Avoid These 6 WordPress Mistakes To Become Successful Blogger

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WordPress Mistakes: Owning a WordPress site is not a big thing at this time. With the fastest growing community and the interest in browsing the net. Not only for interest many of the bloggers are starting their journey to reach a six-figure income in a month. But, it is not possible in any case that you can reach this figure just by the month.

However, it is also not deniable that you can’t earn money. There are many bloggers across the globe who are earning money which you think to earn.

To become successful in anything, you need to do hard work and avoid doing silly mistakes.

Here are some WordPress mistakes you should avoid:

1. Don’t Change Theme Frequently

There are many fancy themes in the market. You might want to have a great website look. Due to this, you keep changing your WordPress website theme frequently. This is one of the biggest mistakes you do in your entire blogging journey.

Remember, there might be many codes you have inserted in your theme to verify your site. With the change of theme, you misguide google crawl robots. They have seen something when they visit first, now they see a different thing. This silly WordPress mistake can mess up your entire work.

So, be picky at the start of the journey and choose the best theme. Avoid changing the theme on a live site.

2. Not Publishing Articles Regularly

The second WordPress mistake a blogger does is not publishing articles regularly. If you might follow some SEO people, you will see that they upload content on a regular basis or in a pattern. Either they upload content daily or on the second day or once a week. But, be regular.

So, choose your perfect time slot to publish articles but provide articles on a regular basis to keep your audience up to date.

3. Not Updating Old Articles

You might have written a great piece of content on your website. It might have brought millions of users to your website. But, suddenly it stops bringing visitors to your website. This is the consequence of not updating your previous article.

Old is gold does not work in terms of search engines. Everyone loves fresh and updated content. So, update your old articles with fresh information and avoid drop in google search ranking.

Permalinks might be a new term for you, but it is the address of your website or web page. You might love to experiment with the permalinks which is one of the biggest WordPress mistakes you do.

There might be many backlinks which you will lose if you change the permalinks. You should select the best permalink structure at the starting to avoid the ranking drop. If you still want to change permalink than be sure to put a 301 redirect at the link.

Backlinks are the most important part of SEO. There are many ways to build backlinks manually. We can’t just wait for someone to link our articles to them. So, we make backlinks manually and do one of the many word press mistakes. We just make thousands of backlinks in a short span and do not make any backlinks in another span of time. This is not acceptable in the eyes of Google bots. This can lead to the dropping of google ranking spontaneously.

So, always make backlinks in a regular pattern not spontaneous. Also, follow 60:40 ratio of no-follow and do-follow backlinks. This can really help your website to grow the ranking of the article/website.

Backlinks are really very important factor in the ranking of a website. Some achieve backlinks through guest posting, some via comments, etc. But, all forget to disavow bad backlinks. Your competitor might have made spammy backlinks on your website. To avoid the ranking drop via bad backlinks, you should disavow them.

Always monitor your backlinks and disavow bad backlinks that can hurt your website. For that, you just need to make a list of backlinks you want to disavow and submit it to the search console. For more detailed info, click here.

Right Thing To Do In A Website To Avoid Common WordPress Mistakes

So, we have given you a brief idea about the mistakes you should avoid doing on your WordPress website. What to do correctly?

Some things you can do in the right way to increase google ranking of a website.

  1. Never change the theme on a live website.
  2. Do not change the permalink structure on a live website and choose optimal permalink structure.
  3. Make backlinks on a regular pattern to avoid penalties.
  4. Update your old articles to keep them fresh and up-to-date.
  5. Fix the date of publishing articles on the website.
  6. Disavow bad backlinks in the google search console to avoid hurting good backlinks.
  7. Use Antispam plugins to protect your comments section from spam.

So, these are the best practices to do on a website. Now, it’s time to write seo optimize article and then, promote your blog to increase the site’s organic traffic.

If you also find some more useful practices, which are must follow, drop them in the comments. We will attribute you within the article and share your’ practice among others.

Wrapping Up!

Everyone does mistakes and it is a bigger mistake if you don’t learn from that. If you don’t learn from that common WordPress mistakes then you will not grow. So, learn from the mistakes in place of avoiding them.

Hope this article might have helped you in learning something. Do share the articles among your network and help fellow WordPress website beginners.

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