Samsung Galaxy M31: Features That Made People Still Buying This Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M31 Features That Made People Still Buying This Smartphone

Samsung is giving a tough competition to its competitors by launching its latest model, SAMSUNG GALAXY M31 with terrific new variants enabled. The new Samsung has come up with a lighter weight phone this time than its previous models of the same price segment.

The key features offered by Samsung M31 are 6000 mAh battery with a 15w fast charger, Quad rear camera with 64 MP, Front camera with 32 MP, Exynos 9611 SOC (Octa Core) processor is built in it.  

The Samsung device has its Super AMOLED screen and the phone comes up with a 6.4-inch screen. They have assembled a good quality AMOLED Screen on the m31 which is a full HD screen with a great built-in panel.

Samsung M31 is not providing any physical LED notification light which can be a bummer. Good news for the series/movie lovers who can stream content on Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming services in full HD resolution because of the Widevine L1 support enabled in it.

 The model is an updated software version which is UI Version 2, based on Android 10 that is completely out of the box. Compared to its previous M series, Samsung Z Flip phone and their mid-range this model is quicker in sensing the fingerprint. There is an upgrade in the base variant that used to be 4 MP and has now jumped to 6 MP for a smooth and lively experience. 

There is a bummer as the M31 storages variants are coming up with only 65GB and 128 GB. But with the microSD feature, you can always expand your memory storage up to 512GB.

The phone has done very well with its device in the field of giving a massive 6,000 mAh battery with a quite commendable light bodyweight. With this heavy battery, they have very well managed its phone weight that gives the phone a chunky look. But it also presents a remarkable balance between battery and phone weight.

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The battery life of the phone is good as it can be operated for 9-10 hours per charge while using heavy files. The standby battery of the handset used can also run for one- and one-half days easily. Although it is lightweight M31 is a thick phone and can tire you upholding it for a longer duration. 

Samsung is just providing a 15watt charger to charge a massive 6000 mAh battery which will consume about 3-4 hours to get the phone fully charged. The charger is a C-Type port with a 3.55mm headphone jack and a single speaker grille. The phone can hold two nano cards and a microSD card.

The processor used in Samsung Galaxy M31 mobile is the Exynos 96 Levin that is based on the ten-nanometer process. The processor is able to handle larger files and quick gesture modes very easily without any lag in between so it can be used in day to day activities. We observed that earlier M series was not able to use a compass properly but this one is definitely able to operate the compass very well. 

Apart from this, there is no connectivity issue while using this model with a good earpiece quality inbuilt.

Bad news for the game lovers this model doesn’t support games of larger files because it’s not gaming eccentric smartphone. You can still comprehend by play games keeping the graphic setting to the medium.

Now if we talk about the camera it is actually a better version from its previous M series as you get the main camera with high resolution of 64MP shooter with an ultra-wide-angle lens of 8MP, a 5MP depth camera and also with 5MPmacro lens. M31 is giving a lot better performance with its upgraded setup. This allows the user the freedom of experimenting more with their photography. 

The main camera can be used vividly when shooting in daylight as it lacks HDR support, contrast, and dynamic range which will give a darker photo while shooting in the night. The m31 has a live focus feature in it. Pixels can be blurred while taking a zoom photo, especially in the dark light. A macro lens will give you happening photoshoots done in daylight only.

Videos can be recorded using both front and rear cameras for UHD videos. Videos can be recorded up to 4k with different features of slow motions, hyper-lapse, and ultra-wide video mood enabled on the phone. Talking about the front camera, it has jumped from 16 MP to 32 MP.

It means more bright, vibrant, and sharper images from the M31.  With the statement “Samsung M31 is an all-rounder,” the company is stating a very bold claim.

This, however, is not true for this phone as it is identical to the M30s, giving you the same exact Exynos 9611, Super AMOLED display and long-lasting 6,000mAh battery.

However, we can say that there is an up gradation in the camera resolution which can be worth it for the purchase. Till now the M31 has come up with only two-color variants which are Black and Blue.

The price of the SAMSUNG GALAXY M31 phone 64gb+6gb RAM is Rs. 15,999 and for 128gb+6gb RAM is Rs. 16,999. SAMSUNG could have come up with a better model version in this price segment.

With no screen refresh rate and upgraded processer given by its competitors in their lowest range phone categories will make it outdated very soon.

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