10 Reasons To Build A Website On WordPress CMS

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WordPress, the best, and free CMS have been in the market for over a decade now. As mentioned on digital.com, 26% of blogs/websites in the world are supported and run by WordPress cms with themes and plugins. This means, among all the sites present on the internet around the globe, 26% of websites are WordPress websites.

A mere CMS, once upon a time, has become one of the best CMS in the world today.

Features of WordPress CMS Platform

WordPress has not become so popular for no reason. There are more advantages of using WordPress templates as compared to other CMS in the market. Let us explore a few of these reasons and know the significance of WordPress by ourselves:

It’s An Open-Source, Best & Free CMS

What matters to every professional the most is the cost-effectiveness of the tools they are using. WordPress wins this battle, hands down. Website developers are happy with WordPress as it is available to them free of cost. One does not have to pay to install this software, plus it comes with a free WordPress template and free to use WordPress plugins.

This open-source CMS is flexible, and one can modify the website according to one’s wish. WordPress community updates CMS continuously. Just for your information – since its invention, WordPress has released over 30 updates.

WordPress Website Is Easy To Use

WordPress CMS is easy to use not only for the users but for the developers too. Its backend is very easy to understand and simple to operate. One does not necessarily need detailed coding knowledge to use WordPress CMS, unlike Drupal. With a fundamental understanding of HTML, you can operate the backend of any WordPress website.

WordPress Website Is SEO-friendly

Nowadays, having a blog is not enough. One has to optimize it on search engines to gather the much-needed eyeballs. It is the strength of your SEO efforts, which determines whether the WordPress website is reaching enough people (ROI of your blog depends on it too).

Here WordPress CMS comes in handy, as it is 100% SEO friendly:

  1. Precise HTML markup

To help search engines understand the website’s layout and its content. 

  1. Content creation efficiency

Effective content creation supports effective SEO. Hence bloggers prefer to build a WordPress blog to make it user-friendly.

  1. SEO-beneficial permalinks

Permalinks or Permanent Links work best when they have content-related keywords. WordPress facilitates easy, easy customization of the content to make it more SEO-oriented.

  1. Image optimization

Optimizing images is as significant as optimizing the text on the website. WordPress websites facilitate this liberty to users. The built-in editor at the backend supports image optimization through features like alt tags, captions, descriptions, etc.

To enhance website’s SEO, you can install different plugins on your website. If you are thinking of choosing the yoast plugin, then don’t forget to read our yoast seo plugin review before making any decision.

WordPress Website Is Easy-To-Customize

Apart from its user-friendliness and ease in operations, professionals and bloggers are fond of WordPress CMS for its customizable nature. One can build a simple WordPress blog to complex e-commerce sites with a variety of WordPress templates, themes, and plugins.

WordPress Plugins Take Care Of Almost Every Development Need

WordPress CMS provides users with over 50,000 different open source WordPress plugins, which the users can install and utilize for value addition. From Yoast, anti-spam filters, popup modules, everything. Many of these WordPress plugins are available to users free of cost. WordPress community keeps updating these plugins.

Wide Range of Userbase

Though the numbers of bloggers using WordPress CMS are considerable, they are not the only ones using WordPress. Many small and big organizations have WordPress websites. Remember, WordPress is different than wordpress.com. WordPress is an open-source and free CMS which one can download from www.wordpress.org.

Source of Hosting

WordPress software allows you to host any website of your own. The user of WordPress is in total control of the site. Right from its design to the content, everything is under the control of the user. To make things better, WordPress provides users with different WordPress theme templates.

Improved Security

Cybercrimes are growing, and those websites which fail to have safe hosting or are running on non-trustworthy platforms are more likely to fall prey to malware. The internet is full of viruses and malware, and if one wishes to protect their website from those unwanted entities, they should use a secure and safe platform.

What makes WordPress the best and secure platform is having a dedicated team taking care of malware and virus attacks or blocking hacking attempts. Also, there are various security plugins that take care of your website.

While ‘sober internet’ is continually growing and developing, ‘black internet’ is making efforts to create dangerous malware. WordPress has a team which saves blogs from such activities and data breach.

WordPress Community Keeps Growing

As we have said earlier, the number of WordPress websites or WordPress blogs on the internet is considerable. WordPress is a vast community. Many professionals across the globe use WordPress CMS to develop internet-based products. The number of such professionals is growing, and the community is getting stronger.

Local WordPress communities organize WordCamps. These communities have organized over 600 WordCamps so far. Here you can find the latest update on the WordCamps. Moreover, these WordCamps are held across the world.

10. Mobile Optimization

Gone are the days when a computer or laptop was the only way to access the website. Smartphones have changed this forever. Nowadays, many users operate websites through their mobiles. If the site is not optimized for mobile devices, users lose interest and switch to other websites. To avoid this, professionals have started optimizing their websites for mobile devices.

WordPress templates allow you to design sites along with the images and content for mobiles. You can create a responsive website without any extra coding efforts. Such sites would be user-friendly and SEO friendly too. Mobile optimization allows your users to use the website no matter which device they are using. Interactive, smooth, and quick responses would help websites to retain the viewers/readers/users.

Knowing the importance of mobile devices in today’s world, even Google has also introduced mobile experience as a criterion for ranking websites.

Hence, in case you wish to see your site in mobile search results, it is crucial to think about the best and free CMS i.e WordPress CMS.

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