Things To Take Care Of WooCommerce Store Holder In 2021

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What is Woocommerce?

E-commerce is crucial in today’s world because it provides a whole range of opportunities starting from marketing to increasing the scope of one’s products, to generating more sales, with a well-developed and optimized website, for businesses.

WooCommerce store is one of the most customizable platforms for building a new store and starting one’s own online business. Also, it provides essential tips and articles, creating from the set up of the page online, to the first sale. It is used around the world in the U.S, Africa, and from Australia to Asia. Woocommerce can seamlessly integrate with WordPress, where the latter is the world’s most popular and robust method for creating a website.

Woocommerce development company comprises dedicated support staff who can help guide one through the process of selling online. The woo-commerce development services conduct both physical as well as digital selling of goods, anywhere. Aside from this, they accept credit cards, PayPal account payments, cash on delivery as well as other extensions and have protection one payment online facility.

The Woo-commerce Platform has enabled the option for shipping wherever one likes. Here, individuals can offer free shipping for their products or flat-rate shipping, and it also provides easy configuration of settings for shipping to specific countries, on the dashboard as well. Since online shopping is becoming more popular by the day, in 2021, e-commerce sales are expected to reach 17.5 percent of retail sales worldwide.

Important WooCommerce Features

  1. Woo-commerce platform is powered by the trust because it is built on WordPress, which powers more than 34% of the web
  2. It integrates commerce with content seamlessly
  3. Woo-commerce is made to work alongside one’s favourite WordPress plugins, due to which, one can keep the features they already love
  4. It enables the selling of any product, be it physical, or digital
  5. It is an open-source that enables the customisation and modification of everything

Woo-commerce encompasses a worldwide community where the developers come from all around the world. Also, WooCommerce starts at a price which is as low as INR 459.00/month (link) and all plans include:

  1. One free domain: A great domain name is required to create a unique website. BlueHost gives this for free
  2. Auto-install of Woo-commerce: It enables one to skip the hassle of installing and configuring WordPress on one’s own, as they install it for the customers to ensure building faster
  3. Free SSL: Ensures complete and automatic encryption of visitor data, as well as transactions.
  4. IP address: A dedicated IP address enables one to protect themselves from nosy neighbors on a shared server.
  5. Unmetered Bandwidth: It ensures the growth of one’s traffic and be successful without being throttled

Thus, one can use the power of WordPress, the versatility of the Woo-commerce guide coupled with the reliability of BlueHost, to get one’s online store running in no time. Woocommerce is popular because it has over 6000 plugins.

Best WooCommerce Plugins For 2021

Woocommerce plugins to improve marketing

  • Woo-commerce MailChimp Plugin for WordPress by ibericode [Download]
  • WooCommerce Points and Rewards by Woo-commerce [Download]
  • Google Ads for Woo-commerce by Kilklen [Download]

Woocommerce plugins to optimize website

Woocommerce plugins for safe payment gateway

  • Mollie Payment for Woo-commerce by Mollie. [Download]
  • WooCommerce currency switcher by realmag777. [Download]

Woocommerce plugins to manage shipping and inventory

  • Advanced Flat Rate shipping for WooCommerce by theDotstore. [Download]
  • ATUM Inventory Management for Woo-Commerce by Stock Management Labs. [Download]

Woocommerce Plugins to improve lead generation

  • WISDM product Enquiry Pro by WisdmLabs. [Download]
  • YITH Woo-commerce Wishlist by YITH. [Download]

This is a list of a few of the best Woo-commerce plugins that one can have in their respective Woo-commerce stores. As a beginner, one may not need all the plugins at the moment, but if they’ve spent time on the market, then they can use any of these plugins or more outside this list, to scale their Woo-store.

Top 8 tools to automate Woo-Commerce store in 2021

  1. Email Marketing Automation
  2. Sales Reporting Analytics
  3. Automated Refunds and Returns
  4. Order Management and Tracking
  5. Customer Loyalty in Woo-commerce
  6. Payment and Invoicing
  7. Woo-commerce powered shipment
  8. Converting checkout management

Final Thoughts: By finding and automating the Woo-commerce store, one can dispense with various tedious yet little sales and marketing tasks from their entire day.

Thus, Woo-commerce provides a complete and thorough eCommerce solution that is not only easy to use but also fast and efficient. It can also adapt to the growing needs of the eCommerce business, especially in 2021.

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