Cookie Movie Review [Bollywood]

Decide for yourself if you should label it a horror or a hilarious film.

Cookie Movie Review: The horror film revolves around Cookie, who is born to a psychiatrist mother and father, and always at the back of her mind feels that her parents only shower affection and care on her younger sibling. The character is shown as a very short-tempered teenager and with this nature, she storms out of her house on a fine day due to minor issues. The horror film cookie is flooded with a paranormal chain of bizarre activities and has too much of senseless drama.

The character of the Cookie in this horror movie is that of a typical teenager who is bold, beautiful, and young and has rich parents. She is one of those millennials who just want some attention from her very busy and always engaged parents. She has a lot many vengeful tendencies and takes the rivalry of siblings to the zenith; this is the most illogical part of the film.

The film commences with an emotional outburst with many other moments in line with the same emotion. It is very difficult to figure out for the audience whether the main protagonist has mental health issues or just tries to seek the attention of her busy parents.

The mystery does not come to an end even after the horror story comes to an end. A police officer walks in and informers Cookie’s parents about the theory of the afterlife. Later in the cookie horror movie, an officer comes up with several bizarre theories that simply would make no sense to any layman. The role of the police officer has been played by Sai Tamhankar. And she has delivered her performance with decency.

Vibhoutee Sharma has worked as a baffled person and a ghost who seeks revenge, but her acting skills just give the audience a very hard time. The background score topped with her acting just makes it hard to sit through.

The visual effects of the film are terrible and it makes you want to switch off the screen. Rajeev Gupta has played the role of a detached father in the film and his face is eloquent of only one expression throughout the entire duration of the film.

It makes it very puzzling for the audience to understand his emotions. Reena Wadhwa, who has played the role of her mother in the film has delivered decent acting in the first half but just loses the already loose grip in the second half. Her acting in the first part is probably the only good thing about this film. The possessed character she plays just seems very unrealistic and her acting has not been delivered quite well since it seems fake.

The script of the film just seems pointless and digresses in every way possible without any intention and major objective. There are plenty of elements in the film, which defy science and rationality even according to the standards of Bollywood horror films.

Cookie Horror Movie Story or Plot

Can you now imagine the screenplay of the film? There is a scene where the detached father hears the news of his daughter’s and instead of shedding tears he just chooses to sit at home anyway, while the boyfriend goes to collect the corpse. This is the most illogical part where a father has zero feelings and emotions for his gone daughter.

The neurotic film lacks expressions and logic. One fine day, the protagonist yells at the top of her voice and tosses a piece of cake on the floor just because her mother feeds the cake to her younger sibling first. The boring squabble does not seem to come to an end. The basis on which the young girl decides to leave her parents and her big house seems very immature and forceful.

Her soul that comes back to the house is witnessed through moving curtains, loud breathing, dialling modems, and throat clearing, which seems very stupid on the screen. Later when her mother is possessed by her spirit, she decides to seek revenge from all those individuals who did wrong to her.

There are many nasty scenes and the director has tried to address countless issues in the film without any proper directions. There is a scene where a police officer tries to potter into the protagonist’s home just like Indiana Jones would seek a treasure trove.

Cookie who is standing next to him, with her locks and mop, does not give the audience any kind of chills just makes them wonder if this is a hilarious film or a horror film. It will really make you think twice! The moans in the film depict more pleasure than pain, which actually tells what is actually wrong with the film.

Final Verdict

The casting has clearly not been done properly but the film even lacks a serious logical story. The screenplay is just not right, the development of characters is just not right and even the screen presence is just not right.

The half-baked story has a lot many irrelevant moments and the director of this film has just tried to fit in several weird emotions in the bizarre story. The execution of sibling rivalry, child neglect, and revenge seems a little over the board with poor execution skills.

Bollywood horror films are anyway notorious and this piece of film has made the image of Bollywood horror films even worse. It seems like the shoddy film was trying to attempt with the concept of novelty but the amalgamation of bizarre scenes has just made it worse.

The cookie full movie seems very predictable till the end and since it is crumbled you must definitely run away. The horror flick directed by Lalit Marathe just makes you want to blow away the screens.

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