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Well! I am a WordPress user and I used it very often for website development or blog posting. If you are also using WordPress to fulfill your various purposes then you must aware of the linkbuildr plugin. To choose the right plugin is a really difficult task. There are hundreds of plugins in the directory of WordPress plugins. I am here to help you to explore your knowledge about linkbuildr WordPress plugin from Ftf Agency. If you want to promote your content then it the best tool that makes your task easier.

No matter if you don’t know, including outbound connections (Linking to valuable assets) to your article helps in improving the ranking on search engine result page. 

Linkbuildr plugin encourages you to send thank you exceed mails to those site owners that you have connected from your source. Likewise, different bloggers/influencers become acquainted with that you have connected to them, and it will help you in:

  • They will know about your brand or product and services.
  • Establish a good connection between you and your sources.
  • You can request that they take certain activities, for example, share the article with your system, and connect back to you later on and more.

With the assistance of this module, it just takes around 5-6 minutes to send an email, and it could undoubtedly be a part of your post-distributing process.

Why Use Linkbuildr Plugin?

There are many question comes in your mind when you prefer plugins. Here is the linkbuildr review which helps you to choose it easily. 

Customized outreach

Email outreach has a 45% higher constructive reaction rate when it’s customized to the beneficiary – Linkbuildr was worked because of this.

  • Custom consolidation fields let you alter your pitch for each contact. 
  • Naturally includes share catches for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Set a custom email layout for each contact.

Amazingly make new connections by messaging a contact at every domain you are connecting to.

  • Deal with a database brimming with contacts from all the blog entries you compose after some time. 
  • Construct relation with industry influencers. 
  • Naturally adds speedy connections to share the post via social media.

Send email quickly in just a minute

Linkbuildr WordPress plugin helps you to add easy notification and allows you join contact items for all sites you want to contact.

  • Include new contacts as they are found.
  • Import existing contacts in at the same time 
  • Effectively develop and deal with your contact list. 
  • Add a speedy connect to share the post via web-based networking media.

Import your current contacts-

The linkbuildr plugin importer allows you to drift your existing contacts in the majority in a new way. 

  • With the help of this plugin, you can send email to more than 1000 contacts.
  • On page data validation and change, so unusual information is examined before your contacts are imported into Linkbuildr.
  • Dynamic header-based information mapping, so the request for your information doesn’t make a difference.

Assistance GDPR Compliance 

GDPR is a guideline that expects organizations to secure the individual information and protection of EU residents for exchanges that happen inside EU part states. Linkbuildr conforms to these guidelines by:

  • Permits people contacts to unsubscribe from future mailings. 
  • Capacity to erase all client information (counting expulsion from database). 
  • Enables site proprietors to set custom unsubscribe affirmation pages.

How To Set Up Linkbuildr WordPress Plugin?

Before going towards the plugin review, let us discuss about the linkbuildr plugin setup. 

For the complete setup of the linkbuildr, learn these three steps i.e.-

Install the Linkbuildr WordPress plugin.
– Mail logging of WordPress by mail poet.
– Find an Email address.

  1. After installing the plugin from the wordpress store, another step is to install an email template. For this, go to the linkbuildr WordPress store and then email templates. After that download the email template you like. Be creative about this.
  2. The next thing you should do is edit the template according to your writing skills. Or you can also copy and paste the existing template and change a few things which you want.
  3. The next step is to go to one of your articles where you have linked to other resources.
  4. Now, the main step is to enter the update option for the linkbuildr WP plugin to get all the domains you want to connect with the particular article that you want traffic.
  5. You can tap on “Enter details,” and it will pull up a screen to add the contact information of the area.
  6. Now, find the free email address domain and sign up for that account. Add the domain handle in the search bar, and you will have the email address of that particular domain name.
  7. Presently, just copy and paste the information like name and email address in the linkbuildr plugin settings. Additionally, select an email format if you have various layouts.
  8. Repeat the manner for all the linked domains. Once you add all the contacts, hit on save button.

Note: You can utilize this module for effectively distributed articles or for new articles that you are going to distribute. In the event that you work in a group, better add these methods to your SOP. 

How To Find Emails For Outreaching?

Finding mail addresses is the crucial part before sending the mail. You might be having some of the contacts which you can import. But, What if you don’t have them? Then, you can simply use online resources like (which we prefer), Aeroleads, Clearbit, Headreach, etc. You can also refer to this article to find all the online tools. Some of them are free until certain limits and some are totally free. Now, you have contacts and an email template.

Head up to write a powerful SEO friendly article and outreach other with the linkbuildr plugin.

Our Verdict

This is the best plugin and absolutely free. It simply saves time and in upcoming days a lot of features are going to introduce to improve the plugin for more reach. For example:

  • Quickly fetch the contact details which genuinely generate the traffic.
  • Infinite authority per post level on incorporate/prohibit certain domain from getting an email.
  • Avoid sending spam and repeated mail to the same email address.

Generally speaking, I will now give linkbuildr module 4.5/5 for building such a lightweight and powerful module.

Hope you like the linkbuildr review! Do attempt to tell me your experience with this plugin. On the off chance that you have increasingly innovative plans to make generally out of the linkbuildr plugin.

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