iPhone 12 Costs Three Times Of Its Parts Price

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With the launch of the brand new iPhone 12 series, Apple followers worldwide are spending a substantial amount of cash to get their fingers on the brand new phone.

However, the costs of those smartphones are way greater than their actual price. Apple desires to make a significant chunk of revenue out of the choices. And now, a brand new report additional confirms this.

Fomalhaut Techno Solutions has recently revealed a brand new report of the iPhone 12 precise price. The report calculates the iPhone 12 Pro’s invoice of supplies and rounds it off to round solely $406 or practically Rs 30,000. Whereas a US shopper has to pay $999 for the phone. However, an Indian shopper must pay Rs 1,19,900 so as to buy iPhone 12.

Within the new Apple iPhone’s teardown, the company finds out that the most costly is the Qualcomm X50 5G modem to offer 5G connectivity. The modem costs around $90 that’s only a tad costlier than the OLED displays made by Samsung which is $70 each.

Other parts embody Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset prices $40, the $12.8 RAM module, the $19.2 flash memory, and the Sony cameras priced around $7.4 to $7.9.

These are the most expensive components of the brand new iPhones. However, other parts are priced cheaper than these. With all this mixed, the iPhone 12’s BoM is $373 (Rs 27,500). In the meantime, the value of the brand new iPhone 12 in India is Rs 79,900.

The report additionally mentions the markets where these parts come from. 26.8% of the iPhone 12 components are from South Korea, 21.9% are from the US whereas 13.6% are from Japan. Surprisingly, solely 4.6% are from China.

That is most likely due to Apple’s choice to equip all 4 of its latest iPhone models with Samsung OLED shows.

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