You Season 1 Review [Netflix]

The phenomenal thriller series, 'You - Season 1' will get to your head and will make you realize what magic a terrific script can do.

Director & Writer – Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble
Cast – Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, Elizabeth Lail, Ambyr Childers, and more.
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

YOU, the psychotic thriller series has become a huge hit with viewers captivated to the phenomenal narration and cinematography of this mind-boggling series.

The first season of the show came out in the month of November in 2018 and has ever since thrown people in a deep grave of bewitching thoughts of how a person can get so crazy in the name of love? Is stalking love too? And is it love when you kill the exact person you love?

The protagonist of the show Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley is a charming young man who is literate wise and enchanting in every sense when you look at him on the outside. But on the inside, he is a mystery, a psychotic killer a stalker, a lunatic, a scavenger, and everything dangerous you can imagine off.

The first season was a massive hit and the second season of the show came out to be an even grander hit.

The first season of Netflix YOU starts with Guinevere Beck entering Joe’s life and he instantly fell for her. She walked into the bookstore where Joe worked as a manager and instantly stepped inside his heart.

In the name of love, Joe could only understand how reading and stalking her life inside out is the only way he could make her fall in love with him. He stalked her like a maniac, standing right outside her house for hours and hours without her being aware of his existence is something that would send a chill down your spine.

She fell in love and the two could not stay away for long after Joe kidnapped her boyfriend and proved that he abandoned her only to kill him in the most mercy less way. Joe believed it is alright to kill someone when you are killing to protect someone you love and so he kills Beck’s best friend too in her giant mansion.

This does not end as, by the end of the season, the incredibly in love Beck accidentally finds Joe’s treasure box where he had his darkest secrets hidden. His sins and the proofs of every murder he did including his ex-girlfriend Candice.

That was the end of Beck, he entangles her, locks her down in his cage for days only to kill her in the end. The shooting pain these last minutes of the season one gives out is almost unbearable and terrifying only to think if YOU have one such stalker around.

Jumping to the second season of “You” Netflix web series

You Romance Netflix Web series

After being betrayed by Beck, the love of his life who vanished in the thin air, Joe Goldberg had no choice left and so he moved to L.A.

Only to give him an astonishing surprise, his ex-girlfriend Candice shows up. Yes, the same Candice who he had buried in a pit.

In L.A. the determined soul of Joe was not looking for love taking a chance to change the inner him. And that is when he saw Love Quinn, the gorgeous young widow who was nothing but the human form of love. 

She was the kind of girl who would never stop smiling and making others around her happy. She would take care of each and everyone even though her life is a total mess. 

As the two starts working together, Joe is as attracted to Love as she is to him and she would fall into his arms in a heartbeat. Joe who adapted a fake identity as Will in the season is trying to resist him because he does not want to be the same old guy who would cross all the lines in the name of love. 

He did not change. Love and Will got together but the story turned upside down when someone kills his friend who he had kidnapped to keep his identity a secret. 

Joe was still alive inside Will and he had killed another man who was trying to hurt a friend, a teenage girl and Joe could not let kids get hurt no matter what. 

The tables turn entirely when Joe finds himself locked inside the same cage he had kept Beck in. who was the one playing the puppet master here? It was Love Quinn. The girl he thought was an angel who turned out to be the devil instead.

Joe was instantly sent in turmoil of thoughts that made him incompetent. He could not do anything other than finding a way out and so he decided to attract her with love and to kill her.

But the story is still unsettled as he is taken aback again as Love announces she is pregnant with his child.

The fantastic story will keep you on the very edge of your seat for the entire time you are on it and will terrify you after days to come. The phenomenal thriller will get to your head and will make you realize what magic a terrific script can do.

P.S. I hope you never get a stalker like Joe, he is not the perfect boyfriend he thinks he is.

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