Angrezi Medium Movie Review [Bollywood]

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Angrezi Medium - Official Trailer | Irrfan Kareena Radhika | Dinesh Vijan | Homi Adajania

Director – Homi Adajania
Cast – Radhika Madan, Irrfan Khan, Ananya Pandey, Kareena Kapoor, Deepak Dobriyal, and more.
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10

Remember 2017’s Hindi Medium starring Irrfan Khan? Angrezi Medium is the successor part of the same movie with a little twist. The story still revolves around the will to have a great education and the struggle of a parent behind to be able to provide it.

The film opens up with the detail of how a parent can go to any extent while blinded by their love for their child irrationally. Again, the same plot also shows how the father in the film is not able to comprehend and adjust with the emptiness he has been left in after his daughter left for college.

Summarizing the story of the angrezi medium film, let us start. The film is the story of a fresh high school graduate Tarika (played by Radhika Madan), who is an excellent student. Ever since she was a little girl, she had a dream to go to London for her higher education.

The extraordinary student successfully attains an impressive grade report. She also manages to secure a scholarship for her further education. But her father Champak Bansal (played by Irrfan Khan) unintentionally jeopardizes her scholarship by disrespecting and demeaning her school principal’s husband’s reputation.

The responsibility of sending Tarika off to her school in London now gets on to Champak’s head. Being a single parent to a single child, he is irrationally in love with his daughter. He swears he will send his daughter to school even if has to go off-limits.

At the same time, he shares a great love-hate relationship with his cousin Gopi (Played by Deepak Dobriyal), his cousin. The two had been fighting for years for their grandfather’s name’s legacy for their business. But as Irrfan falls in trouble, the two come together to deal with it.

While this is the entire story of the angrezi medium movie, it is blended by comic one-liners and a lot of subplots. Just to add more spice and comedy to the film, they have introduced my twist and turns. The brothers try to illegally enter the UK, they are caught in Identity theft, they are deported back to India, they are entangled with money troubles and quite a few more plots.

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While the attempt was a beautiful one, I would say that the blend did not come out as a perfect mix.

To add more spice to the film, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Dimple Kapadia shares a troubled relationship as a mother and a daughter, in Angrezi Medium movie. Their relationship did show glitches and so did their chemistry as actors on screen. Kareena Kapoor Khan plays a cop and helps Champak and Gopi when they are in town.

Dimple Kapadia and Kareena Kapoor Khan are both massive and strong female actresses and we believe this is the reason their chemistry could not do wonders. On the other hand, the relationship plot and trouble they had were nothing that complimented the protagonist’s story of the film.

The pair of brothers played by Deepak Dobriyal and Irrfan Khan is tremendous. They had most of the screen time and they played it great. While their acting skills need no description, we were convinced that the scriptwriters could have done a little better job with their dialogues. With the perfect synchronization, they elucidated their characters just like it is expected out of the tow. Although we expected the great chemistry between the two from the very beginning, it could only light up after the intermission.

Now coming to the protagonist of the film, Tarika. Tarika is a brilliant student and portrayed fantastically by Radhika Madan. She gave a surprised display to us. Keeping up with actors like the fine cast of this film, she has spread her wings already.

The young actress portrayed her character gracefully but it could have been better from the writer’s side. Tarika, in the movie Angrezi medium lived a very predictive life. Coming out from her father’s care she wanted to run and crash into an independent life. As soon as she lands in London, she directly goes off to a party bringing out how it is done as a teenager. The struggle of going to a college and enjoying the time away from their parents is perfectly shown in the film.

The film also throws light on the aspects of an Indian parent who still uses emotional blackmail as a tactic for their kids to do what their parents wish for. Living in Udaipur, Champak Bansal keeps telling his daughter to go to Jaipur instead of going to London because she wishes to live alone and study out of Udaipur.

While we would not call it a perfect film, because it is far from perfect. We definitely left the theatre with a sweet smile on our faces.

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