Jiorockers 2020: Download HD Tamil Telugu Movies

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Movie websites , especially the one those who are providing free downloads of HD movies are gaining popularities now a days. Yes, they are touching the sky on the internet by providing free download links of all kinds of South Indian movie, as watching a movie is the only time pass thing a user can do to use his free time. This is the way of doing time pass and most people think of this way. In this article we are going to cover about jio rockers, jio rockers telugu movies download, jio rockers telugu 2020 , jio rockers 2019, jio rockers 2020 telugu movies download,, jio rockers kannada movies download, jio rockers tamil movies download, jio rockers tamil movies 2019 download, telugu movie download, telugu movies download.

Jiorockers is one of such websites which provide free downloading of all South Indian movies available on their servers.

Jiorockers 2020 is a free movie downloading website which provides downloading of movies to a internet user without charging any money. The Jiorockers came into existence in 2019 at the time when movie downloading was at peak. Although it’s not that it has now slowed down , the rate of downloading free movies is increasing day by day.

All types of South Indian movies categories like Telugu movies, Kannada movies, tamil movies, Malayalam movies, are available to download. The movies are in HD quality which is the most standard quality of HD.

Contents on jiorockers:

Jiorockers, as described in the above paragraph, uploads various South Indian movies in HD qualities. The content available on jiorockers is pirated and illegal content in every means. Although it is for free and anyone can download it.

The content is South Indian movies, which contains only movies from  Telugu cinema i.e., Telugu movies. Jio rockers, as of now, does not uploads any kind of movies other than the South Indian movies. The movies like Bollywood movies, Hindi movies, English movies, Hollywood movies, Punjabi movies, Bengali movies, etc doesn’t get uploaded on jiorockers and not available on their website (Jiorockers website).

Also, other type of South cinema movies from Kannada cinema, tamil cinema, are uploaded by jiorockers. Other South cinema movies like Malayalam movies are not uploaded by jiorockers. South cinema movies content is all available in standard HD quality 720p (720 pixels).

Latest movies leaked by jiorockers:

Many movies are leaked by jiorockers in very little time, also it releases movies that are released on the same day in very few hours. Mostly jiorockers uploads movies on the same day of release but when it is not possible on the same day, jiorockers uploads movie on the day after the movie release or two or three days after the release of movie. But it is likely that some movies are uploaded on the release day and after few hours of the movie release.

The latest movies which are leaked by jiorockers are:

  • Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) Telugu HQ PreDVD (new)
  • Software Sudheer (2019)
  • Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020) Telugu HQ PreDVD
  • Darbar (2020) Telugu HQ PreDVD
  • Thoota (2020)
  • Seethakaathi (2020) Telugu Proper HDRip
  • Athade Srimannaraya (2020) Telugu HQ PreDVD
  • Bhagyanagara Veedullo Gammathu (2019) Telugu Proper HDRip (new)
  • Software Sudheer (2019) Telugu HQ PreDVD
  • Thippara Meesam (2019) Telugu Proper HDRip
  • Raja Narasimha (2019)
  • Athade Srimannaraya (2019) Telugu HQ PreDVD
  • Darpanam (2019) Telugu Proper HDRip
  • Gaddalakonda Ganesh 2019: Available in Proper HDRip quality
  • Meeku Mathrame Cheptha 2019: Available in HQ PreDVD quality
  • Aaviri 2019: Available in HQ PreDVD quality
  • Jodi 2019 : Available in Proper HDRip
  • Operation Gold Fish 2019 : Available in Proper HDRip
  • Whistle 2019 : Available in HQ PreDVD
  • Ninnu Thalachi 2019 : Available in Proper HDRip

Quality of movies available on Jiorockers:

All movies that are available on jiorockers is HDRip quality, HQ PreDVD quality, Prpoer HDRip quality, Standard video quality and high line audio quality. All movies are in single part and single click navigation to download link. All movies are of high quality print.

Movie categories on Jiorockers 2020:

While jiorockers mainly fouc on uploading telegu cinema movies but they also upload different movies of South Indian movies like Tamil movies, Kannad movies. So the categories are tamil movies, kannad movies, telegu movies itself. Although yearwise category is available on the website, which will contain telegu movies by their release year. For example, a telegu movie released in year 2017 then the movie is available in 2017 category.

Similarly, a Telegu movie released in year 2018 then the movie is available in 2018 category and a Telegu movie released in year 2019 then the movie is available in 2019 category. Also, Tamil movies are found in Tamil movies category.

Similarly, Telugu movies which are dubbed in other languages are found in Telugu dubbed movies category, and Kannanda movies are found in Kannada movies category. There are many category available on jiorockers. The top three categories are Telugu 2020 movies, Telugu movies 2019, Telugu movies 2018.

However, all categories are as follows:

Telugu 2020 Movies Download (All 2020 Latest Movies)

Movies released in 2020 are available in this category.

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Telegu movies that are dubbed in other languages are available in this category.

Telugu Movies Download

All telegu movies are available to download under this category.

Tamil Movies Download

All tamil movies are available to download under this category.

Kannada Movies Download

Kannad movies are available to download for free under this category.

Collection wise movie download category:

Movies Collections containing sub categories like

1). Telugu Dubbed Movies

Most importantly, Telugu movies dubbed in languages other than telugu are placed in this category.

2). Telugu 2020 Movies (All 2020 Latest Movies)

Latest Telugu Movies that are released in 2020 are available in this category.

3). Telugu 2019 Movies (All 2019 Latest Movies)

2019 released Telugu Movies are available in this category.

4). Telugu 2018 Movies

Telugu Movies released in 2018 are available in this category.

5). Telugu 2017 Movies

Telegu Movies released in 2017 are available in this category.

6). Telugu 2016 Movies

Telegu Movies released in 2016 are available in this category.

7). Telugu 2015 Movies

Telegu Movies released in 2015 are available in this category.

8). Telugu 2014 Movies

Telugu Movies released in 2014 are available in this category.

9). Telugu 2013 Movies

Telugu Movies released in 2013 are available in this category.

10). Telugu 2012 Movies

Telegu Movies released in 2012 are available in this category.

11). Telugu 2011 Movies

Telugu Movies released in 2011 are available in this category.

12). Telugu 2010 Movies

Telegu Movies released in 2011 are available in this category.

13). Telugu Actors Collection

Telegu Movies are categorised by actors of telegu cinema. The Actors are           

Ram CharanPrabhas
Pawan KalyanChiranjeevi Hits
Jr NtrRavi Teja
Mahesh Babu Nani
Allu ArjunAkkineni Nagarjuna

How to download a movie from Jiorockers movie website?

Downloading a movie may seem a typical task in other websites, but its not in the case of jiorockers. Anyone can download a movie without wasting time. The downloading procees is very simple.

  1. Navigate to jiorockers movie downloading website. The URL for the website is
  2. After navigating, a webpage will open in the browser which is actually a homepage of jiorockers.
  3. Users can search the movie which they want to download. For searching the movie users have to enter the name of the movie which they want to download in searchbar at the top of the homepage. Otherwise they can browse the categories available on website.
  4. After clicking on movie name, scroll down and see a download link. Click on the download link and download will start after a pop-up (if shown).
  5. After the download is complete, enjoy watching your favourite movie!

How jiorockers is famous on internet? What makes them famous?

A short and simple answer to this question- The searches that are being made by users regarding download of movies for free is making them famous. Particularly for this website the searches include keywords such as jiorockers movie free download, jiorockers movie download, jiorockers, jiorockers latest telegu movie download, telegu movie jiorockers, jiorockers telegu 2020, etc.

This is only a few keywords which are regarding only to this website, but there are many other keywords which are being used to search movie for free download on the internet. They are getting thousands of site visits per day and this is automatically being translated to a millions of searches per month. This is making them so much famous that whenever a movie (most probably a latest movie) is searched these websites are also in the search results.

Competition from other websites:

Jiorockers in ont the only one which is providing movies for download. There are several websites which are providing pirated copies of movies and making them available to download. Jiorockers is facing competition from websites like tamilrockers, tamilgun, 9xflix, 9xmovies, 9xrockers, filmywap, Movierulz, Cinevood, etc.

Some Handpicked articles:

Who is behind jiorockers site?

Jiorockers is nothing but a pirated website which is being managed by people hidden or untrackable. There may be only a single person or there may be a team of persons behind jiorockers. They are hiding themselves and operating the website from unamed location and different IP address. If they use determined location and public IP address then they may get caught and punished.

How jiorockers are making profit online?

They are not just popular on the internet. They are making money and indirectly internet users are helping them making money. They are making profit by the services of advertisement companies. Although reputed and big companies like Google does’nt enable ad sevices on these types of websites as they are pirated and illegal, so there are third party services that they are making use of and making money.

The answer is no. Jiorockers is a pirated movie downloading website which is doing illegal business and uploading pirated entertainment stuff which is in all means illegal. Its not only about jiorockers , there are many such websites like jiorockers which are providing illegal and pirated content for free over internet.

All these websites are illegal and they are just spoiling the legal business of movies and entertainment industry. They are doing some kind of harm to them. They are not only providing pirated stuff for free but they are also harming the business and profit that the film makers and film producers are making.

Their earnings and revenue is affected by these illegal stuffs. Movies are not pirated, the version of the movie, and the platform on which the movies are available to download is illegal. So, not only these websites are illegal downloading movies and even visiting these pirated websites is illegal.

Varun Dhawan urging to stop piracy

So its not advised to download movies from these pirated websites. Even Jio rockers does’nt have its own name. From here, it is clear, that Jiorockers is illegal.

If Jiorockers is illegal then why its still running?

Jiorockers is getting millions of visits per month that is automatically translating to a thousands of searches per day. These searches are neither automatically generated or bot is making the searches. These searches are made by the users on the internet. Users are forcing these illegals to continue do their business.

If nobody will watch or download or even visit such kind of websites, then they will not get traffic and they will be unable to make profit and money online. This is the reason why such pirated websites are still running.

Are they being blocked if they are illegal?

The Government of India is continuously blocking and banning these websites since three years. After getting blocked what they do is , they change their domain name ( take domain name other than that which is blocked or banned) and continue doing their illegal business. But its not like that, they are still being blocked after some time, but due to the traffic they (the pirated website) are getting and the profit they are making, they are still continue doing this business.

As visiting and downloading movies from these pirated websites is illegal, so what could be the option other than this? Yes there are many other options available on the internet. They are available legally and they have original paid media content. They are only here for the entertainment purpose and indirectly to making stop these illegal websites.

The other option include watching movies on Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Alt Balaji, JioCinema, JioTV, Hotstar, Voot and many more. They are just some of the popular options, there are many other options available. So it is better to watch movies via legal platform. Ins’t it?


We don’t support any of the illegal activities like downloading movie from any illegal sources. This article is not supporting any of the illegal movie downloading platforms. We only want to spread awareness among our viewers about the pirated stuff.

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