7 Ways To Increase Website User Experience (Verified)

Tips to engage visitors and increase user engagement with experience

User experience or UX provided by the website decides a lot about whether the user is going to visit back or stay longer or simply leave the website never to come back. If we consider the data given on forgeandsmith.com, we will realize the impact user experience has on website users and how effective UX is the best way to increase user engagement.

As per the site:

Among the online shoppers, around 88% say they would not visit the website with bad user experience. The aesthetics of the website design influence the website’s credibility judgment of over 75% of the people.

These facts speak for themselves. Hence, if you wish not to lose on your customers or site visitors due to bad website UX, here are a few effective website user experience tips for you. Go ahead, use these tops, and improve user experience.

However, before we go ahead, here is a brief definition of what user experience means:

User experience or UX is an overall experience a website visitor receives through different factors like smooth navigation, pleasant theme, easy to understand design and content, etc.

Here are a few website user experiment tips for you

1. Website Animation 

Website Animation - Part to improve user experience with engagement
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Have you heard of this? This concept has been loved by people across the world as a human mind tends to remember visuals better and more as compared to the text. One of the most effective examples is, many people prefer to watch movies rather than reading a book. 

Hardly anybody has time to check all the web-pages and understand the services or the subject; people would rather check out the graphics, animated website designs and decide whether the website is effective or not. Text content does matter, however, when it comes to the impact animation will probably impact more.

One might not afford to animate a whole website. However, one is not supposed to do so either. The animation will work only if done at the right place in the right way. It should not hamper the loading speed or the look of the site by any means.

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2. Allow a Margin Space

A margin space which is also called negative space is an important aspect of every ideal website design. This negative space or a white space helps in emphasizing the content or images. When users see a design that has integrated margins and content in the right proportion, the impact made by the content is more as the users can see the content.

Spacing also helps a website to appear as an open and easy to use the website. However, one must decide the right ratio of content to the white space to improve the website’s user experience.

3. Page Speed Matters

Each website user wishes for a smooth and speedy website experience. People do not want to spend time on a website where the page loading speed is slow. If the page takes more than 4-5 seconds to load, the bad impression is already created.

Hence, if you wish to increase user engagement, make sure your website is fast and the loading time is the least; otherwise, the bonus rate of the website will be more and this might affect your SEO rank too. If you have too many internal server errors then quickly learn to fix 500 internal server errors.

To avoid this, you can make use of free Google services which allow you to assess your website speed on mobile and desktop devices.

4. Include Call to Action (CTA)

One more tip which would help you to improve the website’s user experience is to include CTA.

Usually, customers navigate your website through the tabs. They tend to click on the links and images to explore more. In CTA, you make use of active and appealing words to provoke the visitor to explore more or go to the next step.

You can use CTA words or images or buttons by using the right color for them. Make sure the color is positive, easily visible among other colors used in the theme. 

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5. Go For Original Images

Internet users are very smart and they explore sites, blogs, and almost every content on the Internet, whenever they have time. They are savvy. Hence, if you are using the images which are already available on the internet, the user will know that it is not special. They will judge your services and the content on your website based on this negative impression. Hence, it is recommended to use original images on the website if you wish to improve user experience.

Plus, original images and visuals make you a reliable establishment, and users could consider your content genuinely. Plus, make sure you post the real images of your employees on the team page.

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6. Target Oriented Content

You most probably have built a website because you wanted to attract more clients/audience/consumers; you wanted to serve the existing users better and wanted to be relatable too. Hence, make sure you write the content for the target. Understand their pain points, their liking, their interests, and their expectations.

Write or create content that will help you to attract more customers to your expectations. One of the user’s experiences best practices is to make use of the right keywords. Using keywords in the first paragraph of the content, in the images (alt-text), in the title are few of the ways of developing a target-oriented content.

7. Be Responsive

The truth is, the use of mobile devices across the globe is increasing at a good pace. People are using mobiles to consume online content, shop, invest, and do other errands. They are sharing a lot of data online. To be able to serve these ‘mobile population, you need to build a website which is mobile friendly.

In short, you need to develop a website that is responsive and works equally well on desktop and other devices to increase user engagement. If not, you are likely to lose on this population who is falling for mobile devices more and more, day by day.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can try the following website user experience tips:

  • Stay consistent
  • Remember that less is more.

Using these tips you stand a higher chance to increase user engagement for your website.

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