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A movie is only way of letting the time pass without getting bored. Movies provide enough entertainment to a viewer which makes the time runs fast and even faster when the movie is liked by the viewer. The best of the movies are provided by an online website called Filmywap 2020 website. Despite being an illegal platform yet provides all kind of movies stuff for entertainment purpose, that too for free! Filmywap 2020 is illegal but this article is informing you all about the filmywap movie downloading website.

Be it Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies or SouthIndian movies, afilmywap provide all kind of movies which are the most downloaded movie genres of all time. Filmywap uploads movies on a daily basis or whenever a new movie releases. When a new movie is released, say, a movie is released today, then the movie comes on the same day at filmywap and is available to download for free. oFilmywap 2020 is an old movie downloading website which makes new movies downloadable for free. Not only it leaks Hindi or english movies, it also leaks punjabi movies.

Contents available on Filmywap:

AFilmywap provides movies like hollywood movies, bollywood movies, english movies, hindi movies, dual audio movies. South cinema movies like tamil movies, Telugu movies, malayalam movies, Kannada movies are also uploaded by Filmywap. Previously ofilmywap used to provide HD video songs of Bollywood films, teasers and promos of new films, but as of now there is a new domain of filmywap which has only movies and no video songs for download. All content is available to download in HD quality.

Latest movie leaked by filmywap:

Movie leaks is always a serious matter of concerns for film producers and film makers. When a movie leaks the filmmakers gets into trouble as their movie performance on floor is affected. Some of the latest Bollywood movies leaked by filmywap includes Bala, Dream Girl, Housefull 4, Good newzz, Dabbang 3, etc.

Latest Hollywood movie that are leaked by filmywap includes Avengers Endgame, JumanJi, etc.

Latest movies are uploaded and leaked on the day of release of the film or on the second day after the release. Most probably the movie comes on the same day of release. Although this is not an easy task but they do it both for them as well as the internet users which are excited to download new movies which are uploaded on a daily basis.

The movies which are provided by filmywap are all available in HD quality. HD quality is the standard quality of high definition present in 720p (720pixels). Leaked via direct download link or via a torrent site link.

Categories of movies available on aFilmywap:

There are various types of categories available on oFilmywap 2020 website. The categories are as follows:

  • Latest Hollywood movies: Under latest Hollywood movies, English movies which are newly released is available.
  • Action movies: Under this category, movies ( Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian) of action or action drama genre is available. 
  • Comedy movies: In this category, Movies which has comedy plot / comedy drama plot or comedy genre is available.
  • Crime movies: In crime movies category, the movies which has crime plot or genre is crime, are placed in this category and is available to download.
  • Mystery movies: Under this category, movies of  mystery genre or mystery plot are available to download.
  • Horror movies: Under horror movies category, movies of horror plot, or horror drama genre is available to download.
  • Biography movies: Movies which are based on life or which shows the life of a big successful or a  well established person dramatically comes under this category and is available to download for free.
  • Sports movies: Movies releated to sports and games are available to download under this category.
  • History movies: Movies based on history and historical plots are placed under history movies category and is available to download for free.
  • War movies: Movies based on War/ previous war in past or action packed thriller genre comes under war category and is available to download without any charge.
  • Different Genres: It is a link to web page which displays all types of movies in a single web page without any navigation. All movies are placed under this category. All Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, South Indian movies under one category. Further this category includes movies from genres like

Drama, comedy, romance, action, adventure, fantasy, war, sci-fi, thriller, crime, mystery, animation, musical, romance co, horror, biography, sports, period, history, adult, family, cricket, western, suspense, social, satire, children, spiritual, devotional, documentary, adaptation, music, biopic, fiction, historical, political, mythology, love triangle, cult, rom com, patriotic, mature, obscure, dance, romantic, crime-trl, concert, political satire, thriller, coming-of age story, romantic comedy, love, classic, psychological, science fiction, urban, teenage, advn, offbeat, screening, supernatural, special interest, art, news, motivational, classics, friendship, philosophical, festival, family drama, spirituality, short film, short, emotional, romantic-comedy, party, entertainment, zombie-comedy, religious, action-comedy, theatre, family thriller, general, romance, costume, imax, kids, act-com, masala, costume drama, screenings, mystery, performing arts, road movie, stunt, noir, pop, filmnoir, documentary, classical, black / dark comedy, crime thriller, sat, western, reality, supernatural thriller, romance comedy, sport, reality-TV, talk-show, game-show, sci-fi, NA, reality TV, TV movie

Traffic on ofilmywap 2020 website:

As everybody wants to watch a movie for free and nobody wants to spend money to go to theatres, Filmywap has it. Also it’s not possible for normal people to go to theatre everytime to watch movie as it is expensive.

So, Filmywap and other websites are available on internet that uploads all kind of movies be it a newly released or an old one, the movies are available to download on these types of movie websites. So majority of people watch and download movies via these websites, these website gets immense traffic and this ultimately leads to open roads for these illegal business.

By this way there are millions of searches per month just only for the name of movie download. Common searches for movie download on filmywap includes filmywap 2016, filmywap 2017, filmywap 2018, ofilmywap 2019, afilmywap punjabi movie, filmywap bollywood movie, filmywap zone. These movie download websites including Filmywap has millions of searches per month and they are on top of search results when a movie is searched.

Keywords  for searching movie on filmywap:

There are various keywords for searching a movie on internet. These keywords are also related to filmywap. At filmywap all keywords work without problem, specifically entered with filmywap name works like a charm. Search results are also mostly favour for filmywap with a movie name for download. Mostly used keywords in favour of filmywap are filmywap, filmywap movies, filmywap 2016, filmywap 2017, filmywap 2018, filmywap 2019, filmywap latest movie download, dual audio movie download afilmywap, hd bollywood movie download filmywap, hollywood hd download ofilmywap, ofilmywap free movies download, ofilmywap, afilmywap, bollywood filmywap,, wwwfilmywapcom, etc. These are just some mostly used keywords but there are many more keywords than these as there are millions of movie searches per month on filmywap.

What makes filmywap this much popular?

As there are hundreds of thousands of visits per day to the filmywap website, there comes millions of searches in a month for free download of movies. These all searches are related to movie download and not only filmywap but also other than filmywap there are many other website which are just similar to filmywap that also provides same entertaining content like hollywood movies, bollywood movies, etc.

These searches are inputed by internet users in search bar which results in a boost to these websites and causes them to become popular on internet. They become so much popular that even when a movie name is searched these illegal websites are shown in the search results. Not only Filmywap, other movie downloading websites like 9xflix, 9xmovies, 9xrockers, tamilrockers (one of the most visited website for free movie downloading), cinevood, movierulz, tamilguns. They all are popular including filmywap.

How to download movie from Filmywap?

Downloading a movie from Filmywap was never tricky. It’s very simple and easy. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Open the internet browsers and navigate to filmywap by entering the correct web address of website as they keep on changing their web address and domains. The current domain is
  2. After loading of website, the homepage will open, search for the movie type or movie category / movie genre that you want to download. Although users can download movie from categories or from all genres category which contains all kind of movies by searching them.
  3. Click on the movie, then a web-page will load, There are various options to download from. There are  direct links and torrent links. Click accordingly.
  4. Download will start depending upon the server and connection speed.
  5. After the downloading is complete, enjoy watching the movie!

All movies that are available to download are in HD (High defination) format. The movies which are recently released and uploaded on the same day or the next day may be in cam rip quality but that too will be present in HDCamrip quality, meaning the users will not get dissapointed after downloading. Filmywap also uploads HD movie quality file after a few days of the movie release.

The current working domain or url of ofilmywap 2020 desi website is

Alternatives to filmywap:

There are various movie websites which are similar to filmywap and provides more or less same kind of entertaining stuff. The other movie downloading websites similar to filmywap are tamilrockers, tamilgun, 9xflix, 9xrockers,

Is filmywap the correct platform to download movie?

This is an important question. But the answer may not be sweet. The answer is No! The movie downloading websites like filmywap and other then filmywap like, 9xrockers, 9xflix, 9xmovies, tamilrockers, tamilgun, etc are not good to visit and download movie from.

They are illegal in every aspect and doing pirated business which are affecting the cinema platform in India, and also affecting the producers and filmmakers of the movie who work very hard to deliver the best on the floor.

But sadly this thing is affecting them. From visitors side, these website are not good to visit as they are illegal had doing illegal activities , and also the visiting to such kind of websites, and downloading pirated stuff is also illegal and a criminal offence.

Earning source of ofilmywap 2020 website:

They are not just providing pirated content to download for free but also they are making money by doing this kind of business. The source is advertising. The ads they are showing to you are helping them making that money. Some of the big adsense compasnies like Google Adsense and others, cannot approve these kind of websites as they approve only legal material which is online. There are various ad service which are helping them making money.

Management behind this business?

They are just a team of people or there may be a single person behind this. Nothing big or anything like complicated. They work from a secret location which is normally unknown. They hide their IP and it is a difficult task to determind them. In simple language they are working anonymously.  

If they are illegal why they are still running?

This is so because these websites are not running on their known. IT’s the users who have given such a boost to them that they are so much popular on internet. Almost everyone watches pirated movies downloaded from internet.

The users are giving them privilege. Else, the Government of India is blocking them since 3 years. After getting blocked by the Government, what they do is they change their domain name and still do the pirated business. This is not for one or two times. They get blocked number of times, and number of times they are changing their domain names.

What’s the correct platform to download or watch movie online?

Other than these, there are many legal platforms where users can watch movies. Other platforms like JioCinema, voot, hotstar, netflix, altbalaji, amazon prime video, etc. They are legal to watch entertainment contents. They are only available for entertaining purpose.

Final words

Always use legal sources to watch and download movies. We do not support any websites like this pirated website. Our goal of this article is only to spread awareness against these illegal websites. We are not supporting these illegal activities and will not do it in near future.


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