Laxmii Movie Review [Bollywood]

A low-quality remake of a good Tamil movie "Kanchana".

Director: Raghava Lawrence
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, Sharad Kelkar, and more.
IMDb Rating:

It’s been a while watching Akshay Kumar’s movie. On 09th November 2020 at 07:05 PM IST, Disney+Hotstar premiered the latest Bollywood movie Laxmii. The movie is launched simultaneously in different states including New Zealand, US, and India.

Akshay’s Laxmii is the remake of Tamil movie, Kanchana (2011). The Laxmii’s director worked as the main actor in Kanchana movie. And, Raghava’s acting was very good than that of Akshay’s. The filmmakers have really tried to add comedy and horror scenes in the movie just like the previous but all in vain. Kanchana and Laxmii are too far from each other. However, the story, comedy, and horror scenes of both the movies are 80% same.

Laxmii Movie Story

In the very first scene, an abandoned land is shown where no one visits. And, if anyone visits that area, then a soul haunts him/her.

After that, intrepid Asif (Akshay Kumar) comes into the story, who busts out a fake tantrik baba fooling the audience. The next scene is of Rashmi (Kiara Advani) waiting for Asif at their house to celebrate their 3rd marriage anniversary.

Rashmi’s father was against marriage in a different religion. So, the couple decided to do love marriage and as a result, her father was angry with both of them. After three years, her mother calls them and invites them to their house in Daman. Rashmi and Asif decided to go there without any delay and impress her father to forgive both of them.

Then some comedy scenes come into the movie, but they were not so impressive. There a transgender soul named Laxmii enters into Asif’s body and he starts acting like one. From here, the story is completely similar to Kanchana.

Kanchana v/s Laxmii

Laxmii (2020) is nowhere near to Kanchana (2011) in terms of story and acting. There are many minus points in the Laxmii movie like:

  • Asif’s and Rashmi’s occupation isn’t revealed in the movie.
  • There wasn’t any role of Asif’s nephew in the movie apart from doing some third-class comedy. Seriously, you think children calling their parents with name is a comedy? I was really very disappointed with his one.
  • Rashmi’s mother calls Rashmi on the day of her daughter’s marriage anniversary and, instead of wishing her, she invited them to celebrate the 25th anniversary of herself. Also, no one is shown doing the preparations for that.
  • On their way to Daman, there was no reason to stop near the abandoned land. No car has slipped from there in the entire movie.

Apart from these scenes, there are majority of flaws in the entire movie. At least, the story of Kanchana was far better than this one. Also, the energy of the characters was major missing of the movie. Instead of the energy, the filmmaker added more drama and third class comedy scenes.

Final verdict

Everyone expected more from the movie rather than this. However, everyone seems to be disappointed with the movie. You can see some of the tweets for the movie.

It seems no one liked the Kanchana remake. The majority of tweets call Akshay starrer movie “worst”. One has also said, “Our money is saved. Phew!! The movie isn’t released in theatres.”

What do you think about the movie? Drop your views inside the comments section.

Akshay and Kiara starring Laxmii Movie rating

Filmography: 1/5
Acting: 0.5/5
Comedy: 1/5
Horror: 1/5
Overall Rating: 0.5/5

In one word, Laxmii movie is a major flop of 2020 and lacks the proper script.

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