating all essential details on your video explainer can be overwhelming if not properly executed. Often, building a business brand and awareness can be complex and straightforward. There are various formulas to complete a recipe. 

Explainer videos are created to provide the right features and benefits to grow your business, drive organic traffic, improve lead generation and increase conversion rate precisely and effectively. With your preferred budget and the right style, you’ll be in front of your target audience in no time.

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