Kohzipporu Film Review: Does Not Keep The Audience Engaging & Seems Cliché

Kohzipporu Film Review

The Malayalam film, Kohzipporu directed by Jinnoy Janardhanan and Jibit George has been set in the background of the place, Ernakulum. The movie commences with the disclaimer that the script of the movie is inspired by a true story. The story revolves around two neighbor pals Mary and Beena. Both of them buy chickens and decide to raise the pet with great love and care. The friendship of the duo onscreen has been beautifully portrayed to showcase the bond between them.

One day Mary notices that the chickens only go to Beena’s terrace, which means that eggs are being laid only at her place. This simple case of misunderstanding comes in between their string of friendship. The story is twisted when they realize that both of their children are having an affair.

The story of the kohzipporu film would have definitely made sense if it was released decades ago. The kohzipporu story is a typical eighties-tinged script performed without realizing the taste of the audience. The set has been beautifully laid and brings back nostalgia to the audience with neighborhood camaraderie. The star cast has delivered their performance within the scope of the penned down tale.

It seems that the film has been dragged into a movie which could have rather been a five minute narrated story. The movie could have been a lot better in terms of screenplay and direction. It could have been portrayed as more sensibly than just casual.

The script is flooded with the typical cliché moments, but from such a story you can expect the same. The duration of the film is barely ninety-nine minutes but even at certain scenes it seems slow and dragged unnecessarily. Basically, Kozhiporru is nothing but a film of short duration which will only remind you of the 80s neighborhood. You need not focus much on the movie; you can rather take a glimpse while working on something else.

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Kozhipporu Star Cast

The star-cast of the Malayalam film includes Indrans, Pauly Vaisan, Anjali Nair, Veena Nanda Kumar, and Soham Seenulal. The actors have played their part according to the limited characters they have been allotted. You can say that their performance was decent than what was expected out of them.

Overall, the film was not so much appreciated by both the audience and the critics. It did not have a strong storyline at all. Even though the story was not so well-knitted, the execution of the film was also very poor. Furthermore, the technical side of the movie was also not at all impressive.

The only reason the audience would watch kohzipporu movie is because of the decent performance of the actors. The film obviously lacks the engaging elements expected from any movie which is based on a true story. The movie, however, reminds the audience of the times when the neighbors used to fight decades ago, the film is full of nostalgia. The film has been produced by G. Jayakumar.

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