Madha Movie Review [Telugu]

A gripping psychological thriller that will engage you until the climax.

Madha Movie Review: The film revolves around the protagonist named Nisha; she is a proof writer by profession. The character has been played by the stunning actress Trishna Mukherjee. The professional from the media background begins to date Arjun, who is a cinematographer by profession. This character is played by the Tollywood actor Venkat Rahul.

The film Madha is a psychological thriller, which is bogged down by slow-paced introductions and the climax of the film is not so much gripping but is still a good project considering the fact that it is Sir Vidya Basawa’s debut film. Madha Film works for most of the scenes and can be considered as a modest thriller.

The movie provides an insight into the psyche of a mentally challenged person. There are various scenes wherein the woman dressed in a white gown with her hair wide open will look a little exploitative and artificial.

The film madha, commences with a psychiatrist, Balasubramaniam, who gives a lecture on the complexity of the human mind in a scantily lit room where the blackboard is also lit from the corners. The room seems very bizarre with several men dressed in black formals who are listening to the lecture very carefully.

The character of Balasubramaniam has been played by the actor Bikramjeet Kanwarpal. Balasubramaniam basically gives the audience an idea that the film is about psychology and the brain can be a very dangerous weapon if not used wisely. On one side, the lecturer briefs the audience about human behaviour, and on the other hand, the story of Nisha and Arjun runs parallel. A group of scientists is also shown to be working on a gene correction project.

The film makes you think very hard about the relationship Nisha and Arjun have and in which way they are related to a group of scientists working on a project. The film is very strong and has quite a gripping story which keeps the audience on the edge to know what happens next.

Madha Movie Characters

Arjun has been depicted as a character that never has crystal clear motives and is one awkward man with who Nisha falls in love with. The love angle between the actor and actress does not seem engaging and seems like a huge let-down. The scenes which depict both of them are badly conceived and their journey from their first meet until their future seems a little rushed, for no good reason.

It is very obvious that no thriller can have dragged romantic plots but polishing scenes would have had a better impact and made the story a little more engaging. As the movie heads forwards, there can be seen changes in Nisha’s character and she gets trapped into a horrible sinister. Will she actually come out of it or will this film witnesses the death of the protagonist?

The film only gets very interesting when it crosses the line of past of the characters. However, the climax for which you hold your horses does not offer much to you and the end of the film is a huge disappointment.

Trishna is the epicentre of this psychological thriller tale and has no doubt pulled off her role very well. She played a brilliant role as a trapped victim in the asylum and has been appreciated by the audience a lot. However, Venkat did not give any justice to his role and was not up to the mark. The film could have been much better if the role of Venkat had been given to someone else.

Anish Kuruvilla has quite a significant role in the film and he has no doubt managed to play it really well. His acting skills were satisfactory enough, even though there must be a handful of scenes where he has let the audience down. Bikramjeet has delivered a decent role but in some of the scenes, he has dragged and over-exaggerated the acting which seems very repetitive.

Final Verdict

Despite the fact that the film has a couple of flaws, the film seems to work because of the exceptional background score given by Naresh Kumaran. The background score in a way has elevated the film whenever it was very necessary. At times it feels a little overboard but then it is okay considering the rest of the factors. Abhiraj Vidya is the cinematographer of the film and he has delivered the perfect balance to keep the story interesting and engaging with different angles and shots. He has steaked the perfect balance between the light and colour effects.

The film in no small measure is a perfectly penned thriller, which is written by the very talented Prashanath Sagar Atlluri. The well-written movie is helmed by Vidya and it is very evident that the duo does not indulge in cliché genres. They generally deliver a message to the audience and mold the story in a way that does not leave the audience bored even for one moment.

The psychological thriller is definitely gripping and engaging and is worth your quarantine time. The two most important elements of the film which make the film worth a watch are Trishna and the cinematography of the film. Trishna has the charm that gulps shots like a boss but makes sure she does not over-do it on the screen. She has definitely gained the attention of the audience with her mind-blowing performance.

At first, you will sympathize with her character but at the end of the film, you will applaud her for conquering her battle. Coming to the cinematography, Abhiraj has done justice to the story; rather the story looks beautiful because of the film. Overall it deserves to be watched!

Make yourself a bucket of homemade butter popcorn and enjoy the film with your loved ones.

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