IPVanish VPN Review

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IPVanish is a simple and good-looking VPN service that promises to protect your privacy and enables you to browse the internet anonymously. Let’s check what it contains inside and how it is.

IPVanish VPN Features

  • 24X7 on-demand customer support (Chat/ Phone)
  • More than 75+ server locations worldwide
  • Secure Access to censored apps & websites
  • Downloads & Uploads with unlimited speeds
  • Hightech encryption standards
  • User-friendly apps for all platforms
  • No capping and multi-device facility

What is IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is a US-based premium VPN service that is simply designed and easy-to-use VPN software that promises to protect maximum privacy online. It includes a variety of features ofo which some you might not get anywhere else.

With some VPNs like the Bitdefender VPN, you might find that the servers are of different company but this is not the case here. IPVanish VPN doesn’t use shared or other company’s hardware rather it uses its own server and manages the servers itself without giving access to any other company. IPVanish VPN has more than 40,000 shared IPs and 1600+ servers located worldwide that makes it one of the best VPN services.

Detailed Features

Supports All Platforms

With IPVanish VPN you can connect many of your devices to VPN, there is no capping. All OS like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Amazon Fire TV is covered by IPVanish. But for sake of consideration, we assume that it is good to install the VPN up to 10 to 15 devices. There will be no problem in running VPN simultaneously on multiple devices.

24/7 Live Customer Support

If you have any kind of questions there is a 24X7 live customer support. There are both live chat and phone support available from IPVanish VPN.

Secured Privacy

Privacy is the main motto of IPVanish VPN. Basically, its privacy is started with protocols and encryptions it protects the user. Practically we tested to ensure that the VPN service provider actually protects your identity we tested for leaks on sites like DNS leak test, DNS leak, and IP Leak. Conclusively we didn’t find any leaks or issues which means that our real IP addresses were hidden.

No Logging

IPVanish VPN does not log any kind of connections or pieces of information. There are no track records of traffic or data on their servers. The IPVanish policy says that only when the app crashes and in order to develop or improve our products and services then the data which is used is of Google’s Firebase and the data does not include any kind of personal information. Technically, app crash results in various data collection which includes device ID, names, IP address, and any other information which is termed as private information. But it is to see what data is collected via Google’s Firebase.

Superior Performance

The performance of IPVanish VPN outperformed many VPNs. The test was performed on various sites like speed test and fast and it was observed that the speeds were more than expected. However, you might find that the speeds are kind of fluctuating. You get varying speeds and there is no constant speed all the time. This is a miss. But Overall IPVanish VPN doesn’t disappoint and offers a speedy experience.

IPVanish on Windows

All VPNs on Windows are mostly similar on the basis of UI, including connect button, stop button, and server selection. Overall, the VPNs for pc/laptops are likewise on the Windows platform. But things change with IPVanish. This is so because the App interface of all clients is so much complex than any other VPN software. The complexity does offer additional features which make IPVanish different from others.

Although some people who like simple UI design will take some time to get familiar with this software. The quick-connect page is cluttered. After getting connected the details which are displayed are server name, location, time connected, download and upload data with other technical information that are not seen on other VPNs.

The map on the software is better than the others and shows the server around you.

Most of the VPNs are displayed in the small-sized interface, but IPVanish can be freely resized and maximized to full screen which gives you the advantage to make use of the full screen.

IPVanish on Android

The IPVanish android app opens in a simple design that displays a large quick connect button with other information like Current IP and locations, listing a target country, city, and server along with a connect button for fast connection.

This client is different, but after getting connected it works flawlessly and there isn’t any difference felt between the PC or Android version. Just like its desktop counterpart, the app displays detailed information, unlike the other VPN applications. Frankly speaking, I found the IPVanish app more featured than any other VPNs.

Location can be chosen via a list rather than a world map. When connected, the app displays your new IP address, your location, connection time. Apart from this, you can configure the VPN app to make an OpenVPN connection in form of UDP or TCP for speed and reliability optimizations. Also, you can select ports like 1143, etc that are usually found on Windows clients.

The more you use the software, the better you’ll understand the features and explore the capabilities of this VPN.

IPVanish on iOS

Let’s talk straight forward. There is almost no major difference between the Android version and the iOS version (of course featurewise). The thing which makes difference between these two versions is the simple UI of the app and a favourite tab that logs the servers that you previously connected. The favourite tab filters out the servers you won’t connect to or not frequently connect to them.

The selection of servers is made through a simple list. The US location-based server is selected by default. You may choose any location from that list. You can also select the city. In the simple form you can select like this – Country > City > Server. This is something that you won’t find on any other premium VPN services. On tapping the location you will be connected to the server. After getting connected information like connected time, ping, server location, and load with a new IP address are shown that may help you decide if the server satisfies your expectation of server performance. No integrated kill switch is offered here.

Other than VPN itself what is offered?

A 500GB of cloud storage of SugarSync is offered from IPVanish via a second account option. However, you need to purchase a bundled package of VPN+Backup. You might be familiar with cloud storage so I won’t go deep into this. You can back up not only your desktop data but also your Android & iOS devices. Folders of Folders can be uploaded easily and sharing files and folders is also easy. While sharing you can make them read-only which will make the data safe and cannot be downloaded by others.

Backup can be synced which will ease your work in making a backup. In case of device theft, remote wiping can erase the synchronized data from your devices that are synced to cloud storage.

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