All-Time Best Retro Games For Video Game Lovers

Some retro games still dominate the gaming industry. Here are the best retro games for video game lovers and where to download them.

Asura Best Retro Games

You must have played games in your childhood with which some good memories are attached. If you are someone who really was into games and enjoyed playing them then you may already be aware of retro games.

For those who don’t know retro gaming is also known as classic gaming and it is actually playing or collecting old PC games and arcade video games in the present times. There are a lot of good 1GB ram pc games and 2GB ram games but playing retro games gives another feel.

Retro gaming has a long history and it is existent from the time that the video game industry began but it has got popularisation with the coming of the Internet and emulation technology.

The main reason that players are drawn to retro games is because of the nostalgia that it brings. Older games are considered to be more original and innovative and their simplicity is what makes people attracted to them.

1. Asura

One of the first video games that really picked up in India was asura. Those of you who remember it may already be aware of how much of an absolute delight asura was.

In this the demon incarnation of a little kid who was sacrificed was actually looking for revenge and do the game did not have the best graphics but its combat and gameplay is what made people always return to the game period it was heavily inspired by Hindu mythology with all the characters having Indian names and this is why it is still remembered among Indians.

2. Stay, Mum

Another popular retro game is the 2014 simple puzzle game named Stay, Mum. This game had a tremendous emotional impact on its players. The game theme was to explore the relationship between a struggling mother and son.

It revolves around the wild imagination of a boy named John and his mum who was kept busy at work. The game had great aesthetics and a creative story which made this game so popular during its time.

3. Lovely Planet

The third game is a first-person shooter video game named, lovely planet. In 2014, Indian indie developer Quicktequila built the game, and tinyBuild published it. This popular retro video game was made available on multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Xbox too.

In the game, you will have a gun and you have to shoot some targets. Also, the games give you lives to carry on the game if you failed in mid-game.

4. Scribbled Arena

Another best retro game built in India is the Scribbled Arena. It is a twin-stick multiplayer shooting game, in which you have to control doodled tanks. You had to blow up the enemy’s tank in order to win the game.

Its explosive gameplay, fast action, and intense multiplayer battles made it popular among many video gamers and pc gamers too. Apar Games built and published the game. In 2017, Scribbled Arena won the FICCI-BAF Award for Best retro PC Game India.

5. Unrest

Unrest is a fantasy representation of an ancient Indian city, Bohemia. The game sets you in multiple characters that have their own problems and motives. The driving force behind the game was its theme, graphics, and the conversation that you have to make while playing it. It also deals with the caste system, discrimination, and many other social issues too.

Pyrodactyl developed the game in 2014 and was released on multiple platforms. You can still download and play this best retro game on the Steam community.

Gamers Started Losing Interest In Retro Games

With time, new games emerged in the market with advanced graphics and unique gameplay.

One of the biggest reasons that lead to the downfall of the retro game is its graphics. The graphics play a very important role in the game. They made you realize that this happening is real.

The game developers realized that there is no long-run of these retro games. So, they stopped building them. Also, the video game consoles weren’t able to run the next-gen games. Nowadays, a new trend of earning NFTs via playing games is rising in the market. They offer lucrative offers like crypto giveaway, free NFTs, etc to attract players towards them. That also lead to the decline of the interest in playing retro games.

However, people still love playing these retro games. They are available for any type of device and you can easily download them from the internet.

What do you think about these popular retro games? If you are looking for more then check out our list of 4GB Ram games for PC/Laptop. You will definitely find them interesting.

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