Hundred Season 1 Review [Disney+Hotstar]

Beautiful series conveying the message that instead of cursing your fate, just get up and live your remaining life with adventure and thrill.

Hotstar Hundred Full Web Series Review

Director – Ruchi Narain, Ashutosh Shah, and Taher Shabbir
Cast – Lara Dutta, Rinku Rajguru, Karan Wahi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Parmeet Sethi, and more.
IMDb Rating – 6.8/10

Hundred Web Series Review: Don’t worry this review is not about giving you any sort of spoilers so that you can enjoy the Hotstar series. So go ahead and read the hundred web series review without any hesitation. The review will just bring the narrative, acting skills, baseline, and screenplay into the limelight, which will help you decide whether to watch the series or not. The heartfelt story is a complete package of suspense, emotional roller coaster ride, action scenes, and subtle comedy.

The Hotstar series revolves around the character Netra Patil, who is a typical Maharashtrian girl. The loved character is played by Marathi actress Rinku Raj guru, who won millions of hearts with her performance in the blockbuster film Sairat.

The role of a lady cop has been played by former Miss World Lara Dutta. Neha Patil has numbered days to live her life and has to enjoy and cherish it in the span of a hundred days. ACP Somya is in dire need of marketing and is trying her level best to perform an undercover mission from the goons. The story is a masterpiece with the two main characters achieving their goal at the end of a hundred days.

Hundred Web Series Story

Netra Patil’s character is that of a simple honest civil servant who has some glamorous dreams. She wishes to go to Switzerland one day and is a complete movie buff. Her dream is very contradictory to her current lifestyle where she is staying with her younger sibling, father, and grandfather in a clustered chawl, in Mumbai.

Being the only breadwinner of the house, Netra has always considered her family at the top of her priority list. Her maternal uncle makes her realize that she has lived enough of her life to serve others and she should take a step towards self-love. She has a brain tumor and with a limited numbered of days so she decides to live her life without any second thoughts.

Lara Dutta lives on her own terms and is known to get people close for her own benefit. Even though she enjoys a strong position at the police station, she is subjected to sexist criticism at all times. Her boss is constantly behind her to only attend several flash mobs and celebrations which include merely women, instead of unfolding an important case.

The rollercoaster ride with the two main leads team up to achieve their primary objective. The entertaining ride of the series successfully establishes the characters and the plot of the story beautifully. The series moves at a comfortable and medium pace to ensure that the audience enjoys the story instead of just finishing the episodes one after the other. The climax of the series might seem just a little bit abrupt to you but overall it is alright.

What Will You Love?

You and your loved ones can easily finish this series in one sitting. The hundred series has eight episodes overall and all of them keep you on an edge, which ends with a cliffhanger. This clearly makes you want to press the next button. There are end numbers of twists in the series which seem to fit right for some reason; however, a few of them seem forceful.

A romance angle in the series is a little unexpected and seems unnecessary too. It was not actually required when the main plot of the film is in contrast. You will have to watch the eight episodes to unfold the love angle between the two characters. The action and humour in the film are limited and a few more scenes could have been added. The series could have had more scenes where Lara Dutta could have fired at more troublemakers and Netra could have beaten the shit out of more goons. More light-hearted jokes could have been welcomed in the series.

Hotstar’s Hundred Series Plot

The first episode of the film sets up the character of the protagonist pretty well and no character seems to be forced just to increase the size of the cast. Every character has their own agenda which they follow with their brilliant acting skills. Both the main characters of the series seem very fresh on the screen and the new avatar will definitely not make you yawn but keep you excited at every plot twist.

This Hotstar’s hundred series is absolutely worth your time because Rinku Raj guru has a complete package of some desi magic acting. She alone will successfully win your heart. However, Lara Dutta as a cop has justified her role and looks smart in her immaculate police uniform.

Karan Wahi has a small but very significant role in the series, which he has played very well. His screen presence and dialogue delivery are outstanding. There are several other actors who have played supporting roles including Sudhanshu Pandey, ParmeetSethi, Makarand Deshpande, and ArunNalawade. The narrative of the film does not hold much for the audience but the same has been covered up by excellent screenplay.

Final Verdict

There are only a handful of scenes where you might feeling the pace of the series to be very slow, but that is it. A few non-relevant conversations will also make you feel that probably the makers wanted the duration of the series to belong hence they have incorporated a few unnecessary dialogues. However, this case is more or less the same with every series that is available on the OTT platform these days.

The series is a one-time watch built with the golden performances, plot twist, action scenes, simple narrative, and stunning acting would want you to watch the hundred web series once more amid the lockdown where you have all the time in the world. When the trailer of the series was released it received love and lots of positive responses from the audience and the same response has been given by the audience after watching the fresh series.

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