9 SEO Mentors Whose Guidance Can Help in Winning SERP’s Race

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Learning SEO theoretically and practicing SEO as a professional are two different things. Implementing the right SEO activities can be very hard. Not just freshers, but even experienced SEO professionals find it tricky to implement the right strategy, make the right plan, and assure success within a specific time. No wonder even experienced and best wordpress SEO professionals look for SEO mentors and experts to guide them.

What makes SEO practices tricky is the changing and often updating guidelines of search engines.

A big part of the difficulty comes with the fact that all the search engines tend to change their guidelines frequently to cater to their customers better. Search Engines like Google keeps updating its algorithm. This frequency of updates and changes in the guidelines make SEO complicated.

Apart from the technical knowledge of the SEO, one has to know other things like content marketing, social media, web development, etc. SEO mentors are great examples of dedication, consistent effort, patience, and creativity.

In 2020, SEO is just not only using some best seo tools and drive customers to your page or website. Proper SEO learning helps in engaging visitors and SEO mentors can help you in this.

Here is a list of some famous SEO mentors and most of them are well-known WordPress SEO experts too. This list will help you to know which SEO mentor to follow to do an effective SEO in 2020.

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is known in the digital marketing sector for his knowledge of SEO. However, before becoming this popular, Neil Patel had to struggle and find his way in the already popular and dense SEO market. Neil Patel’s expertise in SEO and experience in online marketing helped him reach where he is at present.

Many known brands such as Amazon, Viacom, General Motors, consulted him to reach the popularity they enjoy.

2. Nichola Stott

Follow her if you are looking for somebody who is not only an expert but experienced too. She has been operating in the sector of online communication for over 15 years. Nichola is the founder and MD of TheMediaFlow. Here, she takes care of people management, SEO, and content marketing services; she also helps in building a marketing strategy.

Nichola is also associated with Yahoo! She is present on social media platforms where you can follow her to learn more about the market.

3. Matthew Barby

Rather than following him on social media platforms, you can study his website. Matthew Barby is known in the global market not just for SEO expertise, but also for his digital marketing skills. He leads SEO for Hubspot and has worked with multiple other brands in the market by helping them in launching content-based inbound marketing campaigns.

You can find his videos on the internet where you will come across his speeches on SEO and digital marketing insights. He is popular among SEO professionals for his columns focusing on marketing. His views have been published in TechRadar, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc.

4. Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia was a former Managing Partner & Director of Marketing for RankLab. RankLab was listed as the fastest-growing private limited company of 2015 in Inc. magazine. Then American Addiction Centers acquired the company and Cynthia is associated with the company as Director of Brand Development.

She holds excellence in social media marketing, viral campaign marketing, branding, etc. apart from SEO mentor. He had worked on social media campaigns for Levi’s, Vans, Komen, Peta2 and Chevy, among a few. Apart from this she also writes for magazines like Search Engine Journal, and Startup Grind. Follow her to get all the latest updates.

5. Richard Baxter

Among the other known WordPress SEO experts or mentor is Richard Baxter. His passion for quality-driven content and expertise in developing well-framed content delivery methods make him popular in the market. He has understood the consumer behavior and he leverages this through effective content.

In case, you are a content-driven SEO professional, follow him.

He has been working in the sector for over 10 years and has mentioned his thoughts and insights into the market in his book ‘Ideas that work in content’.

6. Loren Baker

Search Engine Journal started with a motto of educating the SEO community across the globe through sharing best practices and latest updates of the industry and techniques. Experts in the industry share their opinion here.

Loren Baker is the founder of this journal which he founded in 2003. He has also founded Foundation Digital, a digital marketing agency in 2013 with two others. His expertise lie in SEO, marketing & production, strategic planning, and account management, etc.

7. Kim Krause Berg

Kim is one of the most experienced and oldest digital marketing professionals who also has expertise in SEO. She is known for SEO mentor, IA, User-centered designs, etc. Due to her passion for online marketing and online communication, she has founded Creative Vision Web Consulting, where she helps small, medium and enterprise-level businesses to gain a robust online presence.

Her motto behind SEO and User-friendly designs is to provide a consistent and value-based experience to the users. She focuses on creating happy visitors. She also writes for Search Engine Land and a couple more magazines.

8. Eric Enge

Eric Enge is not a regular SEO expert or mentor, he has rewarded as US Search Personality of the Year in 2016 at US Search Awards. In the same year, he was awarded as Search Marketer of the Year at Landys Awards. He also owns a company named Stone Temple Consulting, which won the Best Large SEO Agency award at the US Search Awards.

He says he likes to get involved in many business activities and use his skills to grow; however, his main motto is always to take business to the next level.

Eric has co-authored The Art of SEO with Rand Fishkin, and two other authors. He also writes in Forbes, Moz, and Marketing Land.

9. Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of ShoutMeLoud, the most popular Indian blog network that started way back in 2008 and currently boasts over 832K subscribers and receives 1 million Pageviews per month.

He is a veteran blogger passionate about empowering people to design a source of income that suits their needs and has more than a decade of experience in writing about blogging, SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, and holistic online branding. He loves to share proven SEO blogging techniques and transparent case studies so readers can learn from ShoutMeLoud’s journey to success.

If you’re looking for an authoritative mentor who’s highly skilled in starting, growing, and ranking blogs to the top of Google, then Harsh Agrawal is the person you need to follow.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the SEO mentors mentioned above, each of us can follow the following WordPress SEO experts to learn more and use their suggestions in our SEO efforts to get better results in 2020.

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