Binge Watch These 10 Animated Movies Online In Lockdown

Binge Watch & Download These Animated Movies Online In Lockdown

Animated movies are the best way to get over a tiresome day! If you are someone who is bored by watching the film on Netflix or Amazon amid coronavirus breakdown and have a love for the animation genre. We have got you! And guess what you will never get bored by watching them, even if it’s a rewatch from your childhood.

Also, this list is for those parents who are not sure about how to keep their children busy. We have narrowed down the best-animated movies of all times, go on find the perfect one for yourself!

The Incredibles

Is the name ringing some bells in your head? If you are still not getting it, meet the family of superheroes living a dual life. Now, as the ground rule laid down for every superhero, you aren’t allowed to show your superpowers! So, do they! They aren’t allowed to show their powers if they want to lead a healthy life, sounds fishy? But yes, they manage to save the day somehow. Therefore, superheroes and family are the best combinations to go with!

Toy Story

One of Pixar’s classic Toy Story still remains a perpetual watch. The script and the images lead many critics to call it one of the most excellent animated films ever made. It is a perfect balance of childhood, nostalgia and misty-eyed adulthood.

The Lion King

Told through American animation, ‘The Lion King’ is one of the most heart-wrenching stories of all time. It is about a cub Simba who is forced by his uncle Scar to leave the Pride Lands after his father Mufasa is murdered.  The relationship between father and son is totally adorable. When years later, Simba returns back as a young lion to reclaim his throne, you will shed a drop of a tear!

Finding Nemo

Produced by Pixar and released by Disney, Finding Nemo is an American animated adventure film. It is about the journey of a father whose son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and is taken to Sydney.

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Toy Story 2

This series continues with the Toy Story Part I, When a toy collector steals Woody, his friends vow, to rescue him! But woody finds an idea to live of immortality in the museum more attractive.


A classic of all times ‘Pinocchio’ is about a living puppet. He wants to become a real boy but to prove that he is worthy of it, he must prove himself.

Inside Out

The most complex movie by Pixar “Inside out” is a portrayal of emotions and the way they are conceived by children. It is about a little girl named Riley, who adjusts herself as she moves around the country. Her emotions are all complicated, and the story gives the message that it is ok to feel bad to feel good.


For more than seven decades, Disney’s Bambi stands as an example of what animation can do. The movie is about a deer named ‘Bambi’. It is filled with so many emotions that anyone who once watches it, feels confused about how an animation medium can bring so many emotions together.


Are you a fan of Arabian Nights? If yes, Aladdin is your catch! It is all about romance, magic carpets, dreamy lands and a genie in the lamp. It is the adaption of from a folktale of One Thousand and One Nights. One of Disney’s childhood classics Aladdin is about a homeless boy who falls in love with the princess.


This movie is not a happy trail! It is one of the saddest movies of all time. It is about a big earned baby elephant who is bullied by everyone and is called DUMBO. He is portrayed as a silent character who is basically a clown and blames himself for everything. Despite just being a filler by Disney, Dumbo points out a poignant message about how the outcasted people feel.

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