Diana Kennedy Nothing Fancy Film Review: A Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions That Keeps The Audience Gripped

Diana Kennedy Nothing Fancy Film Review A Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions And Keeps The Audience Gripped

Nothing Fancy Movie Review: After the lockdown, you must have felt the significance of food, must have wanted to taste delicious cuisines, and explore the different flavors and varied spices once again, everyone is facing the same fate. Considering this, it is a perfect time to release the film Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy, which revolves around a 97-year-old lady who is a food writer by profession.

The story penned down is a true story of the same lady who had an extreme undimmed passion for traditional food and her love for the same has been ever-growing. Mexican roads have witnessed her truck traveling places to taste home-cooked food, hog the street snacks, relish sweets and savories, and collect delicious recipes.

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Diana Kennedy is a lovely character and is best knitted to suit the documentary directed by the very talented Elizabeth Carroll. The film is flooded with curses for timid drives and stray dogs that come her way. Her monologues in the film are very spicy and just as satisfying as her taste buds; it will definitely drive you nuts.

There is a wonderful quote in the film Nothing Fancy that reads, “If her enthusiasm were not beautiful, it would border on mania.” The quote perfectly weaves the appeal of the lady, who can make mouth-watering guacamole and make several other appetizing dishes. The English woman has been deeply respected for her mission where she decided to educate the masses about Mexican cuisine. She has definitely stirred love in scores of hearts for Mexican food.

The documentary depicts the life of the English woman in western Mexico who is completely engaged in her community and giving interviews about the delicious Mexican cuisines. She is often busy with lecturing and driving herself to places and exploring the markets. She is engrossed in living her life to best simply by realizing the significance of food.

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She does not at all hesitate when it comes to asking the stallholders if their product is not fresh and delivers monologues for the same, thrashing them. The film is an absolute delight to watch with these spicy tantrums.

The filmmaker has described the Diana Kennedy movie as the eventful journey of Kennedy who is really happy-go-lucky individual. The film showcases her romantic and eventful life in her early life. Diana was a traveler and on her wonderful journey and then she falls head over heels for Paul Kennedy, who is the New York Times correspondent for Mexico. She decides to live in Mexico with Paul and eventually falls in love with Mexican food.

After the love of her life passes away she has receives encouragement from Craig Claiborne to publish all her delightful recipes, which she comes across by travelling all across the country. She introduces the Mexican style of cooking to all her loved ones and strangers.

The documentary has perfect snippets of testimonies of several chefs and there are several clips from Kennedy’s 1992 TLC show. The woman is showcased not only cooking for her own self but also works on her recipes to preserve them all.

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Kennedy claims that she is not all the marriage kind however; she did enjoy love and friendship with her better half. Paul passed away due to cancer and soon after the incident she decided to devote her life to Mexican food, her second love.

The film is filled with moments, which promise sensitiveness, love, heartbreak, and over-all an emotional rollercoaster ride. The film has been released on several OTT platforms to make the people feel a little happy, amid the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the film today!

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