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So, here we go. You might be here searching for klwap or dvdplay or dvdwap in google for latest 2019 2020 Tamil Telugu movie Malayalam movies for free download and watch online. Let me make you clear first, we are not promoting any of the klwap vip, klwap.in, klwap.net, dvdwap etc. websites.

Your next question will be, so, what I am doing here?

You are here to gain a little information about the Malayalam movie download website. Yes! the website popularly called klwap.net or dvdplay, dvdwap to watch movies online or download them.

Let’s start our article

What is Klwap DvdPlay or DVDwap?

If you are here searching for this term, then you must know what is it?

So, we will end this quickly. Klwap and its sister sites like dvdplay or dvdwap are illegal distributors of original Malayalam and Tamil movies to watch and download them online.

Malayalam movies launched in 2018, 2019 or even 2020 for free download and watch online can easily be found on these websites.

But, you might love these websites.

You might have noticed that one day you find this website and the other day, it is not on google search. Have you wondered?

You might don’t know that the Government of India bans these websites under the Indian copyright act.

So, due to this, you might not find klwap, dvdplay, dvdwap website on google search results.

One important thing all of the above websites including dvdwap and dvdplay are same. They all are the same websites belonging to a single owner.

You might see the same heading, same format, and theme of the website. They (Klwap, Dvdplay, Dvdwap) all are same website to download and watch Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi Movies for free.

However, we will discuss this in detail in this article.

Klwap Dvdplay dvdwap owner

It’s always have been mystery that owns these illegal platforms. There are millions of people in India or in the World.

Someone from somewhere might be operating this platform. If they are posting latest Tamil, Malayalam & Telugu 2020 movies on google it might be from Southside. But, we can’t say that clearly.

From, the website we can’t make anything clear. There is not about us section.

But, from the latest working domain of klwap.net can give us some information. Below is an image depicting the whois information of their latest domain.

From the above image we can conclude:

  • Klwap Dvdplay Dvdwap latest working domain was registered recently. The date is 18th December 2020.
  • The domain registrar of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies download site is NameCheap.
  • Dvdplay or Dvdwap uses Cloudflare as a proxy server to hide their original server details.

From the image, we can only conclude these points. However, if we find more information we will update this article accordingly.

So, what’s next for klwap, dvdplay, dvdwap 2019 2020 movie download website?

Latest movies on dvdplay dvdwap and klwap 2020 website

It might be an interesting section for you. We will divide this section into two parts. What are they?

In first section, we will cover Malayalam Tamil Telugu movie categories. In the second section, we will list all of the movies available on Klwap, Dvdplay & Dvdwap website.

Klwap vip Dvdplay Dvdwap categories

Klwap.in or Klwap.ws are the same website domain. Similarly, Dvdwap and Dvdplay are the same website domain.

Categories available on klwap.in and klwap.net vip:

  1. Malayalam Movies
  2. Tamil Movies
  3. Telugu Movies
  4. Hindi Movies
  5. Kannada Movies
  6. English Movies download

So, klwap vip website is divided into six categories. All are listed above.

Klwap.in latest Malayalam Tamil Telugu Movies

It’s time for our second section.

Here are the latest klwap.in or klwap.net Malayalam Tamil Telugu, Hindi & English movies. All of them are on the latest klwap working domain url.

  1. Hero
  2. Playing with fire
  3. Kapmaari
  4. Made in China
  5. Pagalpanti
  6. Bala
  7. Adutha Saatai
  8. Jada
  9. Kamla
  10. Terminator: Dark Fate

Above listed are only some of the klwap movies. However, you can find more latest Malayalam Tamil Telugu Movies on the klwap latest working website/domain.

Now, you might be interested in finding working klwap dvdplay dvdwap website.

Klwap Dvdplay Dvdwap working domains to watch movie online

Below listed table will provide all of the working domain of the Malayalam movies download website.


There can be more domains. But, due to banned by the Government of India. You might see a blocked page.

You don’t need to worry. Because the above-listed domains are currently working and are accessible.

Dvdwap traffic and income details

Millions of searches are on google. Mostly, searches include Malayalam movies download, Tamil movies download, etc.

Dvdplay, Dvdwap provides this Malayalam movie free download content. As a result, the traffic on these websites might be very high and income will be high too.

For this, we have checked the website on the popular analytics tool i.e Similarweb.

Unfortunately, we are not able to collect enough data. However, with our research, we can conclude that the traffic might be in thousands, not millions.

The same thing is in the case of income. We know the income source of dvdplay or dvdwap movies website i.e. popup-ads. But, we can’t find their income report.

The third party advertisers might be hilltopads, propeller ads, revenue hit, popads, etc. All of them provided pop-up ads and pop-under advertisements to their publishers.

Popular advertisers like Google Adsense, Taboola, Media.net will never approve these types of websites. Because, all of them are illegal.

How to download Tamil and Malayalam movies?

We found categories and available latest movies on klwap.net website. But how to download these 2019 2020 Malayalam and Tamil movie?

The download process is not that hard.

  1. Firstly, you need to search and open the latest klwap.in website.
  2. Secondly, search for the favorite movie you want to download.
  3. Thirdly, avoid all advertisements and choose the desired download quality.
  4. Finally, you can start downloading the latest Tamil or Telugu movies.

See, the movie download process of the klwap.net dvdplay 2019 2020 website is not too hard.

But, keep in mind. Downloading a movie from illegal sources is a punishable offense.

Dvdwap alternatives

What if the website you are visiting regularly is blocked? You might be looking for alternatives of dvdplay, dvdwap to download the Tamil & Malayalam movies download website.

Yes! There are many alternatives.

However, some of them are legal to use and some of them are illegal.

We know, downloading Malayalam movies from illegal sources is punishable. So, we have found some legal alternatives to watch the latest Tamil Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movies.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • Voot
  • Jio-Cinema
  • Jio Tv
  • GoMovies
  • Television
  • Putlocker
  • Netflix
  • Ullu
  • Zee5

Above all might not have the latest movies but, they all are legal sources.

Illegal alternatives of Klwap Dvdwap for Malayalam movie download

If you don’t find your tamil or malayalam movie on legal website the, you might again head up to google searching for them.

We have made your task easier.

Here are some similar websites of Klwap Dvdwap

All the above have latest collection of Malayalam Tamil or Telugu movies. So, you can choose any of them to download movies.

Dvdplay Dvdwap pages

In this section of the article, all of the pages available on dvdplay dvdwap Malayalam movies download websites are listed

Whatsapp and Telegram group

The page of this Malayalam movie download site contains the link of whatsapp and telegram group. With the help of these groups, users can be in touch with these websites.

Whenever a new movie will be uploaded on klwap website. The link will be provided in these groups.

Uses can see it in an instant and can download Tamil or Malayalam Movies before they disappear.

At the same time, these websites don’t have the fear of losing their users. All of them will be in touch with these groups and channels.

In short, it can be profitable for both owner and its users also.

Contact us & DMCA complaint page

Klwap.net, dvdplay, dvdwap websites claim to not store illegal data on their servers. So, if you need to contact them regarding any of your query. You can do this with the help of these pages.

Movie request page

The common page of all illegal websites is this movie request page. If you want a specific Malayalam or Tamil movie to be uploaded. You can do this here.

The owner of klwap, dvdplay malayalam movie download website will upload movies on the request of their users. In this way, they take care of their users and provide the content required by them.

Is downloading Dvdplay Malayalam movies illegal?

Yes! You are thinking right.

If you download a movie from an illegal source, it is a wrong path. You might know the expenses of making a movie.

If, the movie is leaked before release producers have to face a loss. This is the reason Bollywood and Hollywood actors/actresses stand against piracy leak.

According to reports, latest tamil movie of Rajnianth i.e Darbar was leaked on the same day of release. The producers and film-makers had to face a huge loss due to piracy.

Here’s a short video to explain all of the ill effects of film piracy.

Anand L Rai and Krishika Lulla talking about film piracy.

How to stay safe while browsing Klwap movie download website?

There are various third party advertisements on this illegal website. Thay can even harm you by stealing sensitive information.

So, how can we be safe when visiting this klwap.in vip website when downloading Tamil or Malayalam or Hindi movie in 2019 2020 with watch online.

We have listed some of the important things you can take care of

  1. When you decide to download tamil or malayalam movie from klwap vip or dvdplay or dvdwap website, always use a vpn.
  2. Secondly, you can use adblocker when browsing dvdplay or dvdwap website.
  3. Avoid entering any of the sensitive information if sked.
  4. Alternatively, you can use a disposable mail address to prevent spam.
  5. If you find something suspicious avoid browsing forward.
  6. Don’t click any of the colorful or bright images, they are a trap.

These points can help you to stay safe.

Back to you

Finally, we are at the end of the article. So, what do you think of dvdwap dvdplay Malayalam movie download websites? Is dvdwap website best to download Tamil Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam movies for free?

What do you think of this website? Drop, your thoughts in comments and we will discuss further.


We, do not own any of these illegal websites. Neither we support any of the klwap.in, dvdplay or dvdwap website nor we encourage our users to visit it and seek Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam movies for download and watch online. We stand against these websites and suggest our users to only use legal ways of entertainment.

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