Onward Movie Review [Animated]

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Onward | Official Trailer

Director – Dan Scanlon
Cast – Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lena Waithe, and more.
IMDb Rating – 7.4/10

The Onward movie is all set to evade the world of elves and impart its magical moments, but by Pixar standard, it failed to cast the spell this time.

It advocates for everyday magic within us. Pixar films will take you to the magic land and will change the way in which you adore the world. They take you to a whole another world of a symbiosis of art, afterlife, humanizing emotions, starting afresh and what not. Pixar movies will knack your perceptions and will get into your imagination, philosophical level and will transcend an unbelievable creative world on screen.

Pixar has come up with its latest movie, Onward movie. It has a similar goal in mind- to take you to a whole another world above the imagination. But in this audio-visual creativity, the message seems to go understandable. Onward is Pixar’s latest invention and begins with a bit of “world-building” concept.

The story of this onwards movie will be revolving around elves, wizards, and dragons. The movie is a fast forward illustration of how mythical creatures will be lullabied by the technology and invention of light bulbs, smartphones. They get so much engrossed in the technology that gradually they forget how to cast spells.

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Onward movie unfolds in the contemporary yet magical times where Unicorns fight over like angry raccoons. A formidable manticore is shown during her questing times she runs a theme restaurant and worries about lawsuits. There is a single mother who is a mighty warrior – according to the TV workout shows she sees. And then there are elves who have sky blue coloured skin and ears and aside are much like a human. Our hero elf, named Ian seems to just turn 16 and has the same anxieties and fear that may befall any high school going boy.

The mild amusement that comes in the Onward directed by Dan Scanlon comes from the clash of the Humdrum and the fantastical. The filmmakers clearly must have gone through a lot of enjoyment while making this movie, a milieu with quarrelsome biker sprites and cops who are centaurs.

The adventure contained in the movie is almost an afterthought. The story revolves around Ian and his hopeless not so fun elder brother, Barley. His elder brother is the connoisseur of ancient lore. On his 16th birthday, Ian has gifted staff and a spell that is left behind by the brother’s dead father.

Now, here comes the supernatural element used in the spell that is gifted to him and is supposed to bring their dad back to life just for one day. Therefore, the overexcited kid tries to do so, but the magic partly comes off, leaving him just a pair of shoes and sentient pants. Both the boys, embark on a mission to conjure the rest of the body, as they have only received the clothes and a disguised body.

While the story of Onward is quite personal to the director Scanlon, whose father died when he was young. Ian and Barley’s adventurous journey slightly plays a disappointing routine in the movie. In their journey, you will find foreshadowed heart to hearts lessons learned, permeated through official offbeat side gag. Also, the movie will teach you the perils of gelatinous cubes and the design of the final dragon hoot.

Unexpected fights that we all fancy about the Pixar movies seemed to be missed – breathtaking sequences like we saw in refreshingly adult perceptive of “UP” or fire extinguisher ballet of “WALL-E” seemed to be lost. Given that Onward is based on the nostalgia for the bygone eras, the movie might have shown more nerve if it had been drawn into rare Pixar animation.

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