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PDF compressors are tools that allow users to reduce the size of certain PDF files to make them easier to share or send. PDF files are not typically large, in terms of megabytes, but some more detailed files can include design elements like images and graphs that can take up a lot of space. This is especially true in PDF files that include important research like academic papers or business presentations. The fact that these types of documents contain valuable information but may be too large to send via conventional means like email presents a problem, which PDF compressors can help solve. Here are some of the best PDF compressors (both paid and free) available to use on the web.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online PDF editing program that is also available for download to a desktop or a mobile phone. The Lumin aims to simplify the most complex processes involving PDF files like adding or removing text, adding or removing design layouts, changing the layout and format, as well as compression services.

Users can register with Lumin to access trial versions of their PDF tools, but more advanced features like the ability to compress PDF files come with paid monthly or yearly subscriptions. Reducing the size of a PDF file using Lumin’s program is very easy. Lumin sets itself apart by giving users the ability to compress PDF files, but with the important caveat of not losing any of the quality of the original document. 

The compression process using Lumin begins with users uploading their files to the Lumin server through the Compress tab on the browser. Once they have selected the files they want to be compressed, uploading them automatically begins the compression process. The operation will continue for a few moments until it’s done. 

The file will still retain the quality of its images. The compression process only eliminates insignificant information so all crucial elements will stay the same, while the size of the file will be reduced. Files can only be compressed once, however, so if the file is still too big users may have to look over the document to see what can be deleted. 

Adobe Compressor

The Adobe Acrobat suite is the preferred software for professionals and experienced users of PDF files. The level of customization that Adobe provides is far beyond what other online services provide, although the latter continually updates their features to compete with those of Adobe. 

One of the standard features that come with buying the Adobe Acrobat is compression. The unexpected part of the compression feature of Adobe software is that it is straightforward to use. Rather than subjecting users to a complicated process, Adobe lets users upload their files in much the same way that Lumin and other PDF compression services allow. 

The uploading process and the compression process are the same, as simply uploading the file begins the compression process. Users can also drag and drop their files into the browser and start the compression process that way. Adobe also preserves the most important elements (image and picture resolution, for example) even though it compresses the file down to a more manageable size. 

Small PDF

Small PDF, despite its name, has a wide range of different online PDF tools for users to edit, alter or compress their important files. The Small PDF is an exclusively online platform that aims to simplify the more complicated processes associated with PDF files. The website design and layout are intended to be simple-to-use especially for uninitiated users.

As Small PDF is browser-based all of the important functions are to be found in its several, easily navigable pages. The process through which users can compress their files is similar to many of the other tools in this list. It is a matter of either dragging and dropping a file into the browser or uploading a file by selecting it from your local drive or Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Again, just uploading a file initiates the compression process. Users can then save or download the compressed file once the process finishes. A few distinguishing features of Small PDF are the ability to compress files for different purposes, such as compressing a file to send via email and compressing a file while offline.


PDF2Go is an all-encompassing, online PDF management tool that gives users a dizzying array of tools, most of which are largely free-to-use. The PDF2Go allows for free, but limited use of a majority of its tools (limits like file size and amount of files that can be converted). The website gives users the option to buy a premium membership that opens up all the tools and their unlimited use. 

This compression tool functions similarly to many of the other tools listed here with a simple file upload either through selecting the file or dragging and dropping. One way that PDF2Go sets itself apart is that users can select their type of compression, which ranges from basic, strong, or custom. The latter of which lets users choose the resolution and pixel size of the images in the PDF file.

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