5 Antispam Plugins to Make a Cleaner WordPress Site

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Best Antispam plugins for WordPress: Having a website on WordPress is a very beneficial point for any developer. Because it comes with too many advantages like attractive themes, numerous functions, easy to use, etc. But, with so many advantages it has limitations too. If you are managing the WordPress website then you must be knowledgeable of the spamming which is very common nowadays.

However, with the improvement in technology, best antispam plugins are discovered. They will help you ward off those pesky spam comments.

The 2 variables you would be considered while choosing your next plugins of spam module ought to be:

  1. Quantity of traffic that is generated on the website or blog
  2. Amount of comments on the blog.

Important characteristics of antispam plugins for Wordpress-

Zero Client-Side Actions 

Customer side activities, other than posting the comment, should be kept as low as allowed – in a perfect world zero. Your module must not request that your observer check/uncheck a checkbox or type in a muddled captcha picture. Entering captcha for remarks hampers the client experience and should to be maintained a strategic distance from.


Statistics help to investigate and tracking of the data properly. The antispam plugins in WordPress generate reports weekly or monthly basis in graphical format in proper figures of detected spam.


The cost of WordPress plugins are free as well as paid also. Some are absolutely free likeAntispam Bee & WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam while some are paid such as Akismet and CloudTalk. 

Trackback Validation 

Trackback Validation comprises a channel that looks at the customer IP address. It approaches trackback against the IP address of the server. In the event that the two don’t coordinate, at that point it is spam.

What are the top antispam plugins for WordPress?

Below are the top WordPress antispam plugins you can to protect your website.


This is the number one antispam plugins of WordPress which is introduced by the Automattic team. It brings undertaking level spam insurance to your WordPress site. On the off chance that you have done a default establishment of WordPress, at that point this module was introduced.

This antispam plugin protects the website from a large scale and needs to moderate over 50,0000 comments per month. 

With the help of, Akismet antispam plugin, the client setup and activate the module with the help of the API key. After activating the plugging with the key, sign up and then start using it.

The plugin works by transferring every comment to the Akismet server. that comments go through the hundreds of antispam calculations (we truly don’t have the foggiest idea about the specific number). Positive comments are written, while the rest are whipped to the spam folder.


  • Easy to install
  • Follow cloud base algorithm and filter spam comments
  • It is a free antispam plugin for personal use
  • Observe the spam comments and then put that comment in the spam folder.
  • Compatible with any version.

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Anti-Spam Bee

The second one is antispam Bee which is also easy to use and setup. The best part of this plugin is it does not need to create an account or register yourself. Just follow the few steps and this wordpress plugin ready for use. No matter you are using antispam Bee for personal or commercial it is free in both. 

Be that as it may, this module doesn’t utilize cloud-powered spam discovery calculations. It depends on server-side methods. For example, coordinating it against an open spam database, approving the IP address of analysts. Moreover, utilizing ordinary expressions, and confiding with Gravatar as non-spammers.


  • Use for both personal as well as commercial
  • Free
  • Block comments of specific locations, IP addresses, and countries.
  • Understand different languages
  • Delete the existing comment from the spam folder every couple of days, so it won’t slow down your site.

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WP-SpamShield Antispam

This WordPress antispam plugin handles every type of spam. It can be comment spam, registration spam, trackback spam, and contact form spam. This plugin introduced two types of layers for protection to protect your website from spam.

The first one is used to tackle the most automated spam tools. While the second layer of protection filters the spam comments. The second layer uses algorithms that are made by the first layer of protection. With WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam, spammers using proxy servers can easily be blocked.


  • Comment form plugins are easily connectable with Wp-Spamshield Antispam plugin
  • Consist of more than a hundred spam filter algorithm
  • Blocks all automatic spam comments

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CleanTalk Antispam

CleanTalk is a top-notch cloud-based antispam module for WordPress which squares spam remarks, spam bot information exchanges, and trackbacks.

With CleanTalk, comments are transferred to CleanTalks’ cloud servers wherein it experiences various approval checks.

These checks involve– comments that are submitted too fast. Secondly, boycotted Javascript HTTP joins and some more. Substantial remarks are then permitted, while the rest are sent to the spam folder.


  • Offer a free trial for 14 days
  • A user creates the block list that is used to block the request from different countries and IP address
  • User can also monitor spam comments and registrations
  • Superior statistics illustrating spam block/moderation
  • Describe the reason behind the blocking comments.

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WordPress Zero Spam

This free antispam plugin is easy to install and no need for any type of API key. Thus, users will not go through any difficult installation processes. It’s not exactly as highlight overwhelming as the other antispam modules on this rundown. However, it’s free, speedy to the arrangement, and will take care of business. 

In light of an idea by Mozilla designer David Walsh, the WordPress Zero Spam Plugin utilizes server and customer side JavaScript key approval to keep bots from spamming. Basically, clients can’t remark without JavaScript empowered. 


  • No outside administrations/servers required for against spam checking 
  • Doesn’t make preparations for human spammers 
  • Free for both individual and business use

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In case you are having a problem with spam comments on your current WordPress site. If you need to ensure yourself before it turns into an issue. At that point consider utilizing any of the above  Wordpress antispam plugins.

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