Apple iPad Pro Review: Get Your Hands On The New Launch Today!

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Apple’s new 2020 model has been taking over the internet with its unique features and specifications. In comparison to the 2018 model, the new model has modifications to suit the best interests of the target audience. Here is a better insight to let you know more about the same.


The iPad Pro the 12.9 inch model with an excellent stereo separation is the best pick. It is very easy to hold the device, given the sleek style. The screen has 120 Hz panel and is also coated with anti-reflecting coating.


The processor of the new product is dependent upon the A12 architecture and it has power to deal with the augmented reality. The processor fitted in the device is A12Z, which enables this device to work better than the iPad Air. Other than the augmented reality the iPad can handle 4K video streaming for the purpose of editing.

Batter life

In full brightness the device can last up to 7 hours and 48 minutes with constant functioning, which is a great number of hours for an Apple product. If you lower the rightness to half, then you can literally use the device for double the number of hours. However, the charger of the iPad Pro comes with 18W charger, which clearly takes a lot of time for charging up. The average time needed is 2 hours and 40 minutes. The best part about this new product is that it has a USB-C power deliver, which helps in faster charging.

Pairing the iPad with Magic TrackPad

The fluidity with which the new model works when paired with an Apple iPad pro is smooth to another level. You can easily perform tasks including, sending an email, browsing the internet and office work in a flick. If you are the lot of typing person, then the device just works wonders along with Magic TrackPad. In no small measure, the device feels just like the laptop just lighter and slimmer. The onscreen interface is very user-friendly and forget about the technical glitches. The cloud-based storage makes everything much simpler.

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Augmented reality

The best feature of the device is the LiDAR camera, which has a grid of lasers in order to measure the distance. It tries to detect the surfaces and instead of just scanning the entire room you can easily launch the app and tap to place the objects. Apple makes everything simple and the new launch is an example of the same. The display of the iPad Pro makes it much cooler and has made the AR experience amazing.


The device is fitted with 12 MP camera, a 10 MP 0.5 X wide-angle rear camera and the 7 MP front camera. In all honesty, the main camera use is for the AR apps and is best suited for the same purpose. If you are expecting a clear camera for portraits then it is not the best pick. The gadget also has a 4K video recording option.

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