KatmovieHD 2020: Illegal Piracy Platform to leak movies

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KatmovieHd itself is a popular term like catmoviehd, katmovie hd, katmoviehd pw, yhsm-inucbr_001, katmoviehd eu, KatmoviesHD, Katmoviehd proxy 2018, movies4me cc, dhadak, Katmoviehd com, and Kathdmovie.

However, a trend is going on over the internet nowadays. The trend is nothing else but related to download of Bollywood, Hollywood movies.

According to the reports by NyPost, an average person spends 78k (78,000) hours watching latest movies on television.

So, with the above case study. We can just conclude movie download is the latest trend that has gained velocity within a few years.

Most searched things over the internet stands to movies if we analyze data regarding internet searches. According to this latimes article, we can clearly see that an average person spends 4X times on mobile devices rather than television.

KatmovieHD 2020: Introduction

The name which is now trending over the internet nowadays for the latest movie download terms is katmoviehd.

Yes, katmoviehd is one of the latest trending movie download website (with over 11.19M monthly searches by similarweb). This piracy website provides various Hindi movies for free downloading.

Knowing more about katmoviehd, some know it with the name of katmovies, some with catmoviehd but all are same. In simple terms, it is a movie downloading website that provides entertainment stuff like movies. In other words CatmovieHd provides Hollywood, Bollywood movies, tv-series, tv shows, complete web-series seasons, animated series, etc.

Content available on Katmoviehd.nl:

Being so much popular on internet, there are many contents available on katmoviehd.

What are they?

Content that is available contains Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, tv-series, tv-show, Hindi dubbed movies, wwe episodes and wrestling episodes, along with 18+ movies.

You can also find Hindi Dubbed Hollywood movies and the latest Tamil movies.

And other stuff like tv series and tv shows are present in Hindi and English languages as web series are also available from Hindi cinema and Hollywood. WWE episodes are available in English languages.

Concluding all of the content in a table we can say:

Latest Hollywood MoviesDubbed in Hindi, English
Latest Bollywood MoviesHindi
WWE SeriesEnglish
NetFlix Series and Web-SeriesHindi, English (Dual Audio)
Animated MoviesHindi Dubbed, English Audio

Type of movies available on Katmovieshd:

There are various movie categories that are available on the katmoviehd working domain. They include movies, tv-series, etc.

Categories are as follows:

  • 300mb movies: This is the category that contains movies that has a maximum file size of 300mb to 380mb. However, movies like Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies can be found in 300mb size.
  • 3D: 3D movies are available under this category.
  • 4k UHD: Movies that has ultra-high definition pixels are available under this category. These movies have pixels maximized from FHD to UHD.
  • Action: Movies that have action genre or action plots are placed under this category.
  • Adventure: In short, movies that have adventure genre or plot are available to download under this category.
  • Animated: Animated series or animated movies can be found here.
  • Anime( Eng Subbed): Animated series which has English subtitles or with different language but with English subtitles are placed under this category.
  • Anime Dubbed: Anime series or animated movies that are dubbed in different languages other than the originally released audio are available to download under this category.
  • Bollywood: Movies from Hindi cinema are placed under this category.
  • Chinese: Chinese movies are available to download under this category.
  • Comedy: Movies that generally have comedy plot or comedy genre are placed under this category.

More Categories

  • Complete season: Complete seasons of series or web shows are available to download under this category.
  • Crime: Movies that are related to crime or have crime genre are placed in this category.
  • Documentary: Documentaries are available to download in this category.
  • Drama: This category has movies that have drama genre or drama plot that are available to download under this category.
  • Dual Audio: Movies that have more than one language file or that are dual audio are placed under this category.
  • Dubbed Movie: Movies that are dubbed in different languages are available to download are placed under this category.
  • Ecchi ( Adult) Anime: Animated series that are just for adults are placed under this category.
  • Family: Movies having family genres are under this category.
  • Fantasy: Fantasy movies or movies that have fantasy plots are available to download under this category.
  • Game of Thrones: Game of thrones season is available in this category.
  • Hindi Subtitles: Movies (Hollywood or Bollywood or any other movie) that contain Hindi subtitles are placed under this category and are available to download for free.
  • Hindi WEBSeries: Web series from Hindi cinema and in the Hindi language are available to download under this category.
  • History: Movies or documentaries having a history plot are placed under this category.
  • Hollywood Eng: Movies that are Hollywood movies in English language are available under this category.

Various genre available on KatmovieHD working domain is:

  • Horror: Movies that are horror movies or movies having horror plots or genres are available to download under this category.
  • Japanese: This category has Japanese movies.
  • Korean drama (In Hindi): Korean movies with drama plots are placed under this category.
  • Mystery: Movies with mystery plots and thriller genres are available to download under this category.
  • Netflix: Movies that are originally released on Netflix are available under this category.
  • Other language films: Films that are having languages other than Hindi and English are available. In short, other languages include Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Turkish.
  • Romance: This category contains movies having Romance plots.

Another genre

  • Sci-Fi: Movies from sci-fi profiles are available to download in this category.
  • Short films: Short films are placed here.
  • South: Movies from South Indian cinema are placed here.
  • Sports: Movies having sports genre are placed here.
  • Thriller: Movies having thriller genre and thriller plot are available here.
  • Trailer: Movies trailers from Hollywood and Bollywood cinema are available here.
  • TV Series (Dubbed): TV series that are dubbed in other languages are placed in this category.
  • Western: Movies from Western Cinema are available in this category.
  • Wrestling: Wrestling videos, Wrestling episodes can be found here.

Other categories other than these include Audio file, Coming soon, Complete season, 10 Bit HEVC, Desi, Disney +, Extras, Games, Live Action Movie, Lucha Underground, Magazines, Movies Series Collection, Music, Netflix movies, Netflix Series, No index, Only Audio File, Other or News, PGS Hindi Subs, Slasher, TNA, UFC, Uncategorized, Unofficial dubbed, Video Songs.

The major category on Hompage includes Hollywood movies, TV Shows, Animated, Dubbed Movies, WWE.

Latest movies leaked by katmoviehd 2020:

Katmoviehd has leaked many movies in the past that was the latest at the time of the leak.

Latest Hollywood Movies

  1. Dr. Dolittle
  2. Jumanji
  3. Dr. Sleep
  4. My Hero Academia
  5. Queen of Mystery
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. Watchman
  8. Room

Latest Bollywood movies

  1. Dream Girl
  2. Saaho
  3. War
  4. Race 4
  5. Tanhaji full movie for download
  6. Pagalpanti
  7. Bala
  8. Super 30

All these movies release this year (2020). All latest movies are available in 480p (Standard Definition) quality and 720p (High Definition) quality.

How to download latest movies from katmoviehd?

The downloading process of a movie or any web series from katmoviehd is very simple and sleek. The download process can be seen on their homepage and can also be easily understood with the video.

However, downloading instructions are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the katmoviehd latest domain or go to the website by searching the name. The current domain address is (You are browsing it with your own responsibility)
  2. After this, a homepage will open. For searching a movie search the name by entering the name of the movie under the search bar. Searchbar is located at the right-hand side of the homepage. However, users can go through categories available on the website and then search the movie category wise.
  3. After opening the web page of the movie, download links can be seen below. However, there is an option to download the movie in HD quality. This means users have choice to watch a movie without downloading or even wasting time.
  4. After clicking on the download link (a pop-up may arise) the download will start.
  5. After the download is complete, enjoy watching the movie!

KatmovieHD search terms and keywords:

Various keywords can take you to katmoviehd working domain and proxy links. Most commonly used are as follows:

  • Katmoviehd free download,
  • bollywood movies katmoviehd,
  • hollywood movies katmoviehd,
  • katmoviehd hd download,
  • dual audio movies katmoviehd,
  • web series katmoviehd,
  • katmoviehd tv series,
  • katmoviehd animes,
  • katmoviehd hd movies download,
  • katmoviehd free download movies,
  • katmoviehd free hd movies,
  • katmoviehd,
  • katmoviehd 300mb,
  • katmoviehd bollywood 300mb,
  • katmoviehd latest 300mb and
  • bollywood 720p katmoviehd,

Katmovieshd traffic estimation:

Many users are in search of free movie downloads on the internet. The real fact is that nobody wants to waste precious money on watching movies by going to theatres every 10 to 15 days or every month.

As there are many movies released in a single month. It is nearly impossible to go and watch every single movie in the theatre every month.

So this is the place where the movie search begins on the internet. Everybody searches for free downloads of the movie so that the user can watch the whole movie for free.

This translates to thousands of searches per day which automatically translates this to millions of searches per month. So movie websites are getting traffic in millions.

Katmoviehd is getting millions of site visits per months or we can say thousands of site visits per day. This is the traffic data for the website katmoviehd.

Our latest Articles

How katmovieshd is making money?

Katmoviehd is not only the one who is making money. However, every illegal movie website (like katmoviehd) is making a profit online.

They are making money for nothing but a third-party advertising service. Well established and reputed companies like Google don’t enable ad services on these types of websites. Because they are finally doing illegal business online.

Illegal in the sense, they upload illegal and pirated stuff. These pirated websites use third-party ad services or pop-up ads that earn some money.

KatmoviesHD uses adsense to make money

If, I say you that they are making money with Adsense. Would you believe me?

No, you will not.

But, Yes they are making money with Adsense. However, the AdSense ads can’t be seen on this katmoviehd domain. But enabled on their other domain.

Let’s understand it in simple terms.

  1. Firstly, you move towards their original domain and search for your favorite movie by avoiding pop-ups.
  2. You click on the download button and suddenly a page opens stating the click here to verify text.
  3. A countdown will be then seen with some google ads. Tada! Ad-serving is available on the domain.
  4. However it is not guaranteed how much time it will be available, but yes they are doing that.

In this way, they are earning money on their WordPress site through Google Adsense.

Is katmoviehd proxy illegal?

Definitely Yes! Katmoviehd is a pirated website which is providing an illegal form of entertainment stuff on the internet.

How we can say KatmovieHD illegal?

They are illegal because they are making paid content available for free via the illegal platform

After being illegal how they are still running?

It’s not like they are running for a long time. Practically they run for a long time, but the Government of India blocks them.

After getting blocked, the website becomes inaccessible. They change the domain name in such a way different than the previous one.

This makes the domain different than the one which is blocked by the Government of India.

So they continue doing illegal business in this way. But the Government of India blocks their every new domain.

After that, they again change the domain name. This cycle continues because there are thousands of searches for free downloading.

Who is the owner of katmovieshd proxy?

These are the people who work anonymously. They don’t reveal their identity to anyone.

They manage the illegal website through an unidentified or unknown location. It’s not impossible but difficult to trace them as they change their IP address.

There may be a single person behind this or there may a team behind who is managing the website.

How katmovieshd is famous? What makes them so famous?

Neither they are famous for themselves nor they are getting famous for their work.

They are getting famous by the users themselves. The users are searching for movies on the internet for free downloading. These websites are doing that particular work. So whenever users visit these illegal websites, they gains traffic and become popular.

That’s why they are so much popular.

Is katmoviehd the correct place to download movies or any kind of videos?

Clearly No. katmovieshd is not the right place to download movies or any kind of entertainment stuff. This piracy website provides all illegal stuff

This is not about katmoviehd but all types of websites similar to katmoviehd are illegal and the content available on them is fully pirated.

Even visiting and downloading movies from these websites is illegal.

So not only these websites are illegal. But visiting and downloading is also not a good job. In short, it can put the user at risk of penalty or a kind of criminal offense.

Many sources are available online which are fully legal and provides legal entertainment content. Nothing to worry about this.

Some of the legal platforms are Netflix, amazon prime videos, Voot, Hotstar and ALTBalaji, etc.

They are legal and no kind of piracy issues with them. Just use them without hesitation. However, other options include watching movies in theatres and off course on Television!

In other words, Avoid using these illegal websites:


We, don’t guarantee you the downloading of movies from these illegal websites. However, we don’t support these kinds of illegal activities and will not support them in the future also. Our purpose in this article is only to make you clearly understand the idea of piracy. Avoid using katmoviehd proxy, KatmoviesHD website.

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