10 Best Websites To Buy App Reviews In 2020

Best Websites To Buy App Reviews

The app reviews turn to be very useful since it tells the users whether to download your app or not. The reviews help you to build trust so that more people are likely to purchase/ download your app.

This activity of purchasing the reviews is stemmed from the fact that initially when you launch your app, the chance of receiving reviews for your service is extremely low. Feedback and branding go hand in hand in order to promote your app.

App review websites aim to generate traffic with the help of SEO, in order to grab early-adopters and genuine users.

 Let’s find out the different websites which offer you the best app reviews:

1. Appreviewspro

Appreviewspro cover reviews for almost all the categories. It allows its users to run a paid campaign for the viewers too review the app and then assign credits. The wide range of categories includes navigation, games, productivity, and games.

If you are searching on google, where to buy app reviews then it is the platform you need. Appreviewspro can also be a source to make money online.

As a part of reward program, this website allows their client’s app reviewers to earn a handsome amount of 0.25$ for a single review.

If you have an app and looking for some paid app reviews, then this platform is what you need. Just create a campaign, purchase some credits, and make your campaign live. Within 24-48 hours you will get plenty of reviews for your app.

2. ProductHunt

Our next platform is producthunt. This tech review website is considered to be one of the best platforms to display the products to tech enthusiasts. It is always recommended to read regarding how the algorithms work, before summiting your app. Once the app is submitted, it appears in the newest Section and there are chances that the app will be featured on the main homepage.

3. MobileAppDaily

It is known to be one of the best media houses for the technological industry. The mobileappdaily website does not only focus on increasing traffic for your app through written reviews but also goes out of the way to create a positive brand image of your app. It promises walkthrough videos, SM promotions, CEO interviews, and genuine press releases. With this website elevate your service’s reach and create a positive brand image.

4. 148Apps

This 148apps website is exclusively limited to iPhone, iPod, and iPad reviews. If you are considering developing an app for apple products then you might consider this website for your reference. This website brings genuine traffic to boost your strategy.

5. FeedMyApp

Feedmyapp is a global review website and the platform gives you the best reviews to attract new users. The website successfully covers all types of OS platforms. There are plenty of popular tags listed on their homepage.  These tags will help you to figure out whether to submit your work or not.

6. TechCrunch

Techcrunch is a very popular website and definitely needs no introduction. If you want an amazing boost to your app, then TechCrunch is the best pick. It will be really impressive if your app is featured on the website of TechCrunch. Your work will receive a unique value and will stand out of the box. You should definitely try this website if you want to receive a boost in a limited period of time.

7. Mashable

Mashable is the website that will help you get a massive audience. The website basically covers different heads such as tech, entertainment, and much more. The direct way to contact the website is through their contact page.

8. AppAdvice

It is probably the best app review website for iOS. The reviews provided by appadvice website are very to the point and gives a clear message to the audience.  Furthermore, the image of the app is put forward in a very good manner. To know more about their website, the best way is to directly contact the admin.

9. BetaList

Betalist helps you to submit your app to the global audience with some of the best reviews. The app on the website can be posted under the start-up segment. You can also submit your start-up story which can be posted on the website; this will ensure that a lot of audience knows about your amazing journey.

10. The Startup Pitch

It is the best website for getting your app featured under start-up. In case you are trying to beta test your mobile application then the startup pitch is the best pick for you. The website makes sure that your app reaches the right audience. This website will make sure that your app receives traffic and it also receives backlinks.

Thus above mentioned are some of the best websites to buy a review for your application. However, it is important for you to check that the reviews catered to you in exchange for money are worth it or not. Some of the websites would just provide you a one or two-word review which is just not good enough.

In order to attract the right audience, it is important that the review is at least 20 words minimum with good genuine language, which appeals to the rest of the users. In no small, measure can you agree that the reviews either make your app or break your app. Thus, make sure that you choose the best website when it comes to creating a positive brand image of your app.

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