What Are The Best Bonus Symbols In Slots?

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For a lot of slot game players, in-game bonuses are the best bit. Free spins, progressive jackpots and the rest can really bring a slot game to life. For the majority of bonuses, players will have to land special bonus symbols on the reels in order to activate those bonuses – try Blueprint JPK games.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of those bonus symbol categories are so that you know what to look for as we find out what are the best bonus symbols in slots.

Examples of in-game slot bonuses

In some slot games, the only way to win the big bucks is through the activation of a bonus. But what do they look like? Here are some of the best bonuses you can get your hands on in an online slot game: 

  • Free Spins: perhaps the most popular in-game slot bonus is the classic free spins bonus round. Here, players will get a selection of free spins to play with, often with extra bonuses such as expanding wilds or multipliers attached to them.
  • Jackpots: one of the most lucrative bonus features is the progressive jackpot. To activate this, players will often need to land a bunch of bonus symbols on the reels.
  • Pick-me Rounds: landing a combination of bonus symbols on the reels in some slot games will activate a pick-me bonus round where players will need to choose one or more of a number of objects to reveal cash prizes or other bonuses.

The best slot game bonus symbols

When it comes to bonuses, there are three major ones to look out for. These bonus slot symbols can completely change the game, and quite possibly let you take home a fair amount of cash: 

  • Wild: the wild symbol is a traditional slot game symbol that, when it lands on the reels, has the power to swap for any other symbol on the payable (other than other bonus symbols) in the hope of landing the player a winning combination.
  • Scatter: scatter symbols often pay out big cash when landed in combination and landing three or more on some sets of reels will trigger a free spins bonus round.
  • Bonus: the bonus symbol, in addition to the scatter, is often responsible for unlocking awesome bonus rounds such as jackpots or the pick-me rounds we just mentioned.

Top slots to play with bonus symbols

Now for the most fun part of all. We’re going to recommend you some of the best online slot games in the world right now for in-game bonus features. Each of these are just packed with bonuses, so eat your heart out and good luck!:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Pink Panther
  • Hot as Hades

Last thoughts on slot bonus symbols

It’s worth noting that games with a bunch of bonus features will, in most cases, have quite low symbol values in the base game, so the bonuses are really the ones to look out for. We hope you manage to land some soon!

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