Rizwan Movie Review [Malayalam]

Not so impactful and lacks motivation

The film Rizwan revolves around the life of an Indian origin businessman Rizwan Adatia. This is a fine knitted story, which traces his unique journey from Gujarat to Africa. During his journey, the film brings all of his victories and values into the limelight.

The film highlights all the significant characters in the life of the businessman who helped him shape his success. The young man travels from Gujrat’s Porbandar to DR Congo’s Kinshasa, paving his way to become one of the most successful businessmen on the continent, which helps him gain fame and respect.

Rizwan Film takes the risk of forging around 32 supermarket stores across 8 countries on the continent. His super-market chain generates overwhelming goodwill for him, which in turn helps him to reduce the disparities between the communities in Africa. The film has captured the journey of the protagonist, from a clerk in a store to one of the most motivational speakers as an Indian entrepreneur. Director Haresh Vyas has tried not to keep the narrative very simple and has tried to reflect the past of Rizwan wherever he could to mark the uncomfortable and not-so-easy journey.

Rizwan’s movie story highlights his resilience in adversity. However, the only inspiring element of the film is the background score of the film. The mundane script is flooded with irrelevant dates and it becomes very baffling for the audience to take note of it. The names of the characters also make the audience very confused and force them to remember the unnecessary details.

The audience eventually loses track of the business, which is the main element of the slow-paced documentary. The role of the protagonist has been played by Vikram Mehta. He played a tolerable role and played his role much better than the other characters. Most of the characters seemed very off-scale and have failed to do justice to their characters.

At the end of the film, the actual Rizwan Adatia’s speech has been added, which narrates all of his values and business ventures. His speech subtly conveys the message of the slow-paced film. You should definitely watch this film if all you are looking for is a little motivation, but nothing more than that.

It seems that the film could have showcased the hardships in a more dramatic manner to alleviate the story. It lacks a strong narration overall. Plus, the casting is age-inappropriate which a major drawback of the film is. The stilted performance of the rest of the cast is not so much applauding and decreases the appeal of the film. The sentiments of the film have not come out in a proper manner and it seems that even the theme called titled Shukar hai Yaad Nahi did not bring the essence of the emotions.

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