10 Best Plugin Tools For WordPress Affiliate Sites

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Looking for the best wordpress plugins for affiliate sites? There are many profitable ways of earning money online, affiliate marketing is one of them. However, it is a profitable way of earning money by promoting products and services.

When the visitors or users of your site purchase any product or avail any service through your tracking links, you earn a commission on the purchase. So, it is more like a win-win situation for the vendor, for you and the customer also, as he/she gets to buy a quality product through trusted sources.

WordPress is popular among affiliate marketers as it gives access to some amazing plugins. However, there are many WP affiliate plugins in the market and hence, one might get confused. Hence, in this writeup, we will talk about the 10 best affiliate plugins for WordPress.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, then this link will tell you everything in detail.

We believe that every WordPress Affiliate Plugin should allow you to do the following:

  •    Add affiliate links to the content easily
  •    Manage and save affiliate links
  •    Build shareable affiliate links
  •    Track the performance of affiliate activities

Here’s the best plugins for for your affiliate site:

It is a widely used WordPress affiliate plugin that helps in link management for WordPress. Around the globe, more than 200,000 websites are using this plugin. Pretty Links allows you to add affiliate links to the WordPress posts. It also builds short URLs (which are easy to share), cloak affiliate links, etc.

You can also make an arrangement where the related affiliate link will be automatically added for certain keywords. In case, any of your affiliate links are showing a 404 error, this plugin allows you to redirect such links.

This WordPress affiliate plugin also shows the performance of your links on the dashboard making your affiliate marketing easy.

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2. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is one more excellent affiliate link management plugin for WordPress sites. It makes sure you manage all your WP affiliate links on the WordPress dashboard only.

Using this plugin, you can easily add links to the content on the website, auto-insert them, or cloak the links. The plugin also allows you to observe the performance of each of the links. In addition, you can categorize your links to easily manage your affiliate partners.

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3. MonsterInsights

If you wish to be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to know a few things, such as:

  • Which articles on your website getting more traffic?
  • What type of content people love to read overall on the internet?
  • Where are users coming from to your website?
  • What are they doing the most on your website?

MonsterInsights helps you to know all this. It is undoubtedly one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. It allows you access to crucial data such as the web analytics reports on the WordPress dashboard. If you wish to track your affiliate links automatically, this plugin makes it easy for you. You can monitor URL clicks, ads, and other outbound links on your site.

Above all, the plugin is very easy to install and is user-friendly too.

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4. RafflePress

If you are looking for the best giveaway plugin in the market, RafflePress is the one. One can create viral giveaways and contests on your website, which helps you to attract a lot of traffic, easily. You also get a facility of drag and drop giveaway which allows you to build engaging and campaigns.

You can:

  • Run campaigns for specific affiliate products
  • Conduct seasonal campaigns,
  • Grow your email list.

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5. Constant Contact

One of the best Email Marketing services available in the market is Constant Contact. As the name suggests, this plugin makes sure you stay in touch with the website visitors even after they leave the website.

You can create an email newsletter and keep in touch with them through engaging email campaigns. However, this is one of the popular ways of attracting and maintaining the user base. Moreover, it helps to tempt them and subscribe to your content.

This WordPress affiliate plugin comes with a drag and drops email builder. It comes with multiple themes. You can also promote your affiliate partners through your newsletter. Just like any other attractive affiliate plugin, this plugin will give you a detailed report of the campaigns’ and links’ performance.

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6. OptinMonster

It is one of the most widely used and trusted lead generation and conversion optimization plugin on the internet. With its Exit-Intent® technology, you can convert your abandoning visitors into customers.

It provides facilities like lightbox popups, floating bars, etc. Further which allows you to increase your affiliate commission, keep users engaged and convert those who are less interested in the site.

Moreover, you can also run split tests using this plugin.

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7. WP RSS Aggregator

This is one more popular WordPress RSS plugin. What makes this WP plugin special is that it allows you to fetch content from affiliate networks into your site. You can combine this content with your original content to boost your affiliate earnings. You can fetch products as a post on your affiliate site. Further, edit those posts to add your original content on them.

One can also build auto blogs with affiliate networks using WP RSS Aggregator.

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8. SEMRush

SEMRush is trusted and widely used compared to other SEO tools available in the market. It is an out and out SEO and marketing WordPress affiliate plugin built especially for content creators and marketers. It is highly recommended for affiliate advertisers.

The plugin comes with a powerful research tool to allow you to track keywords, search for new ideas, observe keyword rankings, etc. SEMRush helps you to do a competitive analysis of your keywords. In short, you can see which keywords are being focused on by your competitors (for which they are ranking). In addition, the plugin will also help you with some tips to increase your ranking.

SEMRush tells you which affiliate products are popular in the market, which is ranked by the competitors.

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9. WPForms

If you are a beginner and do not know much about affiliate marketing or the plugins to go with, WPForms is for you. Above all, it is a beginner-friendly WordPress affiliate plugin that comes with a drag and drop form builder. You can use this plugin to build sign-up forms for your affiliates. Moreover, the plugin also integrates other popular tools like Constant Contact too.

Most Importantly, this plugin comes with built-in templates for user registration, a sign-up form, etc.

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10. AdSanity

As the name reflects it is used for Ad management, and it is one of the best you can use. It comes with great displays to place banners/advertisements in the footer, sidebar, etc.

Like other affiliate plugins, adsanity plugins let you add affiliate links to your posts. You can also set the start & end limit for the ad. If you are using Google AdSense and other programs, this plugin is perfect for you.

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Boost your sales, ROI, and traffic by using the best suitable plugin for you. The plugins mentioned above are a few of the best in the market. However, effective use of these plugins can take your game a notch up.

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