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WordPress security is one of the major concern nowadays. We can’t risk our personal information or the information of our viewers. There are several hackers and organizations trying to steal data and use them against us. In this article we will discuss everything about the WordPress security and how to prevent website from hackers.

Why wordpress security is a major concern?

Security is the major concern everyone must worry about. Whenever you browse a website you gives them access to different things like location, what you search, sometimes your photo and other personal stuff. Being a website owner its your responsibility to handle these data carefully and not use these details against your visitors. Global giants such as Google and Facebook are said to steal your data. However, they steal your data to provide content useful for you.

What to do if you are a visitor or customer?

As a user, we must avoid using personal information as much we can. Don’t put any sensitive information like your card number, account number unless you trust them. Here are some of the points you should care when visiting a website.

  • Avoid submitting any sensitive information on unworthy website.
  • Always visit SSL secured website, as they are encrypted. Do remember to look for ssl certificate when trying to purchase stuff online.
  • Use temporary mail or disposable mail, on untrusted websites.
  • Never input information on pop-ups and pop under advertisement.
  • Avoid mail spoofing, don’t reply any mail whom sender you don’t recognize.

After implementing these steps, as a visitor you might feel safe while browsing website.

What to do as a website owner?

If you are a website owner of the website, it is your duty to make your customers feel secure. If you don’t know what to do as wordpress security to make them feel secure, try these steps:

  • Purchase a ssl certificate for your website or you can encrypt server with free Let’s encrypt certificate.
  • Regularly check for the weak spots of you website and remove them.
  • Always update your theme and plugins to stay updated against threats.

Important steps to make your website safe from hackers

To make your website safe from the hackers, you have to implement some steps. These steps include:

Regularly check for weak spots and update regularly

Nothing is perfect in the world, so does your wordpress cms. However, wordpress team regularly works on them and try to provide better security options. Same is in the case with themes and plugins. So, always check for the available updates of themes and plugins to avoid data leak.

Use proxy servers

Your server is the main part which stores data. Hackers try to attack on your servers and try to steal data from it. To avoid this you can use the proxy server such as cloudflare. Using proxy servers also reduces the load on your website when visitor visits your website. Cloudflare is easy to use and free of-course for personal use.

Give it a read: 500 Internal Server Error | Discover common cause & find their fix

Use security plugins for website

With the increase threat of piracy leak, there are many developers who work for the security part only. But developers can cost you a bit. However, there are few WordPress plugins you can use for the security part for your website and your visitors. Some of the security plugins are:

Wordfence Security

The most popular plugin for the wordpress security is wordfence plugin. It is available in two versions i.e free version and paid version. You can install free version from the wordpress market place and for the premium version you have to buy an api key from the wordfence webiste. The api key is of 99$ for 1 website with 1 year of protection. Some of the salient features of wordfence security plugin include:

  • Wordfence plugin filters all your traffic with the built in firewall option, which works in real time. Its firewall also uses real time data and data from the vast database.
  • Spam filtering is included in the security options of wordfence security plugin.
  • Wordfence included malware scanning which scans your sever for any malicious threats. If found any, then quickly informs and take necessary actions against it.
  • It offers real-time ip blacklist for the suspicious one and also adds yhe country blocking options too.
  • It also have option to enable 2 Factor Authentication to the login page and even XML-RPC.
  • Block attackers by ip or by ip range also.

Download wordfence security plugin for wordpress

Ithemes Security

The another security plugin for WordPress security is Ithemes security plugin. If someone is trying to take entry with the brute force or someone trying to attack with bots, you are secured with ithemes wordpress security plugin. There are various salient features of this security plugin. Some of the best features are:

  • Protection against brute force attacks.
  • Real-time ip filter.
  • Logs reporting of not found content.
  • Free Ip whois lookup tool.
  • Change login url with bot protection and much more.
  • Strengthen server security by enforcing strong passwords.
  • Server system tweaks and wordpress tweaks for better protection against the malicious attacks.

Download Ithemes security for wordpress

Best security plugins to enforce wordpress security

Thes two plugins are best and enough for the wordpress security. But if you want to try more plugins, here are some best plugins.

  • Blackhole for bad bots,
  • Sucuri Security,
  • Malcare,
  • WebARX,
  • All in one security and protection,
  • Vaultpress,
  • Secupress,
  • Defender,
  • Shield Security,
  • Astra web security.

There are many more in the market but these are best plugins, you can view all plugins by clicking here.


Protection of WordPress website should be your first priority. Without security plugins it is very hard to enhance the wordpress security. You have really worked hard on your website with your team. Don’t let exploiters to take away your hard work. These plugins will help you in this task of enhancing security. These wordpress plugins are enough for preventing your website against malicious attacks.

If you know some more best plugins, drop them in comments and we will add them in our article.

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