Shrikant Bashir S01 Free Download: Tamilrockers Leaked Latest Sony Liv Series


On 11th December 2020, Sony Liv released the latest action-packed thriller web series named Shrikant Bashir. Within minutes of the release, shrikant bashir web series direct download link surfaced online. Multiple notorious sites and telegram channels uploaded g-drive direct download links.

The main star cast of the series includes Gashmeer Mahajan as Shrikant Mhatre, Yudhishthir Singh as Bashir Khan, Mantra as Parker, and Tareeq Ahmed Khan as Commander Hafizullah.

Shrikant Bashir showcases a great mixture of action, suspense, and comedy as well. However, Sony Liv’s Scam 1992 still tops the list of most-liked web series. In season 1, there are a total of 26 episodes each of approximately 30 minutes.

Shrikant Bashir Watch Online & Free Download

Shrikant Bashir S01 All Episodes Download Free

Sony Liv requires a subscription worth INR 999/month to watch movies and tv series which is INR 999/month. However, it allows you to watch the first episode for free.

But users don’t want to spend their money on purchasing subscriptions. So, they visit the notorious platforms to download web series for free. This is one of the biggest reasons due to which these third-party websites so much popular.

The best way to watch shrikant bashir web series online is through the official Sony Liv app. You can also use Flipkart super coins to redeem Sony Liv subscription for one year.

Watching movies on the official site is far better than browsing to cinevood or movierulz2. Sometimes these sites provide something else instead of shrikant bashir so1 all episodes download link.

Storyline & Trailer

Within minutes of the trailer upload on Youtube, it crossed over millions of views. A lot of people loved the trailer. However, the story is much more interesting than this.

The story starts with the undercover operation of SOT (Surgical Operations Team), in which they kidnapped an arms dealer who works for commander Hafizullah. He came to India to deal with satellite launch codes.

In the second scene, Shrikant Mhatre (suspended SOT officer) is shown working for the corrupted peoples. However, he gets his image back after solving the case and appointed as the temporary chief of the SOT team.

When Mhatre becomes the chief of SOT, Basir Khan (another SOT officer) gets disappointed. A lot of conversational fights happens between them. Then the story reveals its villain, Parker (Mantra) who works for the commander.

You will see multiple action scenes and the story keeps on revealing thrilling scenes which makes it more exciting. Also, there are many comedy dialogues in-between which will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Mhatre keeps on repeating a dialogue “No Rules, No Commitments, Only Adjustments”. The ending scene shocks everyone when Mhatre traps Basir in a fake corruption case. The truth behind this scene will be revealed in the next season.

If you are looking for something like Avrodh, then Srikant Basir is a must-watch web series. Let us know about it in the comment section after watching the series. But, don’t search online for Shrikant Bashir S01 complete series download free 720p.

Disclaimer: We urge our readers to not download any movie or web series through illegal third party websites. Always use legitimate ways to watch movies and tv series.

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