Varkey Movie Review [Malayalam]

Poorly executed & predictable romantic comedy film

Varkey Movie Review: The story revolves around a gangster who has a pure and golden heart; he decides to kidnap a girl but picks up the wrong one. His life changed in the right direction over a period of time. The movie Varkey has been penned down and directed by Adarsh Venugopalan. The debut direction may sound clique however, the protagonist Varkey plays the role of the gangster who is caught up in all the chaos. It resembles the irrational comedies of the Bollywood industry. The character amid the chaos does not succeed in creating enough chaos though. Even though the duration of the movie is very short it goes on and on.

Varkey Malayalam movie is played by the well-rounded actor Samad Sulaiman, his character demands to work for his boss and fulfill the dirty deeds he desires. The role of Ashan, his sick boss has been played by Salim Kumar. The real story begins when Ashan asks Varkey to kidnap a girl from a wedding and it turns out to be that she is the bride-to-be. Samad Sulaiman seems too charming to be playing the character of a gangster who would do dirty deeds for money. He does not look perfect fit for the role of the protagonist because someone with his face is not likely to beat the shit out of people, break bones, break teeth, and kidnap women.

Furthermore, it is not quite understood as to why a practicing doctor would be okay with being kidnapped. The issues in the movie seem okay only if this were an irrational universe. The role of the female lead has been played by the stunning actress Drishya Danesh. The role demands her to be gusty. As far as her character is concerned, the script allows her like a character we could come across in real life. However, the character seems to have suffered because of the poor script-writing skills, not much justice has been done to her character. We cannot blame the actress because her acting skills were good enough as far as what was expected out of her. The script itself lacks concreteness in the first place.

The songs in the Varkey film have a different vibe and seem entertaining, it has definitely caught the attention of the audience for a good reason. The cinematography of the film has been executed well and definitely deserves appreciation. It is probably the best thing about the movie, it has been shot beautifully.

The supporting cast of the film includes Salim Kumar, Sreejith Ravi, Jaffer Idukki, Alencier Ley Lopez, and Maala Parvathy. It seems that their roles have been added forcefully just to increase the number of people working in the film. The soul-less script has not offered many roles to them and entertains the audience just for the sake of cheap laughs. It seems that the movie would do fine even without them.

Varkey film is very predictable as it decides to unfold in front of the audience. Except for the climax, everything in the film can be easily predicted, even the climax, this is not in line with what we think turns out to be a sad disappointment. In all honesty, there is nothing to look forward to in the film.

The movie resembles the stupid Rajasenan comedy, which has nothing to look forward to and will probably manage to make you laugh once in a while with the poorly written comedy script. Varkey movie is definitely not a rollercoaster ride if that is what you are expecting and neither is funny. The movie has a string of extended limericks which are neither funny, rhyming nor appearing to be sensible.

Both the protagonist and the antagonist have not been done justice to. Their characters are not so strong to deliver the right message to the audience and fail big time to appeal to the minds of the general crowd. The narrative of the Varkey film is very poorly executed and creates confusion. The baffling narrative needs to be heard very carefully to decide the quickly changing emotions on screen. It is just too much to take with so much chaos.

Varkey Malayalam Movie Review: It is the kind of movie, which you will be willing to watch only if you have to travel through a long journey and there is nothing better to watch. Should you really invest your precious time on a movie like this is the real question since the poor script writing is definitely not appealing?

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