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PDF WIZ converts PDFs to other files at a much reasonable cost & is the ultimate resource that offers all options to work with pdf documents.
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The PDF has become a need of the hour these days for many professionals worldwide as it allows them to display and share official and sensitive information securely. Whether you are using a new operating system, hardware, or software, PDFs are convenient for everything. But when it comes to converting these documents, there is no question that it can become a stumbling block for some people.

There are loads of apps and online file conversion tools accessible these days to quickly tackle such challenges, but most of them give low conversion performance. And even after converting a file into the appropriate format, it will still suffer significant data loss. That’s why seeking a file conversion method that produces maximum performance without data loss is often complicated.

What’s the Solution?

We have found a convenient and simple-to-use PDF converter and editor PDF WIZ, which will be the perfect choice for all professionals. PDF WIZ is a secure, offline PDF converter that provides an easy way to convert and edit PDF files. PDF WIZ helps you transform PDF files with simple steps to specific formats, such as Docx, JPG, HTML, TXT, etc. This converter encourages you to do a quick and efficient conversion. In this PDF WIZ review, we present its amazing features and numerous benefits in more detail.

PDF WIZ – Amazing Features

WIZ PDF promises more than mere Conversion of files. PDF WIZ is the most convenient tool for splitting, merging, or deleting PDF pages, reducing PDF files to a smaller size, removing current PDF passwords, or inserting a password to encrypt the PDF.

  • Merge and Split Tool

You may use PDF WIZ to combine several PDF files into one single text, or vice versa. 

  • Page and Image Extraction Tool

PDF WIZ allows single / multiple-page extraction from a File. You may also use it to retrieve text or images from a PDF or divide a single document into different PDFs. 

  • Compress Large Documents

If your PDF files are too large, PDF WIZ can serve to minimize the size by compressing them without data loss. 

  • Add/Remove Password Tool

If these are insecure, you can lock the PDF files with a password. You may also use PDF WIZ to modify or remove the password from a PDF document if you know the original password. 

PDF WIZ – Potential Benefits

One of the most significant benefits you get with PDF WIZ is its zero dependencies on the internet. Therefore, conversions are fast as they are completed locally with no upload/download included. This free offline PDF converter is equipped with incredible features and benefits that make it an excellent and most efficient offline converter. Many of the notable advantages of PDF WIZ are as follows: 

  • Highly Secured and Ensure Privacy

PDF WIZ is the best choice if you are concerned about your sensitive PDF files’ security and privacy. You don’t need the internet for its working, and no data goes outside your PC.

  • Freely Available Features

This PDF converter can be used free of charge and even installed on different operating systems. You will take delight in this program’s usability without paying any cash.

  • Distinctive and Simple UI

Each converter has a well-built user interface to render access to all the features easy for both beginner and skilled users. Moreover, with only a few clicks, you can navigate all the functionality of this free offline PDF converter.

  • Easy Conversion to other Formats

What makes PDF WIZ stand out from others is that you can convert PDF files to various formats such as PowerPoint, Word document, Text files, Excel, images, HTML, etc.

PDF WIZ is Available at Affordable Price

PDF WIZ converts PDF to other files at a much more reasonable cost. If you purchase the 1-year license, you can use PDF WIZ at $1.66 / month over a year, which is a reasonably affordable price, lower than any of the other PDF converters on the marketplace. If the converter does not work well for some reason, it can be refunded within seven days after purchase.

What do people say about it?

A Perfect Review is the best site to visit if you are looking for honest and valuable reviews about PDF WIZ or other tech reviews for different Smartphones, gadgets, and many other items. You must visit the website’s laptop review section to get honest reviews and news. Here are some latest reviews of the PDF WIZ users.

  • King Terry is a Lawyer, and he says, “I prefer PDF WIZ to those online PDF converters because PDF WIZ makes sure I convert PDF offline, and the files won’t be uploaded to the server.”
  • Rajesh Namase, an Engineer, gave a fantastic review, “I got all my construction drawings converted to PowerPoint slides easily, and without paying anything!”
  • Jaelyn White, an undergraduate student, says, “It’s annoying to see the file size limitation. Thanks to PDF WIZ, I was able to compress my 100MB PDF files to less than 20 MB without even losing quality.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the questions that people usually ask about PDF WIZ:

Will the PDF WIZ server store my files?

PDF WIZ is an offline converter, and you can operate it on your computer, without uploading files to any server.

How long would it usually take to convert a file?

PDF WIZ is a quick and fast converter. If you transfer files offline, the internet will not impact the speed because it functions offline.

Will the document lose data after Conversion?

With most file types, the Conversion works perfectly. In the rare case that the conversion format has been screwed up, do not hesitate to email at support@starzsoft.com.

How can I refund it?

Please submit a query to support@starzsoft.com within one week of purchase to get a refund on what you are buying. However, keep in mind that requests sent after the due period will not be entertained.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a student, workplace staff, manager, or attorney who manages hundreds and thousands of documents, this free offline PDF converter is the best choice. PDF WIZ is the ultimate resource that offers you all the options and choices you’d like while working with PDF documents. You will never want to overlook an excellent opportunity to convert your PDF files to other formats, and that too effortlessly, will you? And this is what makes it easier to choose this tool appropriately. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download PDF WIZ and see how it functions to make your professional life more comfortable.

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