Asuraguru Movie Review [Tamil]

A film revolving around several heists and a psychologically ill character.

Asuraguru Movie Review: The film begins with a subtle dark frame, which seems very appropriate keeping in mind that the protagonist of the film is carrying out a heist. The starless light seems the perfect setting to introduce Vikram Prabhu as Sakti. He cleverly tumbles onto a moving train and tries to avoid the electrical wiring in order to steal money.

He steps away being unnoticed. Even though the scene pumps an adrenaline rush in you, this is sadly only one such thrilling sequence in the entire span of two and a half hours.

Asuraguru is directed by A Rajhdeep has knitted the story very well, with Sakti having regular days of the unsuspicious job. The protagonist works as a delivery boy at a company and carries out robberies whenever he is off duty. He decides to target only the business persons and the rich class. However, he does not prey on the innocent ones; he only targets those who have earned cash illegally.

The protagonist is helped by a character who is a police officer; the character is played by Jagan. A lot many troubles cross Sakti’s path when a police officer is specially assigned to track down the mastermind behind the train heist. The investigation becomes more serious, as a private detective hired by a man who was robbed starts to track him down.

Dia, the private detector tries everything to track him down but the protagonist still commits one heist after the other. The character of the detector has been played by Mahima Nambiar.

The problem with the heists seems that none of them has been executed very cleanly. He executes them without taking any such effort to hide his identity, in one incident, he walks into the flower market for stealing lots of cash from the counterfeiter.

He makes his way out of there without actually taking any effort and beats everyone coming in his way. No doubt that the screenplay for the film has been written very well. The pace of the film also seems very fine and keeps the audience engaged at all times.

Talking about, Asuraguru Movie Review, there are scenes in the film where the hero gets frequent headaches and his eyes turn red for no reason. He receives flash-backs in black and white before he is about to execute any heist. The director aims to convey the audience the sense of motivation he receives due to his past, which is the primary reason for all the heists. The film brings the fact into the limelight that the protagonist has a psychological thriller.

The best character in the film Asuraguru is played by Mahima who is shown as a strong and clever detective. The actress has delivered a stunning performance while showcasing good progress in the assigned case. Her character seems very balanced and actually does the job which requires smart thinking. She has shown with black cigarettes and motorbikes, which has clearly been used to depict her strong character. Her role seems very fresh on the screen and has a better character than Vikram Prabhu. Being the protagonist he has not held the right emotions and his face is of expressionless emotion at all times.

The love angle in the film could have been avoided and seems to be placed by the makers forcefully to increase the duration of the film. The duo in the film can be seen lurking on the sandy beaches and sharing coffee, which seems very contradictory to the storyline of the film.

Yogi Babu has played the role of a tea-seller in the film. His character just seemed to increase the fun time of the film. The action scenes in the film have been choreographed very well however, they do not seem to be so expressive considering the fact that it is based on a couple of heists. Subburaju has carried his character very well with his fine physique as a police officer but the screenplay seems very poor.

There are several aspects on which the filmmakers could have worked more. The editor has chopped many unwanted scenes due to which the film seems to be running at a faster pace due to which the film loses its flow. There are also issues of lip-syncing in the film which seems very unprofessional. Technically the film has failed in different aspects including editing, cinematography and music.

The film Asuruguru can be considered as an average thriller and half-baked when it comes to the screenplay. The logic in the film seems to have gone for a toss in most of the scenes. The audience loses interest halfway through the film. The backstory of the protagonist also seems very absurd because there is no such legit reason as to why he took to robbery.

Nevertheless, Vikram Prabhu did not cease to entertain the audience; the action scenes in the film seemed quite decent. The film can be a one-time watch for you and your family. Hope you loved our Asuraguru movie review.

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