5 Tools To Compress Image Online

Compress jpeg images - 5 Online Tools to compress file

Compress jpeg image file online is too much popular in this era. Everyone loves high-quality files in minimum size as possible. This gives rise to various online tools that compress jpeg images, pdf files, png images, and many more to your desired size. The main benefit of all these tools is that you don’t have to install any of them on your device. Just open google, search compress tools online, upload documents, and leave everything to these online tools. Compressed images help in decreasing website load time and increase website user experience.

However, this era is of digitization and competition. There are too many tools that confuse users to find the best tools. If you are looking for the pdf converter, then you should give a try to PDF WIZ. That’s really a great tool for compressing pdf files without losing their quality. Although, in this article, we will discuss everything about file compression. From definition to the best free compression tools. So, Read it carefully.

What is Image compression?

In simple words, we can say Image compression is nothing but the size reduction of the image without compromising with the image quality. We all know the image is made up of pixels and the depth of these pixels increases the size. Pixels’ depth is directly proportional to the image size. Larger the depth of pixels, larger is the size of the image. The same is in the case of pdf documents, smaller the size lesser is the quality.

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How does document compression works

There is no heavy algorithm to compress jpeg image. You might wonder if I say that your files are stored in the form of simple numbers (0 and 1). These image compression tools just make changes in these binary codes and compress your image files without compromising quality. However, there are two stages in image compression. One is lossy and the second is lossless compression. In lossy compression stage, these tools try to remove the color variation in which the human eye can’t differentiate.

In lossless compression, the bit size of the jpeg image is changed. Suppose, you have a file size of 210 KB with 24-bit depth, you upload it on the server to compress. The tool will intelligently convert this 24-bit depth to the lower depth for example 16 bit. Thus, you get a reduced file size without much compensation with the image quality. From this source, we found that pdf file compression is also done in a similar way.

5 Free tools to compress images online

The most important part of the article in which we will discuss all the 5 best image compress tools. Some of them are to compress jpeg image and some of them to compress pdf files too.

1. Compress Jpeg

This online image compress tool is very popular among others. As stated by this website, it uses power of elephant to compress your jpeg image files. This tool offers some of the really great features which makes it to stand out of crowd. There are sister sites of this website which can be used to compress other image format i.e png files and you can also use its PDF compress website to reduce your size of pdf files.

  • Directly upload a maximum of 20 image files to compress seamlessly.
  • Easy to operate for a beginner.
  • No need to select the quality and size.
  • If you don’t get image in desired size then select image settings and change it according to your need.
  • Download all compressed files in a zip.

With too many great features, this website still lacks in various things. There is no option to crop or resize image. However, this website states that it deletes files from server every two hour but we can’t say anything. The main site i.e compressjpeg.com only compresses two image formats (.jpg and .jpeg files). But, you will find most of the images in this format only. Other sister sites are compresspng.com and shrinkpdf.com

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2. I love IMG

This is another popular website for image compression. This tool can simultaneously compress various different formats of images i.e jpeg format, png format, and even gif images. There are some quite new features than the above-stated website. It includes login and registration into its website, which means that you can access any of your uploaded files on its server only after logging in.

  • Compress any image format (jpeg, png and gif images online)
  • User can register and store files on their server,
  • No need to register while compressing images,
  • Choose files from dropbox and google drive.

With various salient features, you can also crop and resize images on this platform. These powerful tools make it the tool for modern requirements. It also provides meme generator, watermarks your images, converts HTML to images.

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3. Wecompress

Another popular tool to compress jpeg images with all other stuff i.e word documents and PDF files online on single platform is wecompress.com tool. The interface of this tool is really very user friendly. Just drag and drop your file into the space and tool will do the rest.

  • Compress various files i.e images, Pdf, Word files, excel and more.
  • Drag and drop tool,
  • No email registration and watermark by this tool.

Being a powerful tool for compressing files, it lacks in the user experience. The tool doesn’t have further compression options. If you don’t get your file in desired size then you can’t compress it further.

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4. Ilovpdf

The sister site of Ilovimg is this pdf compression website. Usually we get pdf files in large size, this tool helps to compress these lage PDF files into small size without reducing the quality of the pdf. The PDF compression tool work on the same principle like any other image compress tools.

  • Drap and drop pdf file to compress online,
  • Use cloud platforms to upload images,
  • PDF file quality is good even after high compression.

Being the sister site, they are operated by a single authority. This tool also offer other powerful tools for you PDF files. They include, repairing of pdf files, convert them to other formats like word document or even images. These features make this tool even more powerful than any other pdf compression websites.

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5. Compress Image by toolur.com

Another free tool to compress jpeg images with a variety of compression features is toolur’s compress images tool. You can simply crop, resize, rotate and choose your compression type to format your image.

  • Select image quality with the preferred compression method,
  • Resize, rotate your image file at the same time,
  • No registration is required to compress image,
  • Convert PDF to image and Webp format to Jpeg format.

As you can see there are not enough options available for the image file. This tool can’t be used to compress images online in bulk. But if you want to compress single image at a time, you must use this tools and experience its power.

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How to compress images file with online tools?

Online tools are very popular to compress jpeg image files. They are known for their ease of use and user-friendly design. All have the simple process to compress files. The steps to compress files online is:

  1. Select your preferred tool online to compress image,
  2. Upload image on the provided are or choose from cloud storage (if available),
  3. The process will start automatically or you need to click convert if they require,
  4. You can select options to resize, rotate, crop or even select image quality if there are options available.
  5. Finally, download your images after compression and use them according to your need.


However, online tools are powerful to solve your query we also have t take care of privacy in this era. All these online tools are numbered on the basis of the quality of compression compared to the size of images. But be sure, not to upload any sensitive information onto these tools.

If you know about more image compression tools, drop them in comments and help our fellow readers.

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