Tips to Make Money Blogging Without Adsense

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One of the trending ways of earning money on the internet is blogging. But you must be wondering how to earn money blogging! Bloggers are earning money in different ways, and one of the effective ways is Google Adsense. However, this is not the only way to make money blogging.

No doubt, AdSense is effective. But, a blogger cannot leave a dream to earn money blogging just because he/she fails to get the approval of Google AdSense, or Google banned the existing account. There are a few equally effective Adsense Alternatives that bloggers can consider to get the desired results & make passive income fast.

Few ways to make money blogging, of course without Adsense:

1. Affiliate Marketing to The Rescue

Affiliate marketing is one of the most ideal approaches to earn money online with or without Adsense. Simply by receiving commission by the means of advertising, promoting, or selling other vendors’ services and products through the blogs your own. When the visitors of your blog click on the given product link/s and buy that product (from the link mentioned in your blog), you get the commission.

Depending upon the company’s reputation and the kind of product/services you are referring to, you can earn about 15% – 65% commission. And do not worry about building a strong network and reaching maximum people or subscribers. All you have to take care of is developing attractive content. That Seo friendly Content can make site visitors linger on the page and click on the links given. It can be a great way to make some money blogging.

Being an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is play the role of a central channel connecting the vendor to the end customer. You can choose the products/services, you wish to work on. Depending on the site niche, and start building attractive content around it to earn from it.

However, it is recommended to use the products which are less risky; if you are dealing with the products you have already used, that would be better. Plus, you do not want to deal with the higher-priced products as the chances of people buying them online are comparatively less. You need to be patient to be able to start earning from this.

2. Selling Online Advertising Space

The blogs that boast of progressively organic (not paid)traffic can earn by selling the advertising spaces. They can be vendors, influencers, service providers, etc who are looking for a productive online space to advertise their offerings/brand. Here, you can decide how much space you can sell to the buyer and where to put the ad. In order to get such clients, you can create a separate page on your blog clearly mentioning your availability for such earning opportunities.

3. Writing Reviews

There are a number of blog readers in the market. They consume online content every day. At the same time, there are a number of companies that wish to capture this market. They are willing to pay you for attracting the attention of these online content consumers. It can be done by recommending a few products on your site or using your site to write reviews on their products. You can either write the content of your choice or write it as per the client’s requirement to make money blogging.

Just make sure you write genuine and factual content. As your site’s reputation matters the most and SEO depends on the authenticity of your site too.

4. Use Your Blog/s to Promote Own Products

If your site is popular and has a considerable number of readers, go ahead and use the platform to sell and advertise your own product. With effective content ad the right marketing strategy, you can convert your present readers into customers of your products. If your services/products are in line with the log niche, the chances of success are even higher.

5. Go for Google Adsense Alternatives

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the most effective ad network when it comes to quality ads and it is irreplaceable for many. However, still, there are some Adsense alternative ad networks. They can work as an exceptional platform for you to earn money blogging. There are Adversal and Sulvo. The point is, in the vast market of today’s age and time, hardly anything is alternative-less.

Another way of earning through blogs is publishing textual ads through Adsterra International.

6. Make Use of Amazon Shop

Amazon is a leading online marketplace. If Amazon is your target, you can earn from it in two ways:

  • By displaying, advertising, promoting or selling Amazon products on the blog. And earn money on a commission basis as mentioned above (through affiliate marketing or reviews).
  • Make money by displaying Amazon CPM (cost per mille) ads.

Many seo mentors, bloggers, and websites like are using this way to earn huge chunks of money.

7. Advertise Directly

While sometimes you act as a platform to display other vendor’s products; sometimes, you advertise them directly. In a way, it is a form of direct marketing where no ad network is involved.

You can create a page showing all the statistics of your page in terms of the traffic, shares, likes, along with different advertising options vendors have to promote, or advertise their products.

As no ad network is involved, the margin of the profit is high for your blog. Plus, you get the total authority in terms of the place, rice, and duration of the ad.

As a matter of fact, the ad network will pull enough revenue to your blogs only if you have a well-reputed blog with original content. This content has to be relevant, attractive and communicative enough to fetch more traffic to the blog site.

Final Words

We tried to share a few AdSense alternatives with you, using which you can earn enough revenue through your blogs.

However, in case you are looking for more ways, simply use Google to search for different ways to earn money blogging without using Google Adsense. And do not worry, it is not just you who wish to earn more by spending less.

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