9 Free WordPress Plugins That You Must Install

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Best Must-Use WordPress Plugins: Owning a perfect WordPress website is not a cup of cake. You need to manage a lot of things inside it to build a one. However, WordPress cms come with some very powerful and free themes and plugins which make our work easy. These best plugins and themes will make your task simpler and your website more powerful than before. This is the reason why most of the internet websites are powered with WordPress cms nowadays.

However, plenty of free WordPress plugins are there in its marketplace. Choosing the right one among them is really very important. This article will be really helpful if you are looking for some best powerful wordpress plugins with ease of their use.

Best WordPress Plugins To Power Up Your Website

Here is a complete list of 9 best and free wordpress plugins available on the marketplace. However, premium plugins provide more simplicity and features but these free plugins will also do your work.

1. Yoast WordPress SEO

Everyone wants to be on the top or in fact on the first page of Google SERP. To be on the first page you require to do both on-page and off-page SEO. This yoast seo wordpress plugin will help in the on-page SEO of your homepage and even your blog posts. It is free to use and the best SEO plugin rather than other SEO plugins available. This powerful free plugin also creates an XML sitemap and also helps to manage the robots file.

In the free WordPress plugin you can analyze your blog content with only a single keyword. But in the premium plugin, there are few more features. You can analyze your content with up to 5 keywords in the premium plugin. Premium Yoast SEO plugin also helps you to easily create redirects inside it. All we can say is that the Yoast SEO plugin is every blogger’s requirement if he/she wants to rank on google and other search engines.

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2. WpForms

If your website is to collect information from the users, you need to create beautiful forms. Creating beautiful forms is the task you should perform with the WPForms – the best and free wordpress plugin. The tool is also a freeware and can easily be used on any WordPress website. Simply create a form with WPForms plugin and it will generate the shortcode of the form. Use the shortcode anywhere on WordPress website you want to and start collecting information from your visitors.

The premium version of WPForms is also available which can be used to choose predefined templates of the forms. However, the free plugin will also perform your task to increase website user experience.

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3. WordFence Security Plugin

Security is the main concern in today’s era. Owning a popular website not only attracts visitors but also attracts some hackers and exploiters too. Thanks to the free security plugin i.e WordFence Security. This powerful security plugin not only protects your website and visitors but also prevents hackers to hack your database and steal information.

This free WordPress plugin also comes with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) login with reCaptcha protection to prevent attacks. You can use any Authentication application but we recommend Google Authenticator.

The premium version of the WordPress security plugin comes with a pre-built firewall option. This powerful firewall uses its vast database and your visitor’s behavior to make your website secure. It can even prevent your website and server from DDOS attacks. Check out our article on tips to enhance wordpress website security to learn more about it.

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4. W3 Total Cache

Everyone loves speed so does Google. If your website is not fast enough to open in 3 seconds, it is considered as slow and no one prefers a slow website. Thanks to the free W3 total cache plugin which helps in creating a cache of your website and uses that when visitors come to your website. Cache not only increases the response rate but also prevents the load on your server.

The W3 total cache is available on the WordPress marketplace as a free plugin. You can simply install it on your website and make your website even more faster and powerful. Check out more useful wordpress cache plugins for your website.

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5. Autoptimize – Free WordPress Plugin

If you have tested your website on google page insights to view its performance, you might have seen a line stating “Minify your CSS and HTML files”. If you wonder how to do that, Autoptimize free plugin is available to make your task simpler. Just install this free WordPress plugin from the marketplace and see its action after activating it.

Be sure to make changes in the plugin for the best performance. Not over-optimize the CSS and HTML files as it can also harm your website too. Also, you can use these tips to increase website speed.

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6. Advanced Ads – The ads plugin

Choosing advertisements as the source of monetization is really very important to maintain the website. This free plugin is very powerful and makes the task of managing ads very efficient. Advanced Ads plugin comes with powerful options and can manage any type of Ads from Static ads to Adsense Ads too.

The free version of the Advanced Ads plugin is sufficient for you to monetize your website. You can choose any type of ad format from header ads to the in-feed ads and footer ads too.

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7. AMP – The official free wordpress plugin

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which are more powerful pages than mobile pages. As already stated speed is everyone’s requirement. This free wordpress plugin will give a boost to your mobile pages and load more fast. The plugin is easily available on wordpress marketplace and doesn’t require any coding.

But, for the AMP plugin to work properly you need a theme that supports AMP. There are some free themes you can easily find and experience the power of AMP plugin.

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8. Jetpack for wordpress

The official best and free wordpress plugin which gives your website the power of wordpress.com official site. This free plugin is an all in one plugin. It comes with various other tools like Akismet – Spam Filtering, Stats viewer, your website most searched terms, sharing buttons on posts, adding like button, and even more.

The Jetpack wordpress plugin is free for personal use. But for an enterprise you need to purchase the premium plugin. In premium plugin you can manage multiple websites easily.

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9. Akismet – Comment Spam Filtering

If you don’t want to use Jetpack plugin on your website or only want to use comment spam filtering only, try this Akismet – Comment Spam filtering plugin. If you want to get the free Akismet version for your website, try this method.

The tool comes with a variety of options to manage spam comments. You can simply trash them or move them to the spam folder for further review. The tool uses its algorithm and database to filter the comments. Also, check out the article containing all the best antispam WordPress plugins.

The only disadvantage is that it provides a link towards their homepage after comments column stating “This website uses Akismet – Spam filtering”.

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WordPress is the most simple and most vulnerable CMS platforms at the same time. To make it even more powerful these are the best free WordPress plugins to give a boost to yours. Try not to install too many WordPress plugins as they can also slow down a website. If you know some more powerful and free WordPress plugins, drop them in comments so our readers can also know about them.

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