HP OMEN X9000 Wired Mouse review

HP OMEN X9000 Wired Mouse Review

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HP omen X9000 Wired Mouse review: When HP Omen series mouse is available why searching for another gaming mouse? By reading our review you will come to know about this great mouse which is best looking in terms of gaming. The mouse arrives from the OMEN family by HP. As everybody knows OMEN is a gaming series, this mouse is more like a gaming component.


The 127g weighing mouse is greatly designed by keeping gaming in mind. It is large, long, and tall that makes it a good deal for palm grip players. All kinds of players, be it claw grip connoisseur or palm grip player, no one should have trouble using it. Both kinds of players will take advantage of smooth surface and padded areas.

The mouse is based on black & red theme as per the OMEN family. Overall the mouse is black and there are glazes of glossing red LED lights below the scroll button. The looks of the mouse are not like high-end gaming mouses and it seems like a gaming mouse and also a premium home use mouse.

This mouse is designed to offer a sufficient grip and to fit in your hand naturally without getting any kind of strain to the hands when used for prolonged hours. HP Omen X9000 mouse contains 6 programmable buttons consisting of Left and right-click buttons, DPI sensitivity, a clickable scroll button, and dual thumb buttons. The mouse is more focused on the right-handed form.

The button presentation and style are standard. The left and right button and a clickable scroll wheel and a DPI (dots-per-inch) sensitivity adjustment button right below it.

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The Omen’s software for mouse seems outdated when compared to others. Though it not like that, it is unusable or something like this, but it is working in a similar manner that other mice did some years ago. To get the latest information on drivers and software, you have to visit the official HP ‘s support website and after that install the HP X9000 Omen Mouse software. Then, you have an option to set up different profiles, select DPI, assigning button commands, and adjusting other settings such as mouse sensitivity and communication rate between mouse and the pc.

There is an 8 levels of in game on the fly sensitivity adjust-ability feature with 400-8200 DPI laser tracking which is quiet a good feature on hand.

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When it comes to performance OMEN always comes forward. Same is in the case of this mouse. This mouse shines in in-game performance. While playing games of different genres there were no such problems. All you need to do is to adjust as per your requirements for particular games.


The HP Omen wired mouse is a competent mouse with wonderful design. At Rs 1800 it’s a great deal as it is cheaper than some high-end gaming mouses. But at this price, the Omen mouse is a good buy.

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