Website builders are just simple drag and drop builders to make a beautiful website. As we all know wordpress cms is the most powerful platform among all other platforms. However, wordpress is made with the help of php and mysql database. A new method of building beautiful websites is with drag and drop tools. In this article we will discuss everything about website builders.

What is a website builder?

Unlike any other website building tools you don’t require to write any html codes. Website builder contains predefined templates and blocks. You can drag and drop these blocks at certain positions to make beautiful websites. As you can see a non technical guy can also build a website. Website builders provide complete customization tools for you to make best website.

Most of the website builder uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to collect and provide data. Within minutes of deployment they can even post the photos, videos or anything from social networks and even collect data from them. Meaning, website builders are flexible and simple to use.

Difference between wordpress cms and website builders

Most of the persons gets confused between WordPress and website builders. To make their confusion clear here are some of the basic differences between both of the platforms.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The thing which attracts new bloggers to choose website builders rather than the cms platforms is the Artificial intelligence. Website builders uses the artificial intelligence technology to process the data fast. They even make complex task easy and perform them faster than the cms platforms. Here are some of the tasks of website builders which uses AI:

  • Process the blocks shortcode and covert them to html language for use.
  • Deliver and receive data from the social channels.
  • Provide pre-defined templates on the basis and requirement of the business.

Taking price as a point of comparison

If you own a WordPress website or have read about it. You have to buy a hosting platform or server to manage your website. On the other hand, you don’t require any hosting plan or other server. However, there are some cheap hosting platforms to make a affordable website but when it comes to build a fully customizable website in WordPress, you might require a developer but website builders save your money in this case.

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Terms of Search Engine Ranking

Owning a website means some public exposure. Thing which lacks in website builders is search engine ranking. You can hardly see websites in search engine which are build with these free website builders. The reason behind is the less control of SEO features in free website builders. On the other hand, on wordpress websites you can use any free plugins to perform an on-page seo. Most famous among these plugins is the yoast seo WordPress plugin.

In our view, if you just only want to showcase your business online among new customers without the organic traffic, you can go towards website builders. But for organic traffic SEO is very essential and it can be achieved with the best tips to write seo-friendly articles.

Ease of use

If you are new and don’t know anything about the website building. You must head towards website builders as they are easy to use and don’t require much technical knowledge to operate. On the other hand, WordPress requires some technical knowledge to customize website. You must know how to connect your server to domain and manage your server.

In terms of Flexibility

If we talk about flexibility, WordPress is far better than any website builders. There are various free plugins and themes available on wordpress marketplace. These plugins and themes adds more security and make your managing task more simple. This type of flexibility lacks in the website builders. They come with few in build tools, which are not enough for perfect website. This is the reason, we don’t recommend website builders if you want to make a beautiful website.


Website builders are powerful way to manage online presence only for the new comers in blogging journey. But if you need to built best wordpress website for traffic generation go after the best cms platforms. Website builders comes with two type of hosting i.e self hosted or hosted version. In short

  • Website builders are a good choice if you want to make portfolio or basic websites without much features.
  • For a flexible and more powerful version of the website recommended cms platform is wordpress

We hope this article clears all your doubts about the website builders and WordPress. If no, then drop doubts in comment. Any of us or our visitors will solve your problem.

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