Online Buyer’s Guide: Which Mobile Phone I Should Buy?

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Mobile phones are an essential commodity that is a must-have these days. Life today without a cell phone is unimaginable. Mobile phones are becoming smart and smarter with technology. Today, communication mobile phones are also a means of income, are used to connect via the internet, and are also as safety and health check equipment that tracks location and health. With cell phones, you can buy, order and shop everything that you require in one touch without having to go anywhere. With so many options available in the market a common question raised is which phone I should buy?

To all your questions about which phone I should buy, we have got you an answer. Check out our complete online buyer’s guide to buy smartphones. We have listed down for you the key points and features that you must look for before buying a phone for yourself. Whether you are looking for the best mobile phones under 5000 or are looking for Samsung phones under 10000, this guide will help you pick the best from the many options available in the market.

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Online Buyer’s Guide To Buy Mobile Phones

When it comes to phones, brands matter a lot. Why? Because of the service and lifetime quality provided. Today people look up to promising brands such as Apple, OnePlus, Google, Mi, Samsung and eagerly wait for the latest editions on the upcoming lists. The premium brands such as Apple, OnePlus, Google offer high-end phones, brands like Samsung, Mi are popularly known for their budget-friendly ranges of mobiles with the latest specifications and features.

While brands matter, it is also important to choose the right store or e-store that you are buying the product from. If you are an online buyer, make sure you buy mobile phones from reputable online shops that would sell you the original product and offer you the best customer and service support in case of damage, exchange, or refunds.

Which Phone I Should Buy?

To decide on your question Which Phone I Should Buy?, you must first set a budget range and must know the kind of specifications that you are looking for. Whether you want a phone with the best camera or are looking for the best gaming phones or are looking for basic phones and if you are brand conscious buyer. With these questions answered and aware of, take a look at the things you must look to analyze best phones to buy for yourself or your friend.

What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Mobile Phone?

There are a few things you must keep in mind while buying a mobile phone for yourself.


Your phone processor is a very important feature, as they decide and are the reason for the smooth working of a mobile phone. Processors are the brain of a system and are responsible for its functioning. These processors are equipped with AI and sensors making them smart and technologically aided.


Along with the processor, RAM is most important. If processors are the brain, RAM is memory. It holds and saves all the data and applications that you use. Having sufficient RAM capacity allows you to have and install a larger number of apps running in the background, hence enhancing your multitasking experience. Today, phones offer RAMs as high as 12-16 GB and also available in 6-8 GB and 3-4 GB RAM variations. You can choose the RAM size depending on your usage and phone activities.


Next to the processors and RAM, you must look for a phone that offers sufficient Storage space. If you are someone who loves clicking pictures, or playing on the phone, or downloading many apps, then you might want to look for a phone that offers you enough space to download and use the phone without hanging.

Often when the storage is full, your phone won’t allow you to download new apps or save documents or pictures. We recommend you to go for mobile phones that offer enough internal storage and also support extended external data. You can check this list of best mobile phones under 15000 that is sorted on the basis of storage.


Your phone must have good battery life for you to use them for a longer period. Brands have been competing and advancing to offer the best battery shelf life up to 72 hours. However, the standard battery life that must be provided by any phone must be 6+ hours. The higher the battery capacity, the longer does your phone support heavy and long phone screen time.


Smartphone display sizes have been increasing and in trend. A good display with high resolutions such as Full HD, Full HD+ Quad HD provides you with great viewing and a clear experience. Whereas, LCD and AMOLED are two types of displays available with AMOLED being the popular one. They come in different variants such as OLED or Super AMOLED that provide better contrast and darker blacks.


For camera lovers, having a good camera feature that offers high resolution and great pixels is important. Brands like Mi are now offering budget-friendly phones with camera resolution as high as 110MP. Many brands such as Apple, OnePlus are known for their camera quality. So if a camera is something that you are looking for in a phone, the options available are overwhelming. We suggest you add two or three phones in your cart, compare and go for the best option that satisfies all the above key criteria too.

Best Gaming Phones

Well if you are a gamer and love playing games on your phone, then this is for you. There are a number of gaming phones offered by brands that are far better than the gaming stations. Although gaming phones might cost you a bit extra as you may need a high resolution, and heavy processor that would enhance your gaming experiences, you would be surprised by the competition and the variety of best gaming phones at the best prices. There are many budget-friendly options in gaming phones available too in the market.

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