5 Things You Can’t Do Without In Your Gaming Laptop

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If you are a laptop gamer, you will understand the importance of the right laptop by your side. No gamer wants to be faced with a failing device halfway through an intense session. Fortunately for you, we have put together the top five things for you to never compromise on when it comes to your gaming laptop purchase. Read on to find out more.


Storage capacity is what keeps things running smoothly. Once your laptop gets bogged down with no room to wriggle, it’s pretty much game over. When it comes to storage (think RAM), look for upwards of 16GB where possible, so that you’re not having to rely on external hard drives to run your games. Lack of storage can cause games to load slowly, to glitch, and your device to become defunct.  

Cooling Pad

Another issue for laptop gamers is that their laptops are working so hard that they get overheated. Overheating can be a fatal event for any laptop and so to avoid it from happening, investing in a cooling pad or similar is the best way forward. There are two types – active and passive. Active cooling pads use air or liquid to remove heat from a laptop whereas passive cooling pads are more like a stand for the laptop to allow air to move more freely and release temperatures where they would otherwise be trapped.

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A Decent Screen

You won’t get the best graphic experience with a laptop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a decent one. You need to see your game in detail to play properly as the visuals in a game are a major part of the overall experience. Therefore, look for a screen that is at least 14 inches (some prefer smaller), as this size allows your eyes to travel freely while not having to scrutinize the smaller details. Pixels-wise, look for at least 1080p with upwards of 144hz so the image isn’t distorted and can cope with the rendering. You can get a better idea of screen options by browsing these Lenovo Gaming Laptop options and seeing what the specs have to offer.


GPUs are graphic cards or internal graphic systems, known in long form as graphics processing units. Their function is to create a better visual experience and ensure that the laptop (or PC) can keep up with the game without glitches or freezing issues. They are dubbed as essential to the devoted gamer and if you’re serious about your activities, search for a GPU that is at least 8GB, preferably with RTX technology.


Finally, a solid pair of headphones can bring a whole gaming experience together nicely while using a laptop. They make for a more immersive time and detract from distracting external noises that interrupt the game.

Laptops for gamers are great if you play games socially and need to move about with your setup, or you don’t have enough space in your house for a big desktop. However, if you want the best gaming experience possible – make sure you tick all the boxes above.

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