How To Understand You Need To Stop Playing Online Slots

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Slots are easy to play and very entertaining. The Gambling Commission UK revealed that £14.5 billion was spent on gambling in the UK in 2018, and 38% of those were spent in online casinos. Perhaps the ease of access and the simple premise of the game is what makes it so popular – learn more.

We love a good gamble and so do millions of people in the UK. But many of us know the hardships that might come with gambling. In this article, we present some tips on who should be concerned about their gambling and strategies to avoid disappointment.

The Most Common Indicator – Depleting Bankroll

This is the most common sign of problem gambling. If you find yourself depositing funds in online slots sites rapidly, you might have a gambling problem. The golden rule of playing slots is to keep it fun and entertaining, and not expensive and disappointing. By playing slots you are buying fun, and NOT investing your money. It is very important to get these things right because people who don’t often find themselves in a world of financial trouble.

In April 2020, the Gambling Commission UK banned the use of credit cards in all UKGC licensed gambling sites. Research showed that 800,000 online players in the UK used a credit card for gambling in 2018, and 22% of those consumers were problem gamblers. As we can see, problem gambling is more common than many think.

Other Signs 

Big-spending is not the only reason why you might need to stop playing slots. Below we present some other tips on how to recognise problematic behaviour: 

  • Playing slots interferes with your work and social life – If you find yourself distracted by gambling, you’re doing poorly at work, missing out on birthdays, parties and such, or you think you are isolating yourself from others by playing slots, it might be good to limit your gambling.
  • You borrow money from friends and relatives – if you tend to do that more often than normal, you might be trying to compensate for the losses caused by gambling. This is another reason to stop gambling.
  • You sacrifice your wellness and time for gambling – abandoning hobbies, trading in your times of rest for a gamble is another common sign of problematic gambling.

How To Bounce Back?

The good news: if you think you need to stop playing slots, there are plenty of solutions for you.

The first one could be that you limit your gambling by setting a spending limit for yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Most slots websites will give you an opportunity to set these depositing limits and will see that you adhere to them.

If you wish to seek help from professionals in regard to gambling, then GamCare is your go-to. They provide free information, support and counselling to gamblers in the UK. You could also use the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.

Remember to keep slots fun and exciting. We wish you huge wins!

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