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9xmovies is ready to make your holidays even better. You might be wondering what is 9xmovies? Millions of people search for 9xmovies, 9xmovie, 9xmovie 2019 website, 9xmovies.in, 9xmovies.net, 9xmovies.co.in, 9xmovies4u, 300mb Movies, 9x movies, 9x movie Bollywood Hollywood dual audio download, 300mb Dual Audio Movies, and Hindi Dubbed Movies. These terms are so much popular on google.

Watching movies is loved by everyone but you can’t watch every movie in theaters. This gives rise to the download of Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed 300mb movies.

Brief about 9xmovies 2020

9xmovies Download 9xmovies.in Latest Hindi Full Movies 9xmovie Bollywood Movies Hollywood Dual Audio 300mb Movies 9x movies 2019 Latest South Hindi Dubbed

As already discussed, we all love downloading movies. Whenever we are left with some data daily we go on google and search movies. We either want to watch some famous old movies or new movies. Downloading free movies leads to an illegal distributor. These illegal distributors are 9xmovie, 9xmovies, Cinevood, Movierulz, 9xrockers, Jio Rockers, Khatrimaza and more.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about 9xmovies 2019 website.

The latest working link of 9xmovies – Download 2020 website is “9xmovies.group

What is 9xmovie 2020 website?

9xmovies is one of the piracy websites on google. You can stream and download HD movies, web-series from this website. 9xmovies illegally distribute movies to online users. This website is from 2015 in this business. Whatever type of movie you want to see either Tamil or Hollywood movies, 9x movies are there for you.

Currently, the latest working domain of 9xmovie 2019 website is 9xmovies.group which is working fine. This website is operated by Alex morgan from France.

9xmovie – Technical Information

You can easily find basic information about the 9xmovies website on every article. But, what about the technical information. Which server do they use? From where they operate? What is their Ip address etc.? In this section we are going to cover all of its technical details.

  • 9xmovie uses the Cloudflare server to hide original server details.
  • They also use the Cloudflare SSL certificate to gain its user and search engine trust.
  • 9xmovies.to original IP address is “”.
  • It uses internet.bs to register its domain to prevent its information to leak.
  • The latest working link of 9xmovie is 10 months old. It means their previous domain was blocked. So, they bought a new one.
  • They use propeller ads as the source of advertisement and generate passive income to keep their work going.
  • 9xmovie operates or works from Mumbai, Maharastra. They use fake email-id and hide their presence from Facebook and Twitter to avoid capture.
  • 9xmovie.to hosts its file on other servers and only provide host links.

How to download the latest Bollywood movies?

If you are reading this article, you might be searching for the steps to download movies from 9xmovie 300 PW website. Downloading a movie from this website is really very simple. Here are the steps and videos to download movies from 9xmovie lol website.

  1. Select Your Favorite movie Post or article and see the bottom of the post.
  2. Click on “Download Link Here” Green Button!
  3. Now 9xlinks Opened in New Tab and Click “Unlock Links” Blue Button!
  4. Now You will See Various Host Links on the 9xmovies website.
  5. Detailed Process to Download from Various Hosts can be seen on youtube and in below video

How to download 300mb movies from 9xmovie biz?

Steps to download movie from 9xmovie 300mb

Downloading the latest movies from 9x movies website is free. You can also download pre-release movies from 9xmovie biz website. But, how to download movies from 9xmovies website. Here are some of the steps which will guide you in downloading Hd Bollywood movies

  1. First, browse to the 9xmovie website on google.
  2. Chose your favorite 2019 Tamil, Telugu movies from 9xmovie pw website.
  3. Head up to their second page where you need to choose the quality of a movie.
  4. Select your desired quality and the best g-drive to fast download.

Downloading movies from this 9x movie website is really easy. But, most importantly you need to take care of pop-up redirects which can take you to any other destination.

If you don’t know about google chrome extensions you can try the various android applications. There are many VPN and proxy applications on the play store. Among all these, the best one is Opera mini browser. It comes with a pre-installed VPN, you just need to enable it and browse 9xmovie pw website.

In this way, you will be safe from hackers. Then, you can download and watch free HD Bollywood, Hollywood and 300mb Tamil movies.

300mb movies download from 9xmovie 2020

The best option at 9x movies site is the category of 300mb movies. You can search for the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil and 300mb movies. These are the shortest form of movies available on the internet. Downloading movies in 300mb saves your mobile storage and even data.

9xmovie is so popular among people due to this category. But if you want to see these 300mb movies on large screen televisions, it is not a good choice. This file size best suits only on mobile devices and smartphones.

However, for better quality, you need to spend some more data. 9xmovies also have other qualities available. These qualities are 480p, 1080p, HEVC, Web-dl and more.

How fast is 9xmovies 2020 website?

What makes a website fast is its loading speed and the download speed. In terms of pop-up advertisements, we don’t recommend this but 9xfilms make their earning with this type of advertisement. We have run a test on the 9xmovies website to test its speed in terms of browsing with most famous seo tools of 2020. You can view the result by clicking here.

Speed depends on the type of content and the server location. But the android app of the 9x movie website is fast and reliable. You can browse the website without any advertisements and difficulties.

Which type of movies is available on 9xmovies.in website?

9xmovies Download 9xmovies.in Latest Hindi Full Movies 9xmovie Bollywood Movies Hollywood Dual Audio 300mb Movies 9x movies 2019 Latest South Hindi Dubbed

We all love varieties. When we go shopping we try to see every category. This is also same in case of downloading free movies in HD. Thanks to the 9x movies 2019 website. They have a solution to your taste. There are different categories on the 9xmovie 2020 website.

  1. Bollywood Movies Download
  2. Hollywood Movie Download
  3. 300mbmovies
  4. HD movies Download
  5. 480p movies.
  6. 1080p movies
  7. 9xmovie pw
  8. Tamil movies
  9. Telugu movies
  10. South Indian Movies.
  11. Dual Audio
  12. Gujarati Movies

All of the categories are available on 9xmovie.org website. But, you also get the benefit of downloading movies from 9xmovie 2019 website. You might be thinking that what type of benefit is this. The benefit is a different genre of movies available for free download and watches online. Different genre of available movies is:

AdventureTv showsWeb SeriesNetflixHorror

Can we watch an online stream on 9xmovie?

If you are heading towards to watch online latest 2019 Bollywood movies. 9xmovies.in is not a website for you. Since 9xmovie is a public torrent website you can only download movies. Watching movies is not available on the 9xmovie website. However, to watch movies online you have to browse other websites like Tamilrockers, Filmywap, MovieRulz, and KatmovieHD.

So, you can only download 300mbmovies from 9xfilms which is more than enough. However, downloading movies from 9xmovies pw 2019 website is illegal.

Is it safe to download full HD movies from 9xmovie pw biz?

Since 9xmovie pw is an illegal website you are also doing an illegal task. Since the illegal download of movies is prohibited under the Indian Copyright act. You might face some issues. Due to this illegal distribution, the government of India banned these domains. But, they comebacks with other domain name extensions.

While browsing movies, you need to take care of some things. As these websites are illegal they might try to hack and steal your data. There are so many pop up advertisements on these types of websites. You have to avoid all of them. You can download Adblocker extension on google chrome if you are using a PC or Laptop. These websites are generally made with wordpress cms platform.

Fake 9xmovies 2019 links

Whenever you will become popular there will be a lot of copy cats. The same is in the case of websites. However, 9x movies is so much popular that there are many copy cats on this website. You can also download movies from these copy sites but they will not provide you the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Here is a table depicting all of the copy sites on the 9x movie 2019 website.

9xmovie.biz9xmovie pw9xmovies cc
9xmovies name9xmovies.net9xmovies.in
9x movies.com9x movie.300mbmovies9xfilms

The purpose of this table is only to make you aware of fake websites.

What are the legal ways to watch the latest Hindi 2020 movies?

Downloading movies from 9xmovie is illegal in 2019. This post is enough to tell you about it. But, You might think that what way we can watch movies illegally. There is a variety of ways to watch the latest Hindi movies for free rather than paying for costly cinema.


Youtube is the video streaming platform, which gained a sudden increase after the launch of jio network. There are millions of watching hours and uploads on video per day. If you love Tamil or South Indian movies, there are some channels like Goldmine Telefilms and V Movies and more which uploads Hindi dubbed movies at the same time of release. You can use them to watch movies online legally.

Netflix / Amazon Prime Video

If you love watching web series, then you need the help of Netflix and Amazon series. They have web series for every need. But, you need to but netflix subscription and amazon prime subscription for watching them. However, we have a solution for this. They give a free trial to use which you can cancel anytime. Just make an account and watching free for 30 days. After 30 days you can buy a subscription of cancel that one and make a new account. They don’t cost much.

Hotstar / Voot / Television

The other website to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies are Hotstar, Voot and Television itself. You can watch movies for free and legally on this website. There is also a premium version available of these service providers rather than televisions. Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for long to watch movies on TV sets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 9xmovies.in 2019

Looking to download movies from 9xmovie 2019 website? You must know its advantages and disadvantages before moving to this illegal website. It is you and your leisure time. Here, we will tell all of the advantages and disadvantages of this 9xmovies 2019 website.

Advantages of 9xmovie.biz website

  • You can find different movies in different quality for free download
  • There is no signup and registration for downloading movies.
  • Movies after release are available for free i.e Pre-Release.
  • The best use of your remaining data pack is to download free movies.
  • The fast download is available with an online streaming option.

Disadvantages of 9xmovie4u pw website

  • This website is not having any security certificates.
  • Illegal distribution of movies is against law is illegal and you might suffer this.
  • There are various annoying pop-up and pop-under advertisements from distributors like propeller adsRevenue Hits, etc.
  • You can be tracked and hacked by security agencies for illegal watching movies.

Frequently Asked Questions (9xmovies.in)

You might be having different questions regarding this piracy website. We have covered some of the important topics our readers might be interested in. From being 2015 in the google search engine, this website has made his presence.

How do 9xmovie 2019 maintain a presence?

Maintaining a presence on google requires effort and a lot of patience. You can’t rank first on gogle in a single day or single night. You need to be in everyone’s eye. One of the main reasons of popularity of 9xmovie website is “word of mouth”. Suppose, you find his website and find it easy and helpful, you share it with others. This is one of the most important part.

Which server or technology do 9xmovie 2019 website uses?

As there is not of information available about this piracy website. We are not able to find much information. But, one important information we found is their operating city which is Mumbai, India. However, they use Cloudflare free servers to transfer their files all over the world. Secondly, they use different hosts and link protectors to store links and keep them safe from google eyes.

The latest working domain of 9xmovies

The most asked question is the working domain or url of 9xmovie website. Government of India has banned too many domain extensions of this website but, they keep their domain changing. The current working domain is 9xmovies.in11.org. We can’t guarantee the time for which it can be live and working.

From where do they get the latest Bollywood movies?

We can’t guarantee their source of videos. But, most of the videos are captured with video cameras and then processed before uploading on servers. These processed videos are then shared with the help of Darknet. You might know that we only use 2% of the proper internet. We are not making full use of this internet which we think is in our hands.

How to open 9xmovies pw 2020 website?

The most important part of downloading movies is to find the best website. Which one is the best website? Yes! You guess right 9xmovies biz is one of the best websites to download hd Bollywood movies. But, How to open this 9xmovie website?

The answer is very simple. Simply, type 9xmovies.in in google and it will redirect you to its latest working domain name of 9xmovie website. If you still get the banned message, you can use online vpn and proxy networks to hide from hacking.

How to stay safe while browsing 9xmovie 300mb?

We all know, 9xmovies 2020 is an illegal website. Similarly, they use various pop-ups and pop-under advertisements to generate revenue. But, they can even harm your device and can steal your information. The most important thing everyone must care about is online privacy. The protection is not too hard.

You can either use adblocker extensions on google chrome or proxy networks to prevent yourself from unwanted redirects and advertisements. Do remember to avoid inserting any personal information if prompted to ask.

Can we download torrent files?

Yes! You can download torrent files too from the 9x movie 2020 website. But, most of the peoples don’t know about torrent files. In our opinion, it is best to download from google drives as they offer fast speed and the process is also too simple.

If you choose to download torrent files. You have to install torrent downloader clients like u-torrent or bit torrent. It makes the downloading tasks lengthier and high speed is not guaranteed in torrent files.

9xmovies 2019 latest leaked movies

9xmovie 2020 Latest Movies

Everyone is saying, 9xmovie website leaks movies, latest movies. But, what are these movies? In this section of the article, we are going to share some of the famous leaks and movies available in their built category.

In Bollywood categories, 9xmovie has leaked Good Newzz, Rann, Ghost Stories, Bee Team, Mushkil, and even more movies. You can download these Bollywood movies for free and also watch online in HD quality.

Under the Hollywood section of 9xmovies.in, you can see Death Race 2, Fighting Beat, Unknown, Twister, A-X-L, Gothika, November, etc. The Hollywood section is too much famous among other sections as there are different genre movies for free download. There is no music in this type of movie.

There is also another category that covers South Indian Movies like Tamil and Telugu. Some of the famous movie leaks are Saaho, Bahubali – The conclusion, Arjun Reddy, etc. This section is made for peoples who love watching action movies.

Other categories include Netflix series and WWE Episodes. Everyone loves watching small stories in the form of episodes. However, watching series has make a rapid increase suddenly. This might be the reason for people’s interest. So, 9x movies website gives you this opportunity of watching web-series on the next day of world-wide release.

Is 9xmovies.in website banned?

Yes, the 9xmovies website is banned bu the Government of India due to copyright violation issues. However, searching for this term in google redirects you to its working domain. It means redirection is made in this domain. Sometimes, you can also access its domain with the help of online proxy servers and VPN. We don’t promote these types of sources but it is good if you know about them.

There are various VPN available on google which can help you in this task. However, VPN is used to hide online identity to prevent yourself from hacks. But due to increased cyber crimes, VPN is not suggested. 9xmovie 300mb website can be accessed with this vpn. There are various vpn android applications, web extensions, and online proxies are available in the market.

9xmovie app and telegram channel

Due to the regular blocking of domain names. They have found a new way to prevent them and their revenue generation. It is the help of the 9xmovies App and Telegram channel. The android application is not available on the play store but you can find it on their working website. If you are looking for a telegram channel, you need to find it on the telegram app with their name.

If you are searching for the latest working URL of the website, 9x movie android application and telegram channel are made for you. You can use any of them for your task.

Final Words

In short, 9x movies website is for peoples who want to illegally download Bollywood Hollywood movies. You can also find Tamil, Telugu Hindi Dubbed 300mb movies from 9xmovie 2019. From all of the information from our article we can conclude:

  • 9xmovie 2019 is a pirated website that illegally distributes movies.
  • It uses a proxy server to hide its server identity and safeguards it.
  • 9xmovies does not host any 300mb movies file on their server, they only index available files on the internet.

At last, we only want to say “Always use legal sources to watch your favorite movies and web series”. Free isn’t good at all. For a good quality you need to wait for a bit but the fun of watching movies is only in cinema halls and theaters.


A perfect review only wants to share the information for educational purposes only. This article is not promoting any illegal activities and doesn’t tell users to download movies. So, Always use original sources to download and watch movies.

Free things can cost high in the near future. So, don’t run against free things. Don’t damage eyes watching low-quality movies from 9xmovies, 9xmovie, 9x movies.


  1. 9xmovie is a great website to download movies. Thanks for this article. It have helped me to gain very useful information about it.


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