Thappad Movie Review [Bollywood]

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Director – Anubhav Sinha
Cast – Taapsee Panu, Pavail Gulati, Mayo Sarao, Gracy Goswami, and more.
IMDb Rating – 6.8/10

Have you ever been hit Thappad by someone that did not just smash your face by crushed your heart and broke it into a million pieces only for the world to tell it was just a slap?

It’s not ok. Even the slightest sign of violence is not ok, especially when it happens between a couple.

While feminism is something the world talks about standing on the highest podium, it is still a very long way for the entire world to completely achieve what feminism really means. The conquest of equality for males and females. To bring the two genders on a platform with equal ends, it is extremely important to leverage them with equal rights in both the esthetic values by the society and by the law.

While the law is working as hard as it can to raise the level for women to come in the same place as men, society still has an extremely long path to travel.

Thappad is the story of a woman named Amrita who is devoted to her husband who is equally in love with her. The two share an amazing bond and celebrate life each day with their love and joy.

So when did things go wrong?

Thappad Full movie Scene from YouTube Trailer
Screen Capture from Thappad Full Movie trailer from Youtube

While at a party Amrita and her husband had hosted at their place, a heated up argument took over her husband. He could not keep a hold on himself and slaps her while she was trying to protect him from making a fool out of himself. The tables turned and she became the victim rather.

What happens in the trailer (Thappad Movie) after that is as it seems the entire storyline of the film.

Strongly depicting the strength of patriarchy sitting in the mind of even the highest-ranking people of the society like lawyers and police, and business officials, poor Amrita who is ready to make her stand for something that is just not acceptable to her is being demeaned by the society.

Amrita’s husband has been a good man for as long as she knows him. This does give him the right to commit a couple of mistakes but a slap is never a mistake and this is what Amrita fights for. ‘

The poor girl, even after trying extremely hard to bury the incident is not able to take it out of her conscience.

She makes her decision and demands a divorce. The matter was not just of a Thappad here, but of everything she has been taking on without complaining or even acknowledging to it that has been wrong in their relationship.

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The story is just not about her but depicts millions of other women struggling through the same.

No, her husband does not practice domestic violence and can be seen making apologies to her but what has been done is done. Once broken, glass can never be repaired.

What takes her on a scary role is the society constantly telling her how what has been coming out as a massive deal for her is something not even to be considered.

When Amrita moves out and goes to a lawyer for a divorce, she gets questioned for the reason of divorce only to end it up in “So, then just a Thappad only?”

Her friends, her maid, the media, her husband, her lawyers, her friend’s husband, her in-laws, and even her own parents till a point of time tries to tell her that she is making the wrong decision and it was nothing but just a slap that can happen and is nothing to be made such a huge mess out of.

Portraying the extremely under empowered women of the society, her maid tells her that her husband hit her again the last night just like every other night. But rather than walking out of the house in hurt or anger, she stumbled upon the thought of what if she walks out of the house and her husband never lets her come back again.

A woman who is standing on her feet, has her income and can be an independent woman without a glitch has been fed with the idea that women are the weakest without their husbands or a male counterpart and to survive they need a man around even if the man is nothing but a useless pile of fat.

Taapsee Pannu, who has been portrayed as a strong woman working as an activist, fighting for her and other’s rights with rage has been in a completely different light, depicted as an ideal Indian woman who has never stepped out of the house with a purpose of leaving her husband behind even if the fault is his. The trailer only gives a rush of thought to my mind that stays “Only if her husband had not hit her, they would have been fine because he was and is a good man even in the end.”

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