8 Best SEO Tools (Free & Verified) To Rank Higher

Best and Free Seo Tools 2020

Best Tools for SEO: Search Engine Optimization is one of the reasons why digital marketing is trending so much in the present market. As an SEO, you definitely want to accomplish more tasks in less time. SEO professionals carry a crucial responsibility on their shoulders, as they are the ones making sure the website/blog/content gets rank on the search engines and comes in the first few pages of the search result. There are few cheap or free SEO tools for the WordPress website which can provide great benefits in 2020.

These professionals use many premium and cheap SEO tools to make it happen. However, not everybody can afford paid tools. Hence, here, we have come up with a list of best free tools for SEO; these are the SEO tools for WordPress and every other platform.

8 Best SEO Tools To Get Useful Insights (July 2020 Updated)

Use any of these free seo tools to get useful information about your website and boost its organic traffic.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)

When it comes to providing users with a positive experience through a website/blog, the one thing that we consider ‘must’ is the speed of the website. The time that any website takes to load, and to take users to the desired page says a lot about its future and present in terms of SEO and user experience. Users don’t want to be on a slow website.

A website with a better operating speed leads to higher rankings too. Last year, Google also released an update for its mobile ranking parameters. Page speed is one of these parameters. Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the best free SEO tools in the market which checks the speed of a site and along with a few solutions.

Here are some of its features:

  • Results are given considering both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. 
  • The speed of the website is categorized as fast, medium, and slow to give you a clear idea.

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2. SEMrush 

This free SEO tool gives you all the details of websites in terms of what is going on behind the scenes. SEMrush is more like a website auditing tool. SEMrush talks about the traffic, number of backlinks, competitive analysis, etc. It also makes keyword research easier. SEMrush is undoubtedly one of the most popular SEO tools free which are at present available in the market. 

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3. Keyword Tool

The fuel in which all the SEO activities are conducted is ‘Keyword’. When a person says he/she is doing SEO for any site or content, he/she is actually working a few keywords related and available on that site.

These keywords are not mere words. SEO professionals have to find suitable keywords for each website and make efforts to rank the website for those keywords. Hence, keyword research is definitely one of the significant steps of effective SEO. However, it could be a time-consuming process if one does not know how and where to do it. Hence, this SEO tool. One gets 700+ keyword suggestions for every keyword search. You get a facility of categorizing and filtering these suggestions too. Visit the Keyword tool by clicking here.

This one is quite popular among SEO professionals, not just because it is one of the best free SEO tools, but also because it is among the very few effective cheap SEO tools. It is a link analysis tool developed by Moz.

It gives information about your and your competitors’ website: 

  • Backlink status, 
  • Domain Authority & Page Authority, 
  • Searches, etc.

Moz Link Explorer helps you find and fix the broken links. Plus, you are allowed to check the spam rate of the links which redirects to your site and remove them. You will get an idea of the backlinks statistics and routes too, not just towards your site but other awards websites too.

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5. XML Sitemaps Generator 

When search engines like Google crawl through the site, they actually consider the sitemap. A sitemap is a file where all the information about every page on your website is mentioned. The interlinking or the relation between these pages is provided in the sitemap. Google sees what you show to it. From the sitemap, the crawler comes to know the pages which are important to your site. There are few WordPress plugins that offer a free sitemap generator. For example yoast wordpress seo plugin, all in one SEO, rank math plugin, etc.

This helps SEO professionals and Google to index the available pages of the website. XML sitemap generating tool allows you to create a sitemap in both XML and HTML, that too free of cost! If the indexability and crawlability of the website are good, your website stands higher chances of getting ranked.

6. SEOquake

One more gem from the list of the best free SEO tools is SEOquake. All you have to do to enjoy its benefits is, install the SEOquake extension. The extension works for all the browser like Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. Once done, you can easily conduct SEO audits for any website you are working on.

SEOquake Shows: The total number of indexed pages, How old the domain is, number of shares on social and number of external links too. In short, one gets real-time status of the sites using this tool. Being an auditing tool, it sheds light on the errors on a website (under audit), along with suggestions.

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7. Google Analytics (Free)

Last but not least, one of the trusted and widely used SEO tools in the world Google Analytics. If you are new, you must have heard of it too. Many experienced SEO professionals are using it already.

As the name itself suggests, this SEO tool is about knowing the traffics, finding the source of the traffic, checking the conversion rate of the users and finding out the path of conversion, etc.

Google Analytics will also help in collecting data of the audience like their age, and the device they are using to operate the website. It is one of the best free tools for SEO.

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According to the data collected by ahrefs, the number of backlinks is inversely proportional to Google’s SERP. In simple words, larger the number of backlinks, the better is the position in search engines. Also in this post, Aleh Barysevich gives importance to the backlinks when it comes to rank posts higher. We personally recommend the Ahrefs backlink checker as it gives various useful insights about the competitor’s backlinks. You just need to enter their URL and the report will come in a few seconds.

However, the tool is paid but you can still use their free version to experience the power of the ahrefs backlink checker.

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Free SEO tools mentioned above are a few of the SEO tools for WordPress which are also a few of the best free SEO tools. Professionals across the world are using these and many other SEO tools free of cost and yet delivering amazing results to their clients.

However, you should also work on the website content. You can use these seo friendly article writing tips to rank higher in search engines.

In case you are looking for free or cheap SEO tools 2020 for WordPress website to rock the coming year, this list will help you a lot. Therefore, Digital marketing is a vast canvas and SEO is a crucial part of it.

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