8Movierulz Ps: 8 Interesting Facts About Telugu Movie Download Site

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Everyone might have visited the website once in a lifetime to download Telugu movies online. If you are not the one, then it’s good to read these 10 interesting facts about the 8movierulz ps telugu movies download site. Not, only this we will also tell you about the latest working link which is currently operating by them.

You might be shocked when I will say that on an average of 83.52 billion people visit google.com site per month and among them, 80% of searches are related to free movie download. However, most people search for the latest tamil or telugu movie download. So, it will not be wrong to say that people love to watch south cinema action movies. However, this is only one of the fact we have discussed, let’s discuss more on this movie download website in detail.

1. Owner of 8 movierulz plz site

Before knowing the details of the owner, it is necessary to know that what is 8movierulz? If you have visited the website before then you know about it. It is a telugu movie download website that provides direct links to download latest movies and web series online on their website. However, they call themselves public movies collector who collects third party links from the internet.

But, they are so-called notorious website and are banned by many countries from being accessed. However, talking about the owner of the website, then there is no information. The website owner hides their identity in order to prevent them from being caught. But, handling this website requires a team to manage. So, this is not the work of a single person. There is a team behind the smooth operations of the website. Also, there is no about us page or social media page available on the internet.

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If you are here to find the latest working link of the website, then this section is for you. The website have to change its domain names time to time. However, they redirects its previous domain to latest operating domains. But, sometimes they take time to rank on google search results. Also, there are many competitors of the website that performs activities to bring down the website.

So, this is the reason majority of traffic on the website is direct along with social, referral and organic traffic. However talking about the banned domain names, the list is very large.

So, we have included some expired domain names of the 2020 telugu movies download site.


These are some of the domains that are registered on the name of the website. However, it is also possible that they belong to different owner as there are many searches of the website on google. So, in order to earn money online, people buys domain and operates website.

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3. The website makes $1031 daily

Screen shot from this

You might be shocked when we will say that the website makes a daily income of 1031$ per day that turns out to 30,930$ per month. Yes, this is really a great income made with this business. However, the website earning varies with the increase/decrease of the website visitors. The earning and visitor count vary directly.

But, what are their earning sources? 8 movierulz plz telugu movies 2020 download site earns money with the help of third-party advertisers. The ad formats are pop-up, pop-under, and banner advertisements that helps website to earn such a great income. However, some websites have also found another way to earn money through google adsense. As we know adsense never approves these types of websites. But, they redirect the download links through adsense enabled site and earns a good amount to money from adsense too.

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4. In may, 8movierulz ps crossed 5.67M views

Yes, you heard right. According to whois.com, the domain 8movierulz.tv was purchased on 5th May 2020 and crossed 5M+ visits in the same month. From this, you can make an estimate that there are many website followers and the people looking for free movie download online.

On checking the google trends, we also get to know that the search term 8 movierulz plz telugu movies download was very popular in the month of may. And, the majority of traffic on the website was from California. However, there were no searches about this before the month of May.

People love to watch movies and search for free movie download. But, downloading movies from this website is considered to be illegal as all of the movies available on the website are the pirated copies of the original films. So, it is better to stay away from the site and use legitimate sources to watch movies online.

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5. The website allows free movie download

It is a common philosophy that people run after free resources. So, being an illegal distributor of movies, 8movierulz ps allows its visitors to download movies free of cost and also without any registration or sign up. So, this attracts many visitors to the website. Another feature of the website is that they upload pre-release movies too on its website too.

Everyone wants to watch latest movies first and the website helps viewers to do so. Some of the movies on the website are leaked before their official theatrical release. No one knows the source of this but people enjoy downloading movies from this site.

Along with free movie download, users also get variety of latest and old evergreen movies too for free download. Since now, many tamil, telugu, bollywood and even hollywood hindi dubbed movies download link were uploaded on the website. Some of the movies are:

  • Bheeshma
  • Fabricated City
  • Forensic
  • RJ Rex Jemi
  • Prema Janta
  • Ragala
  • Srirastu Subhamastu
  • Tholu Bommalata
  • The Twilight Saga Telugu Dubbed

Above listed are some of the latest movies that were leaked on the website of the same day of theatrical release. Apart from them many other movies were also leaked. As of not, there are nearly 1000+ movies available for free download on the website.

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6. The website 8movierulz ps uses Cloudflare proxy servers

Being operating such a platform of leaking movies online, the owner needs to take several precautions. And to do so, several online technologies helps them. From domain registration to proxy servers, all need to be best.

However, the movierulz ps website uses wordpress as their crm to operate the website precisely. It is really an easy open source crm and provides many features along with ranking the website high on search results. Almost 70% of websites on web runs on this platform.

Along with it, the owner used gandi.net registrar to purchase domains along with privacy protection. Also, they use cloudflare proxy servers for worldwide reach and hide their origin server. This helped them to prevent website from being hacked and hide sensitive information.

7. Almost 700+ movierulz ps alternate websites are available

As, we all know that 8movierulz plz is not a single website that hosts movie download links. There are plenty of websites available on google and some of them are even more popular then this one. However, we can’t list every website in this article. However, must popular websites among them are:

  • Tamilrockers
  • Moviesda
  • Movierulz
  • 9xmovies
  • Cinevood
  • Filmywap
  • Filmyzilla
  • Coolmoviez
  • SSR Movies
  • 9xrockers

These are the top 10 most visited movie download websites on google as of now. However, you might not be able to track these websites on search results. But, they operate and the majority of people visit the website directly. But, all of these websites provide pirated copies of original films. So, visiting these sites can put you in legal trouble.

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8. The site 8movierulz ps can put you in trouble

Under the Indian copyright act, piracy is a crime, and supporting or promoting it in any means is also considered as an offensive activity. As the 8 movierulz plz website uploads pirated versions of 2020 telugu movies download. And downloading these copies is considered as supporting piracy. So, it is better to not engage in such activities.

Piracy is one of the biggest enemies in the film industry. Due to this, many movies have been affected worldwide. Not only this piracy also affects the actors/actresses too. So, if anyone is caught under the law, then he/she might have to pay a penalty of 50,00 INR to 200,000 INR or in worse condition sent for imprisonment.

The government have banned many websites and caught various peoples who were found guilty under the law. But, the present scenario seems different. Around 200+ new movie download sites emerged on a daily basis and the searches of free movie download are also increasing.

Final Words

I hope you might love reading this article on the 8movierulz ms website. If you know more interesting points about the website, then drop them in the comments section to make it more informative.

Disclaimer: This article is to provide useful information about the website. A Perfect Review respects the Indian copyright act and does not engage in such activities. We urge our viewers to join the fight against piracy.

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